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  • EvaFan

    Rei is objectively best girl though. No wonder the nazis lost, they picked the wrong girl!

    • Ambassador Vader

      Eva unit 01 was the best girl!

      • EvaFan

        EVA01 is just a mangled copy of the real deal Lilith, who again, is Rei…

        Rei is best girl!

        • Ambassador Vader

          Psh rei was just the hollow vessel with out a soul. Haha. I mean shinji was the girliest of all!

          • EvaFan

            Hey go fruit for Shinji if you want, but Rei’s got the best soul in the show, the God Soul. If you want soulless husks look at Asuka in ep 22, lmao
            …or asuka in 23
            …or asuka in 24, wew

          • Ambassador Vader

            lmao I said girliest not best.

      • Rainy-Day-Dream

        dat MILF

    • Tyrone Darnaqueesha

      Asuka is best girl until she spirals into depression, then Misato is best girl

      • But if she depressed, I can groom that bitch

    • M.L.K. Wuz A Fag

      Rei is just like an underage rape doll and object of perversion. I really don’t get why Nazis like anime so much.

      • Stardust Nation

        Because they’re Nazis.

      • Goten

        Anime is very Aryan. Hell, if it weren’t for their weird slant-eyes, I’d swear that the Japs were Aryans.

    • Mitchell Dawes

      Misato is best girl, baka

  • Isaac Cheung


    graphic maps.

  • manuel de santis

    These NAZIs are onto something

  • BearGlitch

    Nazi’s love them middle school children

    • antifa supersoldier

      This explains Stonetoss’s soft spot for libertarians

      • Blarg Blarg

        You and your faggot bear friend are the only pedophiles here, bucko.

    • Blarg Blarg

      Your projecting, pedophile.

  • nick

    She is german

  • Rimjob LeDouche

    Misato best damaged waifu

  • Mister Twister

    Sorry, Birdy is still best girl.

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