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  • Stephane Hockenhull

    Silly rabbit,
    “My Body, My Choice” is just for women and girls.

    • steve  galaxius

      circumcision is just a simple blood covenant with god, much like the holy communion. a benign, harmless ritual with no underlying liturgical importance

      • flclfanman

        But it’s done in America at high rates mainly for non-religion reasons.

        Circumcision is by no means harmless. The infant has to be tied down to endure the blinding pain on having a piece of their penis chopped off. Not to mention other fears of possible infection, or accidental removal of the penis.

        and for what? because people want it to look a certain way? It’s a painful and potentially dangerous procedure that should NOT be done wily nilly

      • Endurable

        wew lad

      • Chris Redfield

        *Religious genital mutilation that came from a depraved blood sacrificing cult from the Middle East.

      • HelloThere777

        The only people who do it for religious reasons are the Wicked Tribe and Muslims. The Wicked Tribe’s Rabbis specifically do it without anasthesia and suck the blood out of the baby like a pedophile vampire. At least the Muslims don’t do that and have gender equality when it comes to genital mutilation.

      • ac05jn

        no consent no covenant… it must take some extraordinary mental gymnastics to believe cutting off part of a baby without analgesia is harmless, or a few dollars and a moral code as low as the sadistic pedophiles who do it.

      • Aryan Gupta

        Circumcision has been proven to be healthy in the long term tho

    • rdococ

      I feel like this joke is an attempt to frame the left for wanting forced circumcision, when this is far from the truth.

    • HelloThere777

      Maybe we should start circumcising women. You know, for equal rights?

    • ac05jn

      you’re almost right, but did you forget that lefties don’t just lie – they say the OPPOSITE of the truth. a fetus is not a woman’s body. the woman already made a choice, and that’s how she got pregnant.

  • Fidei_defensatrix

    Everyone should watch this. Circumcision is sick.

  • quickshooter

    oy veyyyyyyyy

  • Isaac Cheung

    It’s easier when it’s not you.

  • manuel de santis

    Circumcucked babies still mad lmao

  • Bix Nood

    i want muh foreskin back reeeeee

  • Chris Redfield
  • B E


  • Minty Chewrin (MintyCMS)

    one of the few things i can agree with. Fuck circumcision, unless you’re jewish and it’s part of your religion.

    • John

      Even then though

  • Thank you Stonetoss. I found out about this recently… it’s shocking how no one talks about it. I was literally in my twenties before I found out.

  • Turf

    Did they botch your cock THIS hard to be THAT mad about curcumcision

  • Brennan the Great

    Wrong its

  • poopoostinkybutthole

    they do thing to my peepee when im baby i no like 🙁

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