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  • Deplorable Z. Ben

    >he fell for a meme

    >i-it will go to 100k I swear
    Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • I really don’t get your belief in BitCoin. If it was a legitimate, valuable currency, then you wouldn’t need to compare it to the dollar. It would just be stated as is, and the value would be inherent.

    • flclfanman

      That’s done for the exchange rate. BTC has value, but some people want to switch out of it.

    • Whydoineedtogiveanameiwanttobe

      Is the British pound not a legitimate currency? It is also compared to the american dollar.

    • FizzFried

      That’s the BTC value compared to the USD, so people can sell their bitcoin in exchange for a national currency. What a dumbass

  • Isaac Cheung

    Nice 4chan reference.

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