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  • RaySmuckles

    Please cite a situation where a sex ed class was teaching students to seek out HIV, or to even practice un-safe sex.

    • RWDS Dispatcher
      • Westland

        lol that shut him up real quick

      • Blue Drache

        That was the burnest sick I’ve ever seen, brah.

      • An Cat Dubh

        Yeah but Stone is dumb enough to believe that’s actually gonna happen.

        • Blarg Blarg

          There has been no evidence that your side will ever stop pushing degeneracy, deviancy, sodomy, or anything else that is harmful to society, even the entirety of western civilization.

          Nothing less than a fundamental attack on everything good and righteous is being perpetrated by YOUR kind on us.

          Hanging from the noble lamppost is TOO GOOD for your kind.

          • Tristan Wintle

            Slippery slope fallacy. Try again, cupcake.

          • Is it still a fallacy when you’ve seen it actually happen? Again and again and again and again…

          • TRVTH

            I believe the term we’re looking for here is “incrementalism.”

            People who are pushing degeneracy and cultural destruction never ask for everything they want all at once. Just one thin slice of salami, one more little crumb of your culture at a time. You can never buy them off by giving them what they want. Giving the bully your lunch money today only means he comes for it tomorrow too. “Slippery slope fallacy” is itself a lie. Because these people never run out of demands and never go away just because you cucked for them and gave them what they wanted this afternoon. They’ll be back for more tomorrow.

      • Tristan Wintle

        If it’s a hyperbole, then what point is Stonetoss even trying to make? Never in my whole life have I seen homosexuality encouraged in any school.

    • Jack

      He answered if you didn t read. Do you have anything to say about it ?

  • DoomHead

    What the hell is this even supposed to be about?

    • Jack

      Education system where they push education of far left ideas about LGBTQ to children

      • Kakurenjou

        Marriage equality is hardly far-left.

        • Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
          All else is sexual and moral perversion.

          • Kakurenjou

            Have you considered the fact that there’s more than one set of beliefs in the world? Most people see nothing wrong with marriage equality.

          • “Most people” disagree with you. History disagrees with you.
            Logic and biology disagree with you.

            The very concept is a perversion born in the 1990s.

          • Kakurenjou

            lmao, try again.
            Homosexuality has been around since 1000+BCE.

          • So has anthrax. And you misspelled BC – Before Christ.

          • intrcptr

            It’s all the same, if you fix the acronym.


            Same years, same meaning.

          • intrcptr

            And NO culture has normalized it like ours is attempting.

            But then, nobody said anything about this being recent in the first place.
            Nice try changing the argument.

          • Kakurenjou

            The person I was responding to said that it was “a perversion born in the 1990s.” Or did you miss that part?

          • PolySaken

            > NO culture has normalized it like ours is attempting.
            Male homosexuality was considered just as normal as heterosexuality in ancient Greece. They didn’t like lesbians though.

          • Deus Dex

            No it wasn’t. The notion of ancient civilizations being accepting of homosexuality is a lie. Homosexuality involves having same sex sexual and romantic relationships at the exclusion of heterosexual ones.
            In ancient Greece pederasty was practiced by males in private, but homosexuality was not acceptable in any way. Men did not openly have sexual and romantic relationships at the exclusion of heterosexual ones and certainly did not marry each other.
            Men were under great social pressure to marry women and have families. Gays cannot produce sons to defend the empire.

          • Dave Player

            Sick then, sick now. I mean putting your penis in another mans anus for pleasure is just plain sick.

          • Homosexuality isn’t the same as LGBT+ activism. Even in cultures where men pounding each other was or is common, reproduction was still one’s duty. You had a side dude; you didn’t marry him.

          • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

            What scientific proof is there?

          • Biology. Genetics. Sociology. History. All major religions. Common sense. What used to be common decency.

            Next spring, go look at the birds. Notice how two males don’t build a nest to raise chicks.

          • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

            Biology doesn’t even fucking matter, Genetics disproves your theory, not the other way around. Sociology is the study of culture, don’t see what that has to do with anything. Religion is just belief, nothing else. No, common sense says otherwise, and back in the ooga-booga days, chucking rocks was decent. And about your bird theory: gay whales exist. look it up.

          • Birth defects exist. Doesn’t make them healthy or normal.

          • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

            THIS ISNT THAT SERIO- *breathes in*

    • ElJugador

      pozzing your neghole

    • The slippery slope.

    • John Javier

      pedo book

  • PixelOddLogix

    Cosmo and Wanda tryna be slick

  • Cole Carac

    The punchline is slippery slope fallacy?

    • AxiomaticSystem

      Generally speaking, a fallacy is performed when a conclusion is reached either from data which does not support it or data that lacks sufficient substance to support any hypothesis at all.
      When verifiable data clearly delineates something, pointing it out is hardly fallacious.
      (This argument is good to remember for basically anything that has a fallacy named after it)

    • xvtc

      it’s not a fallacy.

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