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  • Nick F.

    Gun Free Zone = Targets That Won’t Shoot Back

    What could possibly go wrong…

  • David Sage

    Obviously you have to enforce that with police or security guards. No rule is worth a damn without some authority behind it. So if the gun free policy is literally just a warning sign then that’s not actually a gun free zone, it’s false advertising.
    It’d be cheaper to just have the teachers packing though…

    • Gatreh

      Would just paint a target on teachers though if a school shooting were to happen.
      They would shoot whoever has a means to defend themselves first.

      • Andrew Meyer

        And if no one in the school had a gun except the shooter, who would be the most physically capable of defending themselves?

  • rdococ

    Lol, as if all lefties were anti-gun. I’m a pro-gun leftie.

  • Chris Redfield

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