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  • Pete Zaitcev

    Man, so close. Should’ve said “oops” instead in the 4th panel.

  • AtomicMetroid

    What about the holohoax museums?

    • Fat Fred

      lol, now that would stir up some shit!

    • seahen

      Your complaint rings holo.

      • ElJugador


  • 2Liberal4You

    Stupidest thing I’ve seen all day

    • Anthony Wayne

      Why, because it’s true? Ah!

      • Brian Sapient

        How is a Unionist also a Confederate?

  • irandom419

    Could be a misinterpretation of Lincoln taking away the “homes” of 3.1 million melanin people.

  • Hy!Have you a new web site!Congratulations…

  • Rickety Janes

    wow. you nailed it.

  • crapsandwich

    A c c u r a t e

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