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  • Longanlon

    last panel – “your is son your daughter”

  • Turbo Beholder
  • Dan Goldman

    Well, no one forces anyone else to do those stuff. Aren’t you guys pro-freedom? no harm in more choice.

    • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

      Choice huh? Where is the newborn’s choice when they strap it down and slice off a piece of it’s penis with minimal or no anaesthetics? Where’s the child’s choice when the parents load them up with mind melting drugs so they sit still in the Prussian style indoctrination centres?

      • TRVTH

        You left out “woke” single suburban soccer moms and their competition to demonstrate their Commitment to the Movement by confabulating the most outrageous instance of Munchausen-by-proxy to justify sterilizing and surgically mutilating their four-year-olds.

        • Dan Goldman

          It’s their kid. let them do what they want with it.

          • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

            Cool justification for child molestation, bro.

          • Cyberman

            genital mutilation should never be the choice or a parent or doctor. Mutilating the genitals of infants should be illegal.

          • Dan Goldman


          • Cyberman

            would you be okay with your parents having your arms removed as an infant?

          • Dan Goldman

            Yes, because making someone a maim is EXACTLY THE SAME as circumcision.

            Welcome to Clown World (:

          • free_peach

            This is your first logical conclusion. Congratulations, you need only to try to disarm your irony coating reptilian brain keeping you away of understanding the dangers of your own ideology.

          • Alistair Grove

            Let me guess, you’re also pro-pedophilia & incest.

          • Ender Einstein

            OK, now it sounds like you are just trolling rather than preaching toxic ideologies.

          • Mystikar




            If you’re okay with male circumcision, surely you must be okay with female circumcision too, right? After all it’s the parent’s choice, right? You’re all about freedom of the parents, right?

          • Marko Barauna Pezelj

            Retard alert!

          • AxiomaticSystem

            I’m leaning towards “posting in bad faith” myself

          • AWACS SkyEye

            Well, no one forces anyone else to do those stuff.

            It’s their kid. let them do what they want with it.

            Jesus christ, that is legitimate pilpul right there.

          • don quixotes fetid corpse

            The soy is strong with this.

      • Dan Goldman

        Good point. I was thinking about the parent’s choice to raise the kids as they want, not looking at the kids choice.

        There seems to be some kind of compromise society needs to come to though, right? I mean we vaccinate children… basically without their say about it. would you argue against it as well?

        We also let parents decide what their children eat, what values they teach them, what they gonna wear, and so on. Also there are necessary surgeries sometimes (Appendicitis).

        I think Im still standing by the idea that freedom should be preserved (ahh… to some extant).

        • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

          Choosing to feed a child healthily is a little bit different from choosing to drug your child or subject them to brain altering cosmetic surgery for no valid reason.

          The state is the only thing stopping people from dragging these child abusers from their homes and giving them what they deserve.

          • Dan Goldman

            My point was that others people junk is their business. I don’t find interest in governing their lives.

          • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

            If other people’s junk is their own business, then a kid’s junk is his own business. Don’t slice parts of it off.

          • Dan Goldman

            Right, so you will be the one who tells other people how to raise their children.

          • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco
          • Mystikar

            Okay, then you must be in favor of legalizing female circumcision then.

        • TRVTH

          >an emergency appendectomy is EXACTLY THE SAME as brainwashing a four-year-old to claim to be “trans” and then subjecting him to surgical mutilation

          Welcome to Clown World. You can vote your way in, but you can’t vote your way back out.

          • Dan Goldman

            And I said they are “exactly the same”… where exactly?

          • TRVTH


          • free_peach

            “It’s time to start randomly killing Jews”.
            Robert(Bob) James Fischer – 12/13/99

          • Alistair Grove

            Why randomly?

      • Ergoman

        As for the “mind-melting drugs”, whether or not someone has a mental condition that ought to be treated or not should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Sure, some people abuse adderall, but the overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that these medications help, in the same way that the evidence supports that gender-transitioning is overwhelmingly harmful.

        • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

          I’m talking about putting kids on ritalin to pacify them because they prefer not to sit still all day and listen to state cultist indoctrination.

    • TRVTH

      Wrong comic. You’re looking for the lolbertarians. Two doors down, and on the right.

    • QuickShooterMk3
      • Dan Goldman

        Spare me that populace bullshit. I do not encourage anyone to do that to their children. I don’t have kids myslef but I dont see myself doing that to them either.

        That being said, I’m not sticking my big fat nose into other people’s life.

        • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

          Don’t care about other people being hurt because it isn’t your business? Well make it your business. If you keep ignoring the plight of others, eventually you’ll have a plight of your own, and it will be ignored as well.

          • Dan Goldman

            minding other peoples business can be also forcing them to change their babies gender, to force them to take drugs, or to have circumcision. So suddenly you are in support of that. Ok boomer.

          • TRVTH

            >we can’t do anything about the roving bands of cannibals!
            >because then someone might force US to eat human flesh!

          • Dan Goldman

            yea thats exactly the same thing pepe

          • The line for the boxcars starts over there. Follow the arrows taped to the ground. Maintain proper social distancing.

          • John Park

            “If you keep ignoring the plight of others, eventually you’ll have a plight of your own, and it will be ignored as well.” Isn’t that what they say to criticise people who don’t oppose anti-Semites?

          • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

            109 and counting.

        • TRVTH
          • Dan Goldman

            yea I agree. Those kind of people are hypocrites.

        • QuickShooterMk3

          I don’t have kids myslef but I dont see myself doing that to them either

          “hey it’s not genital mutilation if i’m doing this to other people!”

          That being said, I’m not sticking my big fat nose into other people’s life

          that’s obviously a lie
          since you and your fat f**king nose clearly cares about mutilating little babies penises

          i never got why jews got such a SICK fetish for drinking blood of a freshly cut babyd*ck but then again i never
          really considered jews as human beings

          more like vampires if anything

          • Dan Goldman
          • TrueWOPR

            You are complacent in child mutilation by saying it’s their right to do so and not our business.
            In making that statement you are condoning their activity.
            Most people here are Libertarians and Ancaps who hold the NAP as the golden rule of life – you’re free to do what you want as long as you’re not harming others to do it.

            I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure you’re getting the flack you are for the inconsistency of
            “You believe in freedom – why don’t you let the blood cult commit child sacrifice because their 4,000 year old goatfucker scribblings say mutilating and subsequently raping babies is appropriate behavior.”
            This specific action violates the NAP, it’s no longer about your freedom to harm – but the child’s freedom from being harmed. …Same reason we execute pedophiles.

    • TrueWOPR

      Of course you’d be in favor of mutilating kids and saying its your right as an adult and children lack the ability to consent. Funny how quickly that goes out the window when pedophilia is the topic. Your name says it all.

      • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

        The nose knows.

    • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck

      Why are children always asked these things when they are too young to form their own opinions on the matter, then?

    • Blocky Orbits

      jew lol

  • Jim Crow

    It’s funny the things that science has proven right..

    • Alistair Grove

      And above is three examples were it’s very wrong. Though TBF, science isn’t to blame for the first one in any form.

  • Lhassir

    Gee, I wonder why they do these things while they’re either infants, toddlers or children. It’s almost like they’d say no if given a choice.

    • OffAndSphere

      well probable cause and all that lol although i’m sure you think the things in the comic are far from probable

    • Moantoss

      yeah cos they do hormones and surgery on infants that a thing that happens that isnt restricted to 16+ people and also no one thats a teenager or older ever chooses to go on ADHD meds or hormones ever ha

  • Triston C

    It’s nice to see John Money is living on in panel 3

    • Garret

      I actually find that amusing since John Money’s work shows that sexual orientation can’t be changed through environment, yet the right just focus on John Money’s failure to change the gender of a boy with a botched circumcision.

      • mustafa amul

        Money’s work was not about sexual orientation it was about blank slatism. And his research was fraudulent. His “successful” sex changed victim de-transitioned and then killed himself. Money is a real hero of transgenderism.

  • Major Matt Mason

    And thi$ i$ why doctor$ drive expen$ive car$ like Mercede$ Benze$…

  • steinhurlcommientator
    • TrueWOPR

      …The corpses of deadly pathogens in conjunction with foreign memory t-cells so their body can naturally produce its own immunity.

      • TRVTH


        I don’t have a problem with the idea of vaccination or immunization. They’re how we got rid of polio and smallpox, and they’re the reason tens of thousands of people don’t die of lockjaw every year from cutting themselves with rusty or dirty metal.

        I have a big problem with vaccines made in China, though, for all the obvious reasons. I am mindboggled that people who buy the shoddy, substandard kitchen gadgets and tools made in China that work once and break and have to be thrown away are still okay with letting their kids be vaccinated with pharmaceuticals made in China. Who knows what they put in that stuff? Is it any safer or better quality than all the Chinese-made pet food contaminated with toxic waste that killed so many people’s pets a few years back?

        • TrueWOPR

          Same, I also don’t like when non-doctors want to LARP like they’re peer-reviewed virologists.
          I’ve no issue with most vaccines, as we’ve empirical evidence that they work, but I do take issue with untested unreviewed vaccines getting a free pass for their name.

          Yet having this stance will get me simultaneously called pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx. Because nuance is dead in modern argumentation.
          China sucks, Bill Gates is sketchy, but let’s not regress to bloodletting with leeches because these bad actors need to be excommunicated.

    • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck

      You see, this is actually unrelated. Vaccination has actual scientific evidence backing it.

  • OffAndSphere

    The problem is, NO ONE is technically correct when it comes to these things, because how exactly are you supposed to prove anything when everything is based on something else that was invented? Therefore, the best way for reliable and most likely correct would be to follow a scientific consensus, which is the majority of people with science degrees agreeing that “Ok, this thing or principle is scientifically correct.”. This does incentivize faking the a scientific consensus, but I think this comic is pointing out that the majority can be wrong, just not as often as the minority instead of that.

    I think most scientists are willing to change their minds when presented with evidence, but this comic seems to state otherwise. I assume it also implies that the current system for changing the scientific consensus is overly complicated and biased toward old science.

    • free_peach

      Science tends to be scientific, yes that is an obvious statement, but does science understand its implications? I doubt. It is rather difficult to see scientists trying to look for answers outside of the box when the questions are demanding justifications for Science itself, but they are quick to do it when the questions demand no justifications. Scientificism is the most dangerous religion that ever existed, and has probably killed more than any other in the course of our history.

    • Archmage Desmond Tutu

      ‘Therefore, the best way for reliable and most likely correct would be to follow a scientific consensus, which is the majority of people with science degrees agreeing that “Ok, this thing or principle is scientifically correct.”‘

      Agumentum ad populum and argumentum ab auctoritate are not scientific.

      • OffAndSphere

        Woops. I meant that it’s good for people should try and disprove the current scientific consensus with empirical evidence. The problem comes when most people don’t even bother doing any research and/or feel helpless because they didn’t study anything beforehand in that topic(college degrees) and loads of bias in general.

        Let me rephrase what I want to say. You should try to break the mold when you have set aside time to try and break the mold, but you shouldn’t try to do it when someone says something you disagree with and it is mandated by law, like needing to give your kid “prescription meth”(not sure if that is actually required).

  • “Don’t forget your lobotomy.” 10/10

  • Albionic American

    Well, if the superstition says so. . .
    Whatever happened to the sort of progressive thinking about living according to nature? You know, eating organic foods, meditating, using solar and wind power instead of fossil fuels and so forth.
    Instead progressives more often that not encourage young men to cross-contaminate their bodies with fecal matter. They celebrate young women who sabotage their natural fertility cycle with artificial hormones produced by Big Pharma so that these women can engage in sterile, emotionally damaging sexual encounters with men who don’t care about them. And they romanticize using similar hormones, along with psychological abuse, to sabotage boys’ natural development into men and girls’ natural development into women.
    In other words, progressives use “nature” in a self-serving way, and they set the concept aside when they want to keep normal white people from pairing up naturally and forming families.

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      You know what else is natural? Wasp stings and dying of pneumonia.

      • Papa Delta

        Poison oak is a natural plant
        Why don’t you put some in your food?
        Natural food makes you slow and stupid and it tastes like cabbage
        I don’t care if there’s chemicals in it
        As long as my lettuce is crisp

        -“Eat Starch Mom” by Jefferson Airplane

  • Indra Kaw

    I put my thought on this comic.

    It said “First, do no harm.” and then mother looks the same, it could be the same mother with the same child and his problems (different topics, same response).

    As conclusion, I assumed it’s still going on. The next panel could be the kid performs the transition, then the next after it the kid contributes *the statistics percentage*.

  • Alistair Grove

    Maybe Hitler had a point or two.

  • Twilk9

    Probably one of the better comics. People need to think for themselves; science doesnt “tell” you to do anything

  • Mexican Funposting

    Whoever supports hormonating children deserves the rope

  • Buying & Selling Feet Pics HMU

    Thanks mom and dad

  • Aven Ici

    There is an ancient Greek saying that roughly translates to ” Science devoid of virtue is cunning, not wise”. History repeat itself yet again hehe !

  • Vale Violet Mote

    You need to #StayAtHome, wear masks, not go to church, lose your small business, and you definitely cannot protest this. Wal*mart stays open though!

    ‘Well, if the science says so!’

    • don quixotes fetid corpse

      But if you wantto burn down the local walmart that’s ok.

  • bud389 .

    It doesn’t help your argument when you get basic biology wrong, seeing as the foreskin is not the tip of the Penis, that would be the glans.

  • boots

    All these points are heavily contested on both sides,and progressives are very for natural medicines, homeopathy and non western medicine. Any doctor worth their salt will decry the issues of Ritalin, hormones among other things. It’s not science it’s dumb people pushing a dumb agenda. Most people agree that a trans person needs to be 18 to transition. Stop pretending you know what transitioning is or is like. I’m sick to death of people framing it as some people being ‘forced’ to transition when it’s a very difficult long, expensive process that only fringe parents would take advantage of.

  • Jon

    Isn’t it the kids that insist they’re trans, and the doctors that determine whether or not that’s true? I’m pretty sure parents take their children to specific doctors for this kind of information. This is so reductionist I wonder if this guy just thinks these things happen outside the context of anyone’s actual life. I wouldn’t be surprised.. since you kind of have to make that assumption for this to be humorous.

    • TRVTH

      How does such an evil, insane, unnatural, disgusting idea get into a child’s head in the first place, if it isn’t being put there by people telling depressed, confused children, frequently prepubescent, that if they take the pills and get the surgery everyone will love them and accept them and say that they’re “brave” and “stunning” and “amazing?”

      Go look up “Munchausen by Proxy.” I’ll wait here.

  • Garuda Darkblack

    I want my foreskin back! Reparations!

  • Leo Alexander

    As a Transman, I would like to point out some inconsistencies I see in the discussions below. While there are kids (pre-puberty) going through transitions, a majority of trans people are over the age of 13 (I would dare say 16) and have felt dysphoria for years. Gender dysphoria is not something that is easily diagnosed. I had to attend therapy (that I paid for) once a week for 3 years. I then had to find a new GP because my normal one could not assist me with hormones. That took another year of trial and error. Before I got my chest surgery (at 22), I had to go to a psychologist that the plastic surgeon approved of to be diagnosed. I shelled out $6,000 for my chest surgery and had to wait several years to heal both physically and financially before I started hormones. Ended up moving to a city that had a doctor that would actually help me get on hormones, and (at 32) started them a little less than 6 months ago. I paid for everything. Nothing was covered by insurance and I made all of the calls, did all of the paperwork, and all of the research for myself.
    I guess my point is, it’s not as simple as you go to the doctor and they do everything. It’s a circus’ worth of hoops to jump through and if anyone thinks you are lying about how YOU feel, the whole process stops. Every single person you deal with has to sign a letter of approval for surgeons and doctors to do the next steps. It’s a giant pain both physically and financially. It’s not something that I wish on other people. The only reason I did it is because I was so tired of people not understanding that I wasn’t a girl on the inside that the choice became fix my body or kill myself. This is the position that a lot of people go through before they transition and, sadly, some choose to end their lives.
    In conclusion, please do the research if you’re going to tell other people how to live their lives and deal with their demons. Transitioning is a major thing that affects way more adults than it does four year olds. Just because a few parents have decided that their kids need to transition, it doesn’t mean you get to tear down the entire concept. These people may be horrible people, and by all means if they are, imprison them. Don’t let them near a child ever again. Whatever helps people sleep at night. I will continue to fight for teens and adults to transition so long as it is their choice.

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