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  • ch┬Ábr3 2 bl4ck

    Leave babies’ genitals alone!

  • themann235

    Iceland has proposed legislation to ban infant circumcision.


      Iceland is always pushing the envelope, good for them, Whenever circumcision comes up I try to explain why its so evil and damaging

    • James

      Didn’t it fail, though?

      And Iceland now has its first rabbi.

      • Jack

        True dat

      • Nope

        So begins the downfall of the Ethnic people.

    • BearGlitch

      Don’t they mass abort kids with defects?

      • Leviathan Xyzzy

        No, or else you wouldn’t have been born.

        • That’s harsh my man

          • RGBushido

            Lol that fucker is just afraid that he’ll be outshined by a cripple some day!

        • RGBushido

          Says the dude who doesn’t know how english works..

  • Emmet

    It’s what conflating is.
    Just like when #metoo conflate catcalling with rape.
    Grow up.

  • Anthony Leone

    Apple, meet Orange.

  • house plant

    How does he know the kids are circumcised

    • Anon

      she told him.

    • He took a likely guess

    • 2019 dodge charger

      He sucked them off

  • Oh, snap! It’s true!

  • I have phimosis, and I’ve been talking to a 15-year-old who also has phimosis, and he is planning to have circumcision surgery, because the doctor is telling him that. Please help. What should I do? Should I tell him not to do it?

    • asidjasidjasiopdjasdapsdo

      Hi, made an account just for this. Circumcision is perfectly fine when done for medical reasons. In many cases you can treat phimosis without surgery, but sometimes it is 100% necessary. He can probably ask his doctor about other solutions if he’s not comfortable with surgery, but generally he shouldn’t worry.

      • but if I recall correctly, a long time ago, like 5 years ago when I was 11 years old, I think the doctor said something about the possibility of me getting circumcised. Well, today is my 16th birthday, and I’m pretty sure my case of phimosis is far from far gone. I think I can definitely solve my phimosis problem without circumcision, and I can’t imagine that his case is much worse than mine.

        though why do I even care. it doesn’t affect me. maybe I should just let him be, read some studies, and actually get a grip on the topic. thing is, I don’t know how, or maybe that’s just an excuse because I’m too lazy.

        • HOH

          Yeah you’re being kinda gay by caring about his wang.

      • ac05jn

        flagged as hate speech.
        Phil 3.2 Beware of those dogs: those people who do evil: those mutilators who say you must be circumcised to be saved (from phimosis, std’s, sexual immorality, etc x100).
        circumcision is not medicine, period.

      • Mystikar

        Circumcision is only needed in EXTREMELY rare medical cases. Steroid cream cures phimosis in almost all cases. And in the cases where it doesn’t work they just make a small incision, no need for circumcision.

        It’s funny, because all of the people who are anti-circumcision are usually extremely well read on the subject (including reading what actual doctors and experts have to say). Meanwhile, every single pro-circumcision person I’ve ever met has been extraordinarily ignorant about it.

        That’s because most people are normies who just blindly follow the herd and don’t think about it, whereas people who go against the herd need to have strong knowledge in order to justify their beliefs.

      • HOH

        Logic and common sense doesn’t work here pal, those incels think that their 5 inch phimosis makes their 2 inch dick look bigger.

    • bich nga

      he’s only 15, he doesn’t need to retract

      • Well, he is supposed to be able to, isn’t he? But yeah, he doesn’t need surgery, I don’t think. But he’s gotten the surgery now. It’s too late. Whatever, I don’t care about him.

        • Flat Iron

          He’s fine. No need to cut it off. Stretching with cream can work. If not, a cut can be made. But removal of the entire foreskin is likely unnecessary. The whole idea of circumcision being cure for anything comes from religious fanatics who hate sex and pedophiles. There are countless cures to phimosis that dont require circumcision

          • Yeah… Too late now… but like I said, I don’t care about him anyway. Jealousy, because he actually has gotten laid, has a girlfriend, unlike me.

  • both parts are very sick in the head

  • Flat Iron

    Imprison anyone who attempts to circumcise children

  • ac05jn

    circumcision between an adult and god is a covenant. circumcision between a child and satan is exactly the kind of stupid gullible shirt the covenant was intended to stop. dress up a pedophile in a white suit, and humans are too stupid to resist.

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    Both practices are abuse.

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