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  • Deplorable Z. Ben

    >he fell for a meme

    >i-it will go to 100k I swear
    Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Delicious butthurt.

    • Rain Harper

      Props for the avatar.

  • I really don’t get your belief in BitCoin. If it was a legitimate, valuable currency, then you wouldn’t need to compare it to the dollar. It would just be stated as is, and the value would be inherent.

    • flclfanman

      That’s done for the exchange rate. BTC has value, but some people want to switch out of it.

    • Whydoineedtogiveanameiwanttobe

      Is the British pound not a legitimate currency? It is also compared to the american dollar.

    • FizzFried

      That’s the BTC value compared to the USD, so people can sell their bitcoin in exchange for a national currency. What a dumbass

    • bigrozo

      1 BitCoin is currently worth $3,577.78 as I type this. You need $3,577 dollars to purchase a single BitCoin. If BitCoin isn’t legitimate then what does that say for the dollar? Bits in cyberspace is as tangible as paper backed by nothing.

    • ElJugador

      A lot of national currencies have been pegged to the USD, boomer retard

  • Isaac Cheung

    Nice 4chan reference.

  • Sayeh

    Legitimacy of any currency is based on the stability of its value. Since this comic debuted in Jan ’18, BTC has shed 75% of its value. BCH was even worse (and was inaugurated likely to prevent this exact thing from occuring). BCH lost 95% of its value since Jan ’18. If any national currency was experiencing either trend, it would have been called hyperinflation, and indeed it IS hyperinflation. In fact, before Sept ’16, the Venezuelan bolivar lost value more slowly that BTC (better). If BTC was poised to replace national currencies, this wouldn’t be occurring.

  • Raidho Coaxil

    Oh boy this didn’t aged well did it.

    • Stiffy Weiner

      I mean, 4 years ago bitcoin topped out at around 600.
      So it did age, bitcoin isn’t a get rich quick scheme. What a fucking surprise.

    • Georgica Soros

      You sayin’?

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