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  • ch┬Ábr3 2 bl4ck

    Leave babies’ genitals alone!

  • themann235

    Iceland has proposed legislation to ban infant circumcision.


      Iceland is always pushing the envelope, good for them, Whenever circumcision comes up I try to explain why its so evil and damaging

    • James

      Didn’t it fail, though?

      And Iceland now has its first rabbi.

      • Jack

        True dat

    • BearGlitch

      Don’t they mass abort kids with defects?

      • Leviathan Xyzzy

        No, or else you wouldn’t have been born.

  • Emmet

    It’s what conflating is.
    Just like when #metoo conflate catcalling with rape.
    Grow up.

    • lol

      It’s not conflating when they’re both clearly “messing with children’s genitals”, which the author has repeatedly abhorred in both cases. I also find it rich that someone who can’t follow such a basic argument has the balls to tell literally anyone else to “grow up”.

      • bolero

        To be fair — and I agree about the troublesome nature of circumcision — giving children hormones will sterilize them while circumcision alters their foreskin. One is more like having a baby’s ears pierced and the other is like completely ruining their ability to live and procreate as they were born while also ensuring that they’re running a significantly higher risk of getting cancer or killing themselves. Yes, one is bad and superfluous — the other is completely and utterly life-altering and ruining on a completely different scale.

        • LMTR14


          • bolero


        • Anthony Leone

          Someone knows the difference.

        • xvtc

          The only thing that matters, in both cases, is whether the individual consented. Children are incapable of giving consent, therefore both practices are evil and should be eradicated.

          • Ray Morris

            I’d much rather have it done before I could remember and feel it then when Im older and too much of a bitch to go through with it (circumcision)

        • >the other is like completely ruining their ability to live and procreate as they were born
          >the other is completely and utterly life-altering and ruining

          procreation is morally wrong anyway, I think. I’m unsure, but I’m leaning towards it being morally wrong

          >or killing themselves

          Is that not because of the dysphoria itself rather than giving them the hormones?

  • Anthony Leone

    Apple, meet Orange.

    • Xander Thomas

      How so? Both are messing with kids and they can’t consent. I’m saying this as a circumcised guy who was circumcised as an infant.

      • Anthony Leone

        Giving children hormone treatments is a far cry from circumcisions.

        • Stiffy Weiner

          Pretty much, some kids do WANT (TEMPORARY) hormone treatments, I.E, things that don’t disrupt puberty.

          There’s never been kids who’ve cried about WANTING to get circumcised for fucks sake.

          • xvtc

            so we should give kids whatever they want, no matter how harmful it might be? even when the doctors who perform the operations and presribe the medicines have admitted they have no idea what the long term effects are, and that neither method reduces suicide rates?

          • Stiffy Weiner

            It’s not even close to harmful as regular HRT. It helps their self image and prevents them from becoming as dysphoric until they’re old enough to make a choice.

        • xvtc

          No it isn’t.

          • Anthony Leone

            I’m pretty sure it does.

          • xvtc


          • Anthony Leone

            I am not aware of any guy with emotional issues who was circumcised as a baby, but changing someone’s sex? That’s far different.

          • xvtc


  • house plant

    How does he know the kids are circumcised

    • Anon

      she told him.

    • He took a likely guess

  • Oh, snap! It’s true!

  • I have phimosis, and I’ve been talking to a 15-year-old who also has phimosis, and he is planning to have circumcision surgery, because the doctor is telling him that. Please help. What should I do? Should I tell him not to do it?

    • asidjasidjasiopdjasdapsdo

      Hi, made an account just for this. Circumcision is perfectly fine when done for medical reasons. In many cases you can treat phimosis without surgery, but sometimes it is 100% necessary. He can probably ask his doctor about other solutions if he’s not comfortable with surgery, but generally he shouldn’t worry.

      • but if I recall correctly, a long time ago, like 5 years ago when I was 11 years old, I think the doctor said something about the possibility of me getting circumcised. Well, today is my 16th birthday, and I’m pretty sure my case of phimosis is far from far gone. I think I can definitely solve my phimosis problem without circumcision, and I can’t imagine that his case is much worse than mine.

        though why do I even care. it doesn’t affect me. maybe I should just let him be, read some studies, and actually get a grip on the topic. thing is, I don’t know how, or maybe that’s just an excuse because I’m too lazy.

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