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  • David Floyd
  • Ryan Smith

    I like video games, so I fight for those. If you like something else the SJWs are trying to ruin, fight for that. Not my fault the gamers were the first ones to nut up. You’re welcome for the views and clicks though.

    • Nick F.

      Yeah, those stupid gamers thinking for themselves, amirite?

      GamerGate was my redpill, and I am libertarian today because of it.

      • 1R4dacted2x8

        Pick one.

        • Pedro Henrique

          go on

        • Chris Redfield
          • LMTR14

            that is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen

          • antifa supersoldier

            A nazi state would still be controlled by the least kosher bankers

          • Chris Redfield

            Bankers could not control Germany hence the reason why Germany was brutally destroyed and it’s name smeared in constant propaganda to turn the ignorant against them.

          • pacmom

            maybe the anarchist

          • Anon

            So it’s full on fascism or jewtown?

      • Bix Nood

        Does the F stand for Fuentes?

      • Point is that gamers sit on their asses and live in a fantasy world
        when society crumbles around them because they’d rather pretend to be
        heroes than actual do anything of value.

  • Stiffy Weiner
    • Cyberxion

      Are you asking if Stonetoss would fuck himself? I’m confused.

    • Who the fuck is that?

  • Tristan Wintle

    How detached from reality can you possibly be?

  • Derek Borden

    Video games are the “I just want to grill” of Millennials & Zoomers.

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