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  • Indra Kaw


  • NPC the Clown

    Shows a picture of an angry michelin man. An incomprehensible number of jokes.

  • >when they told we only have one joke

    Okay. It’s time to make a list out of it.

    • Logshaman

      It is any joke because the left hates humor and can not meme

      • Shadowban This Cowards

        Why did you run away when your claims about the Democratic Party were blown the ƒuck out? Why are you so much of a subhuman coward that you couldn’t even grow the balls to say, “You know what? I was wrong. The Democratic Party was not the first racist political party.” How can you be so weak and pathetic that you couldn’t even manage that?

        Your next line is “jews are not a race” or “whites don’t have the right to ethnostates.”

        • QuickshooterMk2

          he is a k i k e, his is job is to shill on various “anti-semitic” sites

          • Logshaman

            Lmao, I like Stonetoss. Nothing more to it. He is funny comic man and I choose to laugh because I don’t care whatever opinions you have as long as your work is good, in this case Stonetoss is a good political cartoonist and thus I like his comics.

          • Donald’s Pepe

            Sorry man, we can’t upvote this (as hilarious and true as it is) cause then all the libtards “bUt ThEy Ar NotSeeZ” comments will look true.

          • QuickshooterMk2

            You Doubt there are various jew organizations who pay their participants to “combat hate” and shill for israel?

          • Donald’s Pepe

            Nope, no doubt here, I’d believe literally anything you told me about evil jews

        • Logshaman

          Because you immediately started jerking yourself off and stroking your own ego.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>“I had no argument and was blown the ƒuck out so I ran away like a child instead of admitting I was wrong.”

            Yes, got it. Thanks for admitting it.

          • Logshaman

            Imagine annoying and pestering someone on the internet because they didn’t give you the satisfaction you desired.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Imagine being so much of a coward that you can’t admit you were wrong when you get blown the ƒuck out.



      • epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2

        they’re implying a bunch of shitposters and autists on pol are a closely knit organised club of bandits and terrorists, which is what antifa is

        • TRVTH

          Leftists ALWAYS accuse their opponents of what they themselves are already doing. It goes back to Lenin. It’s not just the psychological projection of disordered minds. It’s a tactic to muddy the waters and deflect responsibility and blame while they act behind the scenes.

          >”Right-wingers are lawless totalitarians who hate the Constitution.”
          >”Acktchewally Leftists were the ones who created the doctrine of the ‘living Constitution’ which means there’s not really a Constitution at all, just the whims of the Nine Kings in Black Robes.”
          >”Mock this man! He can’t think of better rhetoric than ‘no u!’ And he’s a big fat lying liar doo doo head! And he does too want to destroy the Constitution, so there! Neener neener!”

        • Lauren Froment

          at least anons wont show their face

      • Lauren Froment

        being left handed is even weirder

      • Moving Urbanly


      • TRVTH
    • durka durka

      do it.

      • Spoiling is no fun. It’s like a magic trick, when thing are explained – it isn’t a magic anymore.

        But, I’d to do this myself. Eg. They said “- only have one joke” magic chain is happening. It would be greater if this done by multiple respond by different people.

        • Nevermind. It would be pointless if they didn’t recognize the jokes.

          This responds how ignorant are they or they just can’t take the joke. You know, some of them are having brain chemical drug control for living and such. Things are darker than you you can imagine. It’s good if they listen and doesn’t blocked you, that’s why: chain by different people.

    • TRVTH
      • No. But a family is a social construct. Family is the first society of a human and a phase they learn how things work under a roof.

        Yes, a family. A family consistent of a couple: a man and a woman. A man who supplies the living, and a woman who raising up the children.

        Got raised up in a terrible family will ended up made you a terrible person. Children was an empty vast, their family are ones who determined its base.

        • Lauren Froment

          you and your kids?

  • How many trannies does it take to land a helicopter?

    Nobody knows. They’re never in the helicopter when it lands.

  • Niel

    I figured today’s comic would be about the rally yesterday

  • Alistair Grove

    No mention of constantly moving the goalposts?

    “Seven Jokes”.

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    But you forgot the best and most effective joke!

    “You will never pass”

    • Logshaman

  • Deep Sea Groyper (dragon form)


  • durka durka

    CLAP CLAP CLAP, you should have added soyboy cuck npc ,kekistan, ” i am sorry this is happening to you” and “welcome to current year that gender is a spectrum but politics are binary”

    Anyone who remembers more add them here.

    • Donald’s Pepe

      T O P K E K

  • Funny story. Someone wrote a story for an online SF magazine that was actually titled something like “I identify as an attack helicopter”. (The premise was something about mentally controlling the helicopter and being trained to identify with it.) Well, some tranny with a stick up “her” ass decided the story was actually Transphobic, gathered up a Twitter Mob, made death threats etc, and the author asked the online magazine that published the story take it down, and the editor profusely apologized like a weasel.

    The punchline. The Author was Trans too. I guess not Trans the right way. And then the instigator went and protected “her” tweets in the face of all the backlash.

    • I’ve decided to compromise, and refer to all trannies as “it”.

      • Donald’s Pepe

        LOLOLOL those things are gonna hate that

  • RhapsodyInCrimson

    The misconception that sexual abuse leads to homosexuality has been long since disproven. I generally try to respect even the most conservative white supremacist opinions, but I hope they’re at least psychologically accurate.

    • Leftists always get everything backwards.

      • RhapsodyInCrimson

        you feel that science is backwards because it says something you don’t like?

    • The psych professions are not merely misguided, but deliberately evil. Their goal, as an active part of the Left, is the destruction of civilization.

      • That right there is my sole point of agreement with the Scientologists. They HATE Shrinks and Psychs, especially how they’ve gotten a hold of our legal system, and the way the opinion of one of them can get you sent to jail.

      • New England Firefighter

        Let me guess, Us filthy Jews own the Psych professional word?

        • Alistair Grove

          No. It’s the Jews that know how to wash. Dur.

          • New England Firefighter

            Okay but don’t forget the French built the Western World.

          • Alistair Grove

            No it was us Brits. The French however are partly responsible for corrupting it by injecting feminism into it. But that wouldn’t have been as effective if it wasn’t for the Roman/Jew tag-team infecting us with Abrahamism and thus making us less Gay.

            TL;DR: Suck more cocks to save Civilization.

          • Donald’s Pepe

            It was Greeks and Jews and not a single one of them was gay but they did all worship Jesus Christ

          • Alistair Grove

            No it was the Romans that embraced and spread Christianity. And Christianity is homophobic, though less than Judaism. We should have kept with the Pagan faiths and all the butt sex it allowed, if not encouraged.

        • Shut up, douchebag.

          • New England Firefighter

            you are clearly a danger to others and yourself. you need mental help and I highly recommend you find some.

          • Lol, how does you and firefighters in general make others a “danger to themselves and others”

            Oh, so you’re saying you’ve been attacking and harassing people with mental problems?

            Wow, you’re a real piece of work huh? But that’s par for the course for firefighters I guess.

            I’m sure your fire chief would be happy to see you going online and making firefighters look like petty losers who spout hate towards people with mental health issues online.

            Wow to represent the New England fire department!

          • ItalianEMT

            I don’t think you’re from the us. Also all he did was express concern and worry. He showed no hate either, but you attacked the gays in another comment so you’re just a hypocrite.

          • From the US? Are you saying Firefighters in Italy are douchebags too?

            I attacked p3d0files, but you think gay = p3d0files.

            Also, what does that have to do with anything?

            Are you a p3d0file?

            Lol, he wasn’t expressing concern and worry. He was attacking people and acting like a douchebag.

            Are you a firefighter as well? One with a p3d0 mustache?

          • Oh, you’re the same New England FireFighter guy, using an alternate account.

            Which is why you’re defending him claiming that others have mental problems for calling out his/your douche behavior and abusing/attacking the mentally ill who need help (according to him).

            That’s why you try to attack people by bringing up irrelevant things.

            Makes sense.

            Slimy and douchy behavior, which is consistent for you, New England Firefighter.

          • ItalianEMT

            Imagine being so paranoid that you conspire about two obvious friends are same person. You’re fucked kid.

          • Imagine being such a desperate loser douchebag (like the typical firefighter) you have to use another account to pretend like people agree with you New England Firefighter.

            Calling others paranoid for calling out the obvious.

            Nobody in their right mind would stick up for your douchebag behavior so you have to pretend somebody will.

            Really pathetic.

          • Are you going to explain how you, MR. New England Firefighter a.k.a. ItalianEMT “know” I’ve been an EMT for 6 months?

            Because it only takes 6 months to have enough experience with firefighters to know they’re all douchebags, like you?

          • ItalianEMT

            I work a company out Cranston RI and NE worked providence and volunteered all over Mass. I am not a fireman, I worked rescue and this job isn’t one make you hate. You just have some stigma and have yet to meet every fireman

          • I’m just calling it like I see it.

            If every firefighter didn’t act like a douchebag like you and attack the people you claim to be mentally ill and use fake alternate accounts, maybe people wouldn’t call you guys douchebags?

        • ssgtnelson

          Funny how everytime I see your comments, you’re the first to bring up being Jewish.

          • nah it’s b8. i’m French Catholic.

          • ssgtnelson

            Yeah, a troll, got it.

    • AWACS SkyEye

      pick one

    • Yeah, sexual abuse leads to sexual abuse, a.k.a. pedophilia.

      10x more common in the gay community, which is why you almost exclusively see gay youtubers talking to random people’s children about sex/drugs.

      It’s called, “grooming”.

  • Major Matt Mason

    One rebuttal and 46 genders! 😉

  • New England Firefighter

    Here’s a couple of decent jokes.
    Q: Why are cops and firemen similar?
    A: They both want to be firemen

    Q: Why do firemen wear red suspenders?
    A: To keep their pants up.

    Q: What does CHAOS stand for?
    A: Chiefs Have Arrived On Scene.

    • Donald’s Pepe

      doesn’t mock minorities, not funny

      • Not only that, but check out the comment thread.

        He made an alternate account called ItalianEMT to talk trash when he couldn’t back up any of his douchey behavior.


    • I used to be an EMT.

      1) Firefighters are douchebags
      2) Cops
      have guns because they’re actually brave. Firefighters sit around on
      their asses, play basketball, workout, watch movies most of the time
      while regular EMTs do the work for them.
      3) Firefighters cry about little things like having to buy a fan when it’s hot.
      What does CHOAS stand for? Some stupid acronym that only firefighter
      douchebags who are living in their little bubble will think is funny?

      • New England Firefighter

        Honestly I think you just had a bad experience. Backwoods towns are chill, and they’re not douches, we are “ball busters”. Police won’t run into a gas leak, nor can they help fix a busted pipe line from a broken hydrant. Please stop acting like you have met every fireman, you just worked for an ambulance company for like 6 months and had one bad day.

        • Wow, I worked for an ambulance company for 6 months?

          You know so much about me, tell me more!

          You downvoted my comment, because, like all firefighters, you’re a douchebag. (edit: let me return the favor, you [email protected])

          Lol, yes you’re about as brave as a plumber, not a soldier or cop.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Hey @Stonetoss care to explain why you’ve added a stupid profanity filter to this site?

    • TJ

      it’s disqus not stonetoss

      • QuickshooterMk2

        i comment on oneangrygamer and there is no profanity filter

  • YouKnowWhoIAm

    Actually, I saw that the trans suicide rate was up to 50%. livin on a prayer.

    • Donald’s Pepe

      If we keep up the jokes maybe we can get those numbers up!!

      • TRVTH

        Those are rookie numbers.

  • Donald’s Pepe

    If they didn’t want to be the butt of jokes why do they make it so easy? Make Comedy Great Again, mock the groups it’s easiest to mock – retards, trannies, and jobless homeless bums!!

  • Tomorrow We Live

    You know it’s bad when they can’t even rebut the point being made, so they just spam something that anyone can see is objectively false.

  • vivizco

    Can someone explain 41% joke?

    • ssgtnelson

      Suicide rate.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    I don’t get 41%, plz explain :<

    • Black Spruce

      Trannies killing themselves.

      • Maxim Sukharev

        41% of all faggots killing themselves? Finally a good news after all this clown world madness.

        • Black Spruce

          Apparently it’s up to 50% of them attempting suicide now. Bon Jovi is on the job! “Oooooooooh half way theeeeere!”

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Leftists only have one joke.


  • StephenFoster

    “Gender is a social construct, which is why if you even so much as touch a dress you should have your dick chopped off”

  • Moantoss

    well done for finding a whoel bunch of ways to bully people! the world needs more innovative bullies! down with people just being nice to eachother for once!

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