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Normies are so asleep and inert they get emotionally invested in fake dramas on the news while members of their family are razor-raping their own children. The morality of masses is fake, abandon it.


Silly rabbit,
“My Body, My Choice” is just for women and girls.

circumcision is just a simple blood covenant with god, much like the holy communion. a benign, harmless ritual with no underlying liturgical importance

But it’s done in America at high rates mainly for non-religion reasons.

Circumcision is by no means harmless. The infant has to be tied down to endure the blinding pain on having a piece of their penis chopped off. Not to mention other fears of possible infection, or accidental removal of the penis.

and for what? because people want it to look a certain way? It’s a painful and potentially dangerous procedure that should NOT be done wily nilly

The only people who do it for religious reasons are the Wicked Tribe and Muslims. The Wicked Tribe’s Rabbis specifically do it without anasthesia and suck the blood out of the baby like a pedophile vampire. At least the Muslims don’t do that and have gender equality when it comes to genital mutilation.

I feel like this joke is an attempt to frame the left for wanting forced circumcision, when this is far from the truth.

I’ve seen countless feminists claiming that male circumcision is completely harmless while simultaneously demanding that we do more to stop female circumcision (even though it’s already illegal and 0% of western women are circumcised).

I’ve even seen feminists claim that male circumcision is male privilege (a benefit for men):

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