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  • ch┬Ábr3 2 bl4ck

    Leave babies’ genitals alone!

  • themann235

    Iceland has proposed legislation to ban infant circumcision.


      Iceland is always pushing the envelope, good for them, Whenever circumcision comes up I try to explain why its so evil and damaging

    • James

      Didn’t it fail, though?

      And Iceland now has its first rabbi.

      • Jack

        True dat

    • BearGlitch

      Don’t they mass abort kids with defects?

  • Emmet

    It’s what conflating is.
    Just like when #metoo conflate catcalling with rape.
    Grow up.

    • lol

      It’s not conflating when they’re both clearly “messing with children’s genitals”, which the author has repeatedly abhorred in both cases. I also find it rich that someone who can’t follow such a basic argument has the balls to tell literally anyone else to “grow up”.

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