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  • RaySmuckles

    Please cite a situation where a sex ed class was teaching students to seek out HIV, or to even practice un-safe sex.

    • RWDS Dispatcher
      • Westland

        lol that shut him up real quick

      • Blue Drache

        That was the burnest sick I’ve ever seen, brah.

      • An Cat Dubh

        Yeah but Stone is dumb enough to believe that’s actually gonna happen.

    • Jack

      He answered if you didn t read. Do you have anything to say about it ?

  • DoomHead

    What the hell is this even supposed to be about?

    • Jack

      Education system where they push education of far left ideas about LGBTQ to children

  • PixelOddLogix

    Cosmo and Wanda tryna be slick

  • Cole Carac

    The punchline is slippery slope fallacy?

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