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  • Quixotes3

    Huh. You disabled the comments, then went back on it more than a day later. I don’t understand your schizo brain at all.

    • Griffin
      • Quixotes3

        Omg is that the REAL Beter griffin family guy funny moments???/??

    • Indra Kaw

      Late is better than none at all. It’s about timing.

      And you see, there is a past single comic that has comment disabled. I don’t think StoneToss would enable it later.

      • Quixotes3

        I don’t understand his schizo brain, and so I won’t speak for why he did it and then subsequently went back on it.

  • Major Matt Mason

    I was wondering… 😉

  • Jesher

    You also forgot on your most recent comic, too. 😀

    Super infinite giga love @ ju.

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