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  • Dabby Woods

    I don’t like the jews.

    • Mister Twister

      The jews also don’t like the jews.

    • Another Linux Guy

      Nobody does

  • anti-semitic is the more important one.

  • QuickshooterMk2
    • Antisemitism lsavirtue

      It’s not hypocrisy, or irony, it’s pure calculation and using every resource and freedom and rights they get from their hosts.

      Thankfully that also means that’s their only source of ‘power’ (jews are never powerful, but they do influence or outright control actually powerful people).

      Who fears a jew? Maybe if you’re a child or otherwise completely frail and they can shank you from behind, otherwise, nobody.

      When one is an ‘evil nazi’ on the internet. Whom does one fear? Shlomo Bergstein Esquire? Or Johnathan Bauer, policeman, who books people on behest of Bergstein?

      Nobody fears jews, everybody fears their own kin who might have fallen to their lies.

      It’s pretty tragic, but, again, it is also their weakest point.

      Personally, I would advocate for anyone who is bodyguard or ‘soldier’ for jews to just kill them and take their stuff. It’s not theirs anyway, they’re not from your place, they’re not your genetic kind. They’re not your heritage or ancestor, even if you’re a mischling mongrel, then you’re just tainted, but you gained nothing and inherited detriments.

      Anything ‘good’ one might argue a jew could do, one of your own can do too.

      This is not guaranteed the other way around. Hence jews only being ‘notable’ in host countries were they can sponge off actual education and people with a brain.

      jews are just inflated because we handed them the keys to our media.

      Also, they’re incredibly retarded outside of subversive activities. The moment a jew tries to “just live” it usually ends up awfully.

      With jews you truly lose. Sometimes it doesn’t take a long time, sometimes it does, but in the end they usually ruin something, themselves, others.

      Always some degenerate/perverted stuff, or flat out stupid.

      They’re also the biggest neo nazi parodies. 1488 out of 1500 times it’s a jew when something gratuitously ‘neo nazi’ is being committed.
      A random example on youtube, at 1:40, a jew wearing an SS shirt. Casually, and people don’t notice and think it’s ‘a nazi’.
      Sorry for the messed up formatting, disqus didn’t like me just pasting that link.

    • NotBeingAnIdiot IsAVirtue

      None of that proves that Jews don’t have the necessary mental faculties to feel shame, ya dimwit.

  • Remember, kids, being pro-white is being anti-semitic.
    Xenophobia is always healthier than xenophilia.

  • Albionic American

    Imagine a world without Semitism.

  • Malthe

    How long are you going to milk this dry cow? Most leftists are against Israels ethnostate, and almost no one thinks it’s antisemitic to do so.

  • israel is garbage and the idea that it’s anti-semitic to oppose it is nonsense. a good cartoon

    • PolySaken

      there’s also nothing wrong with antisemitism.

  • Cosby Bebop

    Israel needs to be culturally enriched…by a nuke.

    • NotBeingAnIdiot IsAVirtue

      et tu

  • Pete Zaitcev

    I don’t see any inconsistency. In both cases, the character promoting open borders aims to genocide those who are inside the borders: either white racists or Jews. Complete consistency!

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