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  • Stephane Hockenhull

    Silly rabbit,
    “My Body, My Choice” is just for women and girls.

    • steve  galaxius

      circumcision is just a simple blood covenant with god, much like the holy communion. a benign, harmless ritual with no underlying liturgical importance

      • flclfanman

        But it’s done in America at high rates mainly for non-religion reasons.

        Circumcision is by no means harmless. The infant has to be tied down to endure the blinding pain on having a piece of their penis chopped off. Not to mention other fears of possible infection, or accidental removal of the penis.

        and for what? because people want it to look a certain way? It’s a painful and potentially dangerous procedure that should NOT be done wily nilly

      • Endurable

        wew lad

    • rdococ

      I feel like this joke is an attempt to frame the left for wanting forced circumcision, when this is far from the truth.

      • DēesseFortuna

        This joke is (x2)

  • Fidei_defensatrix

    Everyone should watch this. Circumcision is sick.

  • quickshooter

    oy veyyyyyyyy

  • Isaac Cheung

    It’s easier when it’s not you.

  • manuel de santis

    Circumcucked babies still mad lmao

  • Bix Nood

    i want muh foreskin back reeeeee

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