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Never send a transwoman to do a man's job.


What are they trying to find in her hard drive? Can someone fill me in?

There is no direct “what” other than “anything”. Anything that could blacken the eye of the DNC or Dems in general or Pelosi directly. Though from what I gather she’s out, retiring, this is her last term… so this is a bit late to be going after Pelosi.

Nut who knows what spicy dirt can be found.

I’m sure there’s plenty of (D)irt on most of the hard (D)rives in Congress.

Except user accounts on all government computer systems are not stored locally. The HDDs only store the OS files, and a local administrator account (which only the IT department has access to).

All of congress’s stuff are stored on the network, including their user accounts, so it’s pretty pointless.

Also doesn’t help that government computer systems have CompuTrace enabled, so yeah… *slow claps*

Too bad trump already surrendered America to communism, look forward to your whole country becoming New York in the next four years.
I guess, expecting Trump to perform a miracle and delay the end of the empire by a century like Aurelian did was stupid of me.

don’t be a retard, trump only delayed what was coming. Trump himself is irrelevant

His first 100 days prove it.
If you guys did not spend the last four years preparing for what is coming then you now have less than a month.

Nah, they still have a few years. First the whole country becomes california, then it becomes the UK, and only then it becomes communism. People can still leave at the UK stage.

With Putin working so very hard at recreating the Soviet Empire, and NATO’s supposed heavy hitters too afraid of getting the gas cut off to speak a word of objection to his invasions of Ukraine, Georgia, and Crimea? Thank you, but no. Certain relatives of mine came here to get away from Russian invaders, and I grew up on atrocity stories. It’d be like going to North Korea to escape Communism.

Eastern europe is the white man’s third world. It’s a failed sh*thole. No jobs, rampant cartels, gangs, corruption, education sucks, medicine sucks, etc. That’s why people emigrate from it.
Only reason they are not considered ”westerners” like the French or the British is because they are poor.

Bolsenaro’s doing okayish, Singapore has not just communism outlawed, but all forms of identity politics – they’ll arrest you under sedition, there’s east asia, etc. As long as you don’t let perfect get in the way of good, there are plenty of places to go to.
And with Elon’s satellites we’ll soon have internet anywhere – which means you can work internationally from anywhere.
Just don’t settle anywhere near china, because if the US collapses before the CCP, china will become the one pushing it’s ideology on everyone, and you can be sure that without the threat of america & co. retaliating, they will do what USSR did.

Agreed, but at least the Chinese won’t try to turn the world into a giant gay disco like our politicians and academics are doing now.
Your comment reminds me of a conversation I had a couple of years ago with a Greek during one of my trips abroad. He claimed the only things the US had been exporting for the last three decades was rotten cultural ideology.

Not sure if there’s still years. Twitter and Facebook have gone nuts banning anything to the right of Marx these last couple of days.
On the other hand, watching the GOPers throw their base under the bus so they can take it up their collective bums harder than they usually do has been quite entertaining.

I’m the opposite, I had “extremely low expectations,” as Ron Paul would say, and I was impressed and awed at every turn. It was magical to see it all take place.

I was impressed by his perseverance and optimism, and disgusted but unsurprised that his own party fought him far harder at every turn than they ever fought the Clintons or the Kenyan.

But no one who pays attention was surprised to see the Republicans take the Presidency and both houses of Congress then spend two years smirking and explaining to the people who elected them that their hands were tied and there was just nothing, nothing, nothing they could do for them.

They’re doing it for real now.

>blacks riot for months
>get a bunch of streets renamed

>whites riot for a single day
>they take the capitol

When blacks riot they loot for trinkets.
When whites riot borders are redefined.

Don’t let others demoralize you, this is a historic victory in a number of ways

First, the raiding of the Capitol is completely unheard of. It shows that the elites are vulnerable no matter where they are, despite how self-confident they are. Sure, Congress might not be the ones pulling the strings, but if this could happen in the Capitol it could happen to any virtual Minecraft corporate or NGO headquarters.

Second, the crossing of the Rubicon. There are complaints that Trump “cucked,” but in reality this was probably the best thing that can be done. The media will point fingers at him regardless but if he exploited the unarmed protestors for an operation of dubious success a lot more lives would have been lost. Even though Trump “lost” he still has his influence and his supporters are in a state of euphoria, having finally taken action and ready to do so again.

Third, we’re on the right side of history. Ashli Babbitt is a martyr for the cause of freedom as she was an Air Force veteran, a shopowner and a patriot. Unlike at Charlottesville the only people who bled were /ourguys/, we were the ones who went up the steps demanding redress and met violence. The Left craves this sort of image and we took the wind out of their sales.

Fourth, aside from the narrative the media tries to spin the optics are actually really good. Leftists trying to spin this as “terrorism” merely need to have their own words from six months ago played back. “Trump’s coup” was remarkably respectful and didn’t torch the furnishings or take down any statues, nor did any politicians get what they deserved. This was a “peaceful occupation” to the fullest extent that nonetheless did more than all of BLM’s efforts. It came right when Congress is the most hated after its stimulus package.
If this is indeed the opening move to civil conflict it’s one you want to have.

Fifth, there was an actual, unified voice this time, unlike a vague discontentment and angst like at CVille. Untold thousands know what they stand for and there are no longer mixed signals about who to support, what specific policies there should be, etc. Nationalists, libertarians, traditionalists, boomercons and whoever opposes the election fraud is on the same side. Except for Richard Spencer, no one ought to care what he thinks.

So I truly think this is a significant victory, even if the material benefits aren’t better than a few hard drives. This is a new Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre combined and will be a big entry in the history books, we just need to make sure we write them. Talk to people far and wide about this but try to resonate on an agreeable, respectful level because the real battles will be in the fields and on the streets of Minecraft. And don’t do anything stupid.

I’m not sure how positive yesterday was. The complete abandonment by FOX, Daily Wire, Newsmax, congressional republicans and the president has made sure that these people will go down as ‘unAmerican terrorists’. I think it is the political equivalent of the Reichstag fire and the resulting reaction will be comparable.

Just this afternoon the local “conservative” talk radio goober was beating his chest about how Trump must step down immediately, because he’s Literally Hitler(tm) and he’s hurt the party, he’s a lunatic, and on and on. He must be removed immediately under the 25th Amendment. No, wait, they should impeach him again. No, wait, he should flee the country in the middle of the night and pray he isn’t extradited. No, wait, they should lock him up and all his family too.

The hundred million or so people who voted for him disagree with this assessment. Almost three million of them went to Washington a couple of days ago to demonstrate their discontent with the current state of affairs but thus far it does not seem that Congress got the message. I find myself wondering whether they’ll go back with guns.

In the meantime the (((newsmedia))) has cast about frantically for any bloody shirt they can wave:

Oh, wait. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

I wonder why they didn’t just find some stock pictures of a funeral, make up a name, and try to brazen it out. It’s not like the (((Luegenpresse))) has any credibility left, anywhere, with anyone.

Meanwhile, someone who went to the protest really did die by violence, at the hands of DC cops. Her name was Ashley Babbitt. She was a fourteen year Air Force veteran with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, supposedly to bring democracy to the poor benighted savages. Then democracy was taken away in her own country, and she was murdered for daring to notice it and speak out against it. Remember her name.

Things are escalating. I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that the winners get to write history.

This happened because the people doing this will never stop unless you make them stop, and these last four years they learned they could destroy everything they wanted and get away with it.

Then again, most of this country’s been dead since around 1968.

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