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  • Seth Apex

    I don’t quite get it. Is it that vegans spurn meat the way some women spurn men?

    • Swede

      a women complaining and being sad about not finding a man is like a vegan at a meat all you can eat buffé whining about being hungry.

  • 12judges

    Honey, the answer to both your problems is right behind you. Looking around. Looking for a place to sit down with his big sausage. Lose the M-effing tshirt and quit it with the sadz!

  • Simon Telezhkin

    Torturing and killing of sentient creatures is initiation of the use of force. Financial support of somebody else doing it for you – too. If you think that animals have consciousness(not a crazy idea at all), you should go vegan as Patt Condell for example. That’ve said, most of today vegans are nutjobs sadly.

    • Seth Apex

      whether or not animals have consciousness, the don’t understand enough language to tell us, and in the rare case they do, such as koko the gorilla, we generally don’t eat them.

      • Simon Telezhkin

        For somebody “can’t ask to not kill him” is a criteria, for some “can feel pain and don’t want to be killed” is a good one. Doesn’t makes last ones crazy. Embryos can’t even show us with actions they have feelings or want to live too, doesn’t make pro-lifers crazy. They have neural systems, they didn’t do nothing for us(those who we mass produce), how on earth wouldn’t it go under NAP?

        • Seth Apex

          that’s a strawman of my position. none of the animals we eat even have a capacity for language, which the embryo does.

          • Simon Telezhkin

            My point is that there are a lot of non crazy people stands on position that key relevant factors for what is ok to torture and kill for consumption and what’s not – “can it suffer?” and “have it initiated aggression against me”. I understand that you have other criteria, I don’t care much about your life and choices.

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    There is no incel wymyn


      Ever seen a landwhale? Incels come in all different sizes and shapes

      • Robs

        Doesnt black guys usually take the landwhales.

      • White Makes Right

        Among the incel community, you’re not actually considered incel if there’s something simple you can do to fix your problem, like lose weight, or lower your standards. Fat guys are not considered true incels, either, for this reason. If you lost weight, and still couldn’t get a woman, then you would be a true incel. Since most thin women could get a man if they just lowered their standards, the only women considered true incels by the incel community are those with severe mental illnesses.

  • Robs

    She wants a strong dependable man with a job, yet all her vegan friends are soyboys with big hole earrings or fat as fuck.

  • quickshooter

    if people could only take out the SOY out of modern veganism then it would be great
    because these days, Is humanism better than Judaism?

    the most obvious step in defeating the ”inner Jew” is to cease having Goys of our own!

    • DatBoi

      Eating shitty food to own the libs.

  • lesbians don’t want to date men. a good cartoon

    seriously i have no idea what this is supposed to mean

    • Stiffy Weiner

      It’s more like “I have opportunities but won’t take them because I don’t like them, or go against my principles even if I can get stuff done doing said thing that goes against my beliefs, even though the people around me are doing them.”

      I think stonetoss wrote himself into a corner, because that’s actually what right wingers do, they refuse to do things a certain way because the people they adamantly oppose do it too.

      A good cartoon.

      • ですへんたい

        theres usually a reason that isn’t “libs do this so must be bad.” The “muh principles” thing does encapsulate civnats very well tho, with prioritizing moral high ground over actually doing anything

        • Ben Gordon

          >claims civnats don’t do anything
          >hasn’t done anything either

      • Ben Gordon

        Maybe, just maybe, there can be exceptions? “lolprinciples” only works in a reality devoid of context.

        • Stiffy Weiner

          Explain further.

          • Ben Gordon

            Unless you have the context for each individual situation where principles are being tested against “my opponent is doing it too”, you don’t have a real argument. For instance, Japanese field commanders typically didn’t surrender during battle while American, British, and Australian forces did. However, the had the Japanese put aside their principles an preserved both their and their soldiers’ lives, it would not have changed the overall outcome of the war.

            Why fight fire with fire when you can use water instead and not burn yourself like an imbecile?

          • Stiffy Weiner

            You’re moving the goalposts to talk about something that has nothing to do with the situation shown in the comic, or the implications of my previous comment. If anyone is an imbecile, it’s you for not understand something so fucking cut and dry.
            If you’re autistic, then I apologize.

    • DatBoi

      It’s saying vegans are whiny pricks no one wants to be around. Which is true for the most part.

  • i make dinner every night but i never have a woman interested in me

  • obju

    Ah the ‘I make comics with one-dimensional characters about people I’ve obviously never made face-to-face contact with and pretend like I’m changing the world’. Classic. Btw your art style is absolute wank

  • Cypherpunks (a public account)

    its stupid when girls say they cant find a guy, yet they ignore me. its
    like saying youre hungry when theres a hot dog on the ground outside

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