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  • You can see the border between Haiti and the Dom Rep from space. The Haiti side is brown and dead, the DR side is lush and green. They have a border fence. They shoot anybody who tries to climb it.

    • 12judges


      Other places you can see a clear border:

      1) North Korea and…well…everyone.
      2) Australia, Japan and England. The ocean is basically a big ass moat.
      3) Shit…even historical borders are visible from space. Alex, I’ll take the ‘Great Wall of China’ for 1000…
      4) The West Bank. Try and cross that ‘imaginary’ border at your leisure. Double dare you.

      • Gabriel Gadelha

        Actually, you can’t see the Great Wall of China from space. That’s a myth

        • Lionhearte

          It can from LEO.

        • PeePeeLarge

          You can, however, see my massive cock from space.

        • Vincent Hart

          Just like the Holocaust.

    • I think the wall is really stupid idea. Totally ineffective. All you need is to instruct the border guards to shoot intruders.

      • The Wall slows them down quite a lot so the border guards can arrive on the scene and then aim their weapons.

      • Shinku

        Pretty sure you are wrong about that.
        Pretty sure Obese men or Pregnant Women with anchor babies are incapable of parkour over a hardened secured wall.

      • Fovar

        Why not a fence with gaps to shoot through?

  • Antisemitism lsavirtue

    Xipe Totec still demands blood sacrifice. Doesn’t matter how many layers of Catholicism you paint over her.

    Santa Muerte is watching you.

    • Makuta S-V

      If only it was how you say.
      IF ONLY-

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Everyone who uses this ardonkeyment should start by giving the address of their houses.

    • Chinese Communist Party

      Perhaps I’m being r/whooooosh’d but I don’t get it
      this is a jew argument

  • Stiffy Weiner

    Should have made him jewish, since they’re the ones always preaching it.

    Stop fucking it up

    • Useful idiots.

      • Chinese Communist Party

        Liberals are useful idiots to the jews

    • Kagami Maeda

      Jews know the danger of non-white countries. They brainwash white liberals into thinking it’s safe. Liberals are the ones getting decapitated.

  • Stiffy Weiner


  • Drew W

    Can you stop calling yourself Libertarian then?

  • You are Not a Victim

    Inb4 Lefty McAspergers #91: “This is misleading, you won’t LITERALLY be beheaded immediately upon taking two steps over the border!”

  • i have no clue why america doesn’t just let mexicans cross the border freely. but i’d like it if both of them stayed out of canada

  • FrJanos

    Not imaginary, arbitrary. And they really are just arbitrary lines – but mostly heavyly guarded ones.

  • PeePeeLarge

    Yeah, because the drug war is fantastic, and the biggest government *isnt* telling people what they can and cannot inhale, eat, drink, or inject. Rationalizations are almost as effective on you dumbasses as Valium.

  • Jesher

    There’s dozens of stories of white liberals going to hellhole countries to prove something, only to turn up raped or dead.

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