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  • NoDakNative

    Twiter and Facebook need to loose their “platform” status and be declared “publishers”.

    They should not get the legal protections platforms get while so strongly controlling who can speak and what gets seen.

    No new rules needed. Just declare them publishers and let the lawyers go after them.

    The payment processors should be looked at for collusion and the activists for blackmail/racketeering these companies.

    • SharpOB

      Indeed. Whilst we have to recognise that smaller businesses do not need these restrictions, larger monopolies should be controlled more tightly to ensure that their positions aren’t abused.

    • YouTube as well.

  • quickshooter

    We tried that before back in the 30s, then every other white nation in the world sent their armies to destroy it, all at the behest of their (((white))) rulers, of course…

  • Russ Lindquist

    “On the plus side, the Supreme Court is a good start.”

    Dear OP, check the ideological makeup of the SCOTUS that decided Roe v. Wade. Alternatively, for a synopsis, search “Minnesota Republicans’ contributions to the evils of child-murder and Zionism,” on my blog: sftu[dot]info

  • Matt

    But you CAN build your own twitter. I guess you feel that twitter should be forced against their will to host ISIS propaganda in the name of free speech?

    • Dr.Weird

      Isis propaganda isn’t free speech because it’s written by sand niggers

  • Joel Neumann

    I’d love to form my own government

  • I would love to build my own government and have just me be in charge
    and rule only myself. Somehow it seems like that’s not being offered…

  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    This one is also amazing.

  • Alex Huffstetler

    Then came CHAZ.

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