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  • 12judges
    • Jackson Peds

      Wasn’t he a villain from the CardCaptor Sakura anime?

      • Mr.Sixes

        He was.

  • NPC the Clown

    We need to all go back where we came from. A one way trip directly to the sun.

    • ShidaPenns

      We need to go back, Marty. To the big bang.

      • NPC the Clown

        Doc we need to go back and demand god for reparations money.

  • Lesbian

    you forgot to add the ten foot tall white redheads

  • Quixotes
    • TCC

      Go on… scream “Nazi” or “racist” one more time. Fail to address the point actually made in the comic.
      I’m sure THIS time it will work…

      • Quixotes

        This particular comic is fairly innocous, There’s not much I can fault it for, especially since it implies that saying “go back to where you came from” is fucking stupid, which I agree with.

        I do absolutely LOVE how triggered you get when I use “racist” or “nazi” persumably because those words being in prominent use makes it harder to insert your own labels like “race realist” or “white identitarian”. Talk about Orwellian, smh.

        That is why I posted a Stonetoss edit HERE, because I’m fairly confident he lurks around his comments in the first 24ish hours of posting and I know he silently gets triggered when he geta called out. Moreover, he KNOWS that the implication behind the edited comic is true. If you want me to go in depth as to how we can know that he’s a neo-nazi, I can prove it for you in another comment even though I’m pretty sure you’re acting in bad faith, if for no reason other than to see your subsequent reaction.

        • Quixotes

          Also, proving that someone is a Nazi SHOULDN’T just be the end of the conversation, but Nazis that use masks and dog whistles usually end up running away with their tails between their legs after their mask comes off, which is why I generally prefer unappolegetic Nazis even if they tend to be lacking brain cells (Case in point being Quick)

          • TCC

            So disagreeing with an accusation makes the accusation true?
            If I call you a pedophile, and you deny it, that makes you a pedophile then?
            Because according to your stupid logic, that would have to be the case.

            I say you’re a child molestor. Are you a child molestor?

          • Quixotes

            You clearly tuned out half way through. It’s not the denial that makes him a Nazi, it’s the evidence which I chose not to cram into a single comment. This is why I’m skeptical that you’re acting on any level of good faith. And here is my evidence, give it consideration:

            Meet redpanels, a web comic associated with stormfront in its time and had such hidden gems in its library like:
            or his classy farewell comic:

            Now, here is some evidence that Stonetoss and RedPanels are the same so that I dont have to type it all out:
   (skip to 5:29 if I fuck up the hyperlink.)

            As the video states, there are TWO possible theories on the Redpanels-Stonetoss relationship:
            A.) Stonetoss is redpanels. This is the most likely scenario.
            B) Stonetoss is an admirer of Red panels (evidenced by his casual mention on twitter and the fact that some Stonetoss comics are near copy pastes of Redpanels comics).

            In Scenario B, the commonalities in the comics are mere homages to RedPanels where the more likely Scenario A conceptualizes Stonetoss being out of ideas and blatantly reusing his own
            content from his time as RedPanels.

            It’s possible (however unlikely) that Stonetoss is just a persona, but that comes back to the idea of the “ironic nazi”. One cannot draw shit like this once a week every week for years without taking some of it to heart.

            Unfortunately, you didn’t EXPLICITLY call Stonetoss a “great cartoonist” or a “model of right wing honesty and logic” like what I lured some other comenters into saying before dropping this one them,
            so feel free to backpedal, OR you could just drop the useless mask, fucking cretin.

            Inb4 “A broken clock is still right twice a day.” Even though you agree with him on way more than just a few things. Hell, I agree I could point out like 1 or 2 of his tamer comics I agree with, that would genuinely fit within the “broken clock” saying.

          • TCC

            I see you’re being arbitrary again. Typical.

            The first comic you posted was evidence, in and of itself, that Redpanels wasn’t/isn’t a Nazi, as you have Hitler (who is both 14 and 88) on the top left, and Richard Spencer (who is 14, but not 88) on the top right.

            The “14” is a reference to the Fourteen Words, which are a call to white self-preservation, and the “88” refer to the “88 Precepts”, which are a long list that white people supposedly need to follow, which have some strict ideas on race and behavior, which some people can consider backwards.

            As the comic demonstrates, Spencer (and by proxy, the rest of the alt right) aren’t Nazis. The most anti-semitic thing I’ve ever seen Spencer do is talk down a rabbi, accusing him of hypocrisy for denying the validity of a white ethnostate while simultaneously being a zionist (a supporter of a Jewish ethnostate).

            Regardless of whether or not the send-off comic has a “Nazi Salute”, or (as Tila Tequila infamously used at one of Spencer’s conventions) a “Roman Salute” is also ambiguous.
            This is where a lot of people have had hiccups, as they see an arm raised and they think “Nazi Salute”, and deny any and all possibility it could be a Roman Salute.
            Of course, it’s also possible he’s being ironic, considering that people seem bound and determined to cal the alt right Nazis, despite all evidence to the contrary and the lack of evidence for such an accusation. One person showing up to the Unite the Right with a swastika flag doesn’t poison the entire movement.

            Nor does being critical of zionist Jewish people. There’s a fine line between criticizing the ethnocentric view that many Jews have and actually wanting to kill, harm, exploit, or expel them.

            In the end, your evidence is flimsy, and ultimately meaningless.
            Stop letting other people choose your ideals for you. Or… go back to parroting “Nazi” some more. Be a mental slave, if that’s what makes you happy.
            Just don’t vote. Or have kids. Ever.

          • Ethan

            there’s no point arguing with a fellow like Quixotes. He’s already made his decision and nothing you say will change him otherwise.

          • TCC

            Yeah, he’s a self-induced retard. But maybe other people won’t drink the same Kool Aid. Maybe.

          • Quixotes

            You have drunk the kool aid; savy keyboard warriors and those secondhandedly influenced by them have constructed most of your understanding of politics. Depending on your age, they may have got you in adolesence. Classical liberalism died with JFK, who’s making the Kool Aid I supposedly drink?

          • TCC

            The establishment.
            The same people who promote mass immigration (to supply votes/cheap labor) and the tearing down of distinct cultural and racial identities (as to make the masses easier to manage) have written your ideology.
            Those same people fear and hate white identity, and the anti-consumerist ideals of white identitarians, because collectively, white people have the strength to throw them out of power. For their agenda to work, white people need to be to be docile, complacent, fat, and materialistic.

            You are either an active participant in the establishment’s goals, or a useful idiot for them.
            Compared to them, “keyboard warriors” are a fine and noble lot.

          • Quixotes

            Bullshit. In spite of being anti-zionist, anti-fed and vocal about the hypocricies of the establishment left, I’m somehow still with them by virtue of not being a racist (I refuse to call you a “white identitarian”, fucking snowflake). You, on the other hand, are the spitting image of what the keyboard warriors fought to cultivate. How about that?

            The implication that “tearing down racial identities” (miscegenation) is somehow A) a deliberate ploy by the elite and B) serves to make the populace docile is where your mask completely slips. To believe that miscegenation makes a weaker population, you must believe either that non whites are a weaker population, or that mixed race people are somehow weaker by the mixing of equally virtuous whites and non-whites (going to go out on a limb and say it’s the former)

            Non whites really don’t hate whites at any disproportionate rate. A thief believes everyone steals; a racist believes everyone must secretly be racist.

            Incidentally, I have never been fatter and more complacent then when I was a crypto-fascist teenager. That’s anecdotal, but maybe you people aren’t as ready to fight da j00s as you want me to believe.

          • TCC

            To be an identitarian is to be someone who engages in identity politics, and to be a white identitarian is to take the rare position of being pro-white.
            Screaming “RACIST!” doesn’t undo what’s true.

            But yes, you ARE feeding straight into their palm.
            Whether you love them, or hate them as controlled opposition (too weak to actually do anything to actually inconvenience them) you’re still doing what they want.

            I never said “miscegenation” btw. Your words, not mine, and don’t pretend otherwise. If you have to lie and attack strawman arguments, it underlies how weak your own position is.
            No, what I’m talking about are the racial identities that exist, underneath being ethnic identities.
            African Americans, Ugandans, Liberians, and Zimbabweans all exist as distinct, separate ethnic identities, but they all exist under the clout of the racial identity of being “black”, separate but similar enough to have common ground with one another.
            The same is true for the ethnic groups under white identity, but the establishment has no love for ethnic or racial groups. A “wigger” is someone who tries (and usually fails) to adopt black culture, and “weeaboos” are those who try to adopt Asian (specifically Japanese) culture.
            Governments and corporations care only for money and power, and the sooner they tear down what makes us anything more than a singular entity from which to sell products to, the sooner they can maximize what they want from us.

            So yes, maybe not “fat”, but keep being docile and complacent. It’s the only thing you show talent for… you certainly suck at rhetoric and narrative consistency.

        • You are Not a Victim

          >writes a wall of text with CAPS RAGE and replies twice over two lines of text
          >”Haha look how triggered you are, I’m not the angry one”

          You earnestly don’t realize how stupid you look, do you? I guess that’s common when your entire argument and worldview is based on morality rather than reasoning (like a religious zealot from the 1500s), but still… it’s pretty embarrassing.

  • Ethan
  • Pete Zaitcev

    I dunno, but would not this comic win from a depiction of cave dwellers and other natives that the so-called “Native Americans” wiped out when they moved in? The way it is now, the strip appears to portray an intramural strife rather than waves of colonization that occurred in pre-Colombian North America.

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Jared Taylor got it right, they were a lot like niggers

  • All of human history is tribes fighting each other. The winners kill all the men and take their women and land.

    Why do you think the Left particularly hates white men?

    • Mister Twister

      Really maeks u think.

    • Steffen

      They’re white men themselves, mostly. They’re cucks.

    • Highly Erotic

      So at least you know how power works. So now that we’re on the same page, yeah, the left wants you dead because you did the same to POC for a long time.

      • Io Non Esisto

        Sorry, who’s the “you” you are talking about?
        Never killed or enslaved a black man in my life, nor did it my father or gramps.
        What the fuck do you want?
        If someone can be accounted for the crime of its ancestors why aren’t black men who sold their own accountable?
        Why aren’t jews at fault for it since they had the lion’s share of black slaves market? Why can’t I go around beheading muslims who raided the coasts of my birthplace for centuries killing and pillaging everything?
        Fuck you and your double standards.

        • TRVTH

          Since the revolutionaries in Libya overthrew Qaddafi, there are now slave markets in Tripoli where sub-Saharan Africans, mostly from Chad and Sudan, are bought and sold. It’s all very scrupulously Koranically correct, of course.

          I wonder why Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam don’t have anything to say about this. Neither does Jesse Jackson. Neither does Al Sharpton. Neither does Cory “Spartacus” Booker. Neither does Colin Kapernick.

          That really activates my almonds.

      • Mikhail Popkov

        >wanting someone dead because you feel threatened by their superiority
        Is this the reincarnation of hitler I’ve been hearing so much about?

        • John Doe

          Another kike attacking Hitler. Sorry but Germans and Hitler’s spirit lives on.

          Did you take a page out of Justin’s book? (But I know you yourself don’t actually believe this tripe.)
          “Kill your enemies and they win” -Justin Trudeau

      • Shadowban This Cowards

        What’s funny is that you have no idea what slavery is, nor the history thereof.

        • Io Non Esisto

          Well I imagine you know absolutely all about it right?
          Did you ask your master to be allowed to have an opinion?

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            lol, thanks for proving me right

    • mynameiscat

      The “Left” is unfortunately becoming an abstract term. As someone on the right, its very easy to look at specific examples of leftists I dislike and then characterize all of the left as bad. For example, a lesbian woman who has dealt with sexual harassment (which is surprisingly common) who then turns to hateful rhetoric against men. In reality, the left is actually more diverse than the right, while still including proportionate representation of straight, white, cisgender males. The majority of the left just want to not have to deal with economic hardships and societal intolerance of people who are different. The right has to provide a realistic alternative to this, like embracing the Christian moral of tolerance and following the footsteps of Christian democrats in European countries, instead of just calling the left sjw idiots and expecting that to solve the mutual anger.

  • Albionic American

    I find it more interesting to think about where white people could go forward to, instead of going back to. Assuming that Mars colonization could become feasible and sustainable, only white people could pull this off because only our people have the intelligence, the low time preference and the ability to cooperate amongst ourselves that other groups lack.

    Otherwise consider the alternative that our elites’ stupid and damaging utopianism would propose. The comedy script practically writes itself: “I don’t get it. For the last twenty years we’ve sent blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Pacific Islanders, feminists, gays and transgenders to Mars, but the colony keeps failing. What have we done wrong?”

    Seriously, considering the stakes in a Mars colonization project, you would want to eliminate as many of the preventable sources of failure as possible. And in the real world that means cutting out the strife, fantasy beliefs and stupid drama that nonwhites, feminist women and people with broken sexuality would bring with them to Mars and sabotage the functioning of the new society you want to build there. Instead you would send intelligent, competent, emotionally resilient white people with normal sexuality who would function together effectively and concentrate on sciencing solutions for their reality-based problems.

    • DatBoi

      This is the white version of “We wuz kangz!”

      • Mikhail Popkov

        I’d love to hear about africa’s amazing space program which is totally on par with the US, China, and Russia!

        • mynameiscat

          Africa was actually colonized and oppressed by white people! The traditions we provided them with and abstract borders that didn’t match with the people groups locked them into a very difficult position, so that their highest priority is getting off their feet after what we’ve done.
          Also, China isn’t white you absolute walnut! They are literally opposed to western democracy and american culture!
          And before you say “why didnt africa get us whites first” its because of the gambles Europe took by investing in gunpowder before other places (which was a chinese invention btw) which combined with geography that provided rich land and encouragement to explore and develop naval tradition lead to Europe setting outwards first.
          In conclusion, think before you speak. I’d like to hear you try and debunk me. If you can’t, then just accept that bigotry isn’t always the best option.

          • Dialgatime321 X

            Europe was also colonized and oppressed by Arabs and North Africans several times, and slaves were taken away from Europe to work to death in Africa, Arabia, and elsewhere. That didn’t stop Europe from developing the most advanced civilization known to man.

          • CMK

            Only Spain and the Anatolian Peninsula could properly be said to have been “colonized” by Muslims, although Muslims did conquer large portions of Europe, nevertheless a fraction of it.

          • mynameiscat

            CMK is correct. Muslims never “colonized and oppressed” Europe outside of the specific examples of Spain and the Balkans. The Balkans are white, yet still are in economic ruin because thats what colonial oppression does to countries, only proving my point that race means nothing. Race of the oppressors doesn’t matter. Spain is only okay because they gained freedom very early, and used the renaissance and colonial era to get back on their feet. Africa never got that chance. The European advanced civilizations were all the ones that either were never colonized, or used massive religious coalitions to fight back against colonizers. The Arabs and North Africans did the same thing against the Roman empire and later on Byzantine empire.

          • Hendrik Vanderstijn

            Ethiopia was never colonized and only under Italian rule for five years. Where are their scientific contributions?

        • DatBoi

          Oh, they don’t have one. I just think it’s stupid to think science is going to magically bound forward by getting rid of non-whites.

          • John Doe

            It would, not magically but logically. A lot of other issues would improve greatly also.

          • DatBoi

            How exactly would that happen? Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union didn’t make many technical advancements so getting rid of other races doesn’t do shit.

          • John Doe

            Both of them made tons of advancements.

            Also why these two specifically when most inventions occurred/occur in a homogeneous environment? Absolutely everything you are saying is retarded and egalitarian propaganda. Eat a bullet.

          • TRVTH

            Why wouldn’t it? Something like 70% of the federal budget in the US today is spent on entitlement programs, from EBT to Medicaid. That’s not even counting the money that’s spent on prisons. What if we could spend that money on scientific research and development instead?

        • John Doe

          You are not white.

      • Shadowban This Cowards

        Niggers never invented the wheel. Shut up and go away, dipshit.

        • mynameiscat

          Neither did whites. Steppes peoples did. To quote your words: Shut up and go away, dipshit.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            And you think the “steppes peoples” weren’t white, huh? That’s cute. Where do you think caucasians came from, shlomo?

          • mynameiscat

            The caucusus mountains. It’s in the name, they’re mountains, not steppes. Steppes peoples referring to Scythians, Huns, Mongols, etc. which are different from European whites.

        • DatBoi

          Neither did white people. The wheel was Mesopotamian. I also don’t see how this is relevant.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            It’s funny that you think the Mesopotamians weren’t white.

          • DatBoi

            By all means, point to all the white people living in Iraq (or anywhere else in the middle east for that matter).

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Weren’t. WERE. NOT. Are you white? Can you comprehend abstract concepts such as the future and the PAST? Good night, read before posting.

          • DatBoi

            WTF are you even saying? Do you even have proof that Mesopotamians were white? Almost everyone who lives or lived in the Middle East or on the Mediterranean. Mesopotamians were described as fair to brown. As I said, you guys are just the white version of kangz.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>I don’t know what past tense is

            >>I have no comprehension of what archaeology is

            >>I don’t have a clue what DNA is


            Which is why even the Islamic accounts of the 400s still marveled over the beautiful white skin of the native Christians of Anatolia, right? You know, the place that is now shitskin central after millennia of genocide? Come off it. You don’t know a thing.

          • DatBoi

            >Still no citations.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            Yes, you have ZERO citation for the Levant being brown 2000 years ago. Run along now.

          • Zimriel

            I think those were Greeks which discussed “White Syrians”. Anatolia was (literally) an extension of Caucasia.
            The Muslim Arab elite saw itself as a median between pale Europeans and dark Indians. Ibn Khaldun carried on that tradition, considering both Europeans and Africans as stupid.

    • ivan ho

      What a joke. “only white people could pull this off”. Tell me, do you have the intelligence and low time preference and the ability to cooperate to engineer a spacecraft? Can you even be bothered to breed? You white people can’t even sustain a birth rate above replacement.

    • Toaster

      “oNly wHiTe PEopLe cAN mAke A fUnCiOnaL soCiEty” Dude fuck off. Anyone with the knowledge required to go to space and start a society can do it. I’m not saying that a shit hole communist “utopia” on mars would work, but what I am saying that race, gender, and sexual orientation don’t matter.

      • John Doe

        Every other race has only gotten as far as basic agriculture. Fuck off with your retarded bullshit.

        • William Brennan

          Resources determine what can be accomplished. Continents other than Eurasia lack domesticable animals, mineral resources accessible with primitive technology, and plants that can easily be bred for agriculture/a climate reliably suitable for such agriculture.

          • John Doe

            This nature vs nurture argument does not hold. Those with the capability to exploit resources further will do so. Africa is rich in resources.

          • William Brennan

            Africa is rich with resources that require advanced technology to exploit effectively, or that are worthless without advanced technology (like gold or diamonds). There’s a significant bootstrapping problem that Europeans and Asians did not face.

          • John Doe

            And yet Asians have prospered in places with resource scarcity. And no, Africa has plenty of resources to start out with that have not been fully exploited. Stop lying and saying that negroid are magically equal to Whites and that it’s just “muh socioeconomic” bullshit. We can give them all the funds and resources and they still squander it.

          • TRVTH

            The most important of those resources are found between a people’s ears.

    • Hendrik Vanderstijn

      Lmao, we might want to try landing people on the moon before we try to colonize Mars.

      • John Doe

        Or landing kikes on the Sun.

        • TRVTH

          If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we send all the niǥǥers there?

    • John Doe

      What we did wrong was allow jews to dwell among us.

    • Painting Guardian

      Friendly reminder that kikes don’t want anyone to go to space because our great lord and father, Ra, the king of kings, decreed that as punishment for their transgressions against his laws, they would not be allowed to exit the atmosphere.

      Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to every single Israeli astronaut on attempting to leave the planet’s surface. The most that yids can do is construct rockets that they’ll never be allowed to ride on thanks to Ra’s decrees.

      Kikes don’t want another space race because they know they can’t exert control over anything that leaves the planet that they’ve been cursed to wander for eternity. They’d rather drag everyone else down and get rid of the only people that have the wherewithal to not only break free of the yoke of Terra, but also to act as an example for every race that will follow.

    • Shaun

      Haha no we won’t because of dumb Nazis like you, Jews and asians are more intelligent

  • B. Real

    This really activated my almonds.

  • shnazzyone

    attempting to delegitimize legitimate arguments.

    • kingoftheworld
    • Shadowban This Cowards

      Is that you, you mean? What argument do you have? Are you pants-shittingly afraid to post it because you know we’ll prove you wrong?

    • You are Not a Victim

      It was an attempt to point out hypocrisy and double standards you mouth breather. Not that those ever stopped you before; your entire platform is based on moral double standards, some of which you proudly admit and you’re proud of.

      • mynameiscat

        Here’s an idea. Name one. Something characteristically left that the majority of leftists agree on. Then, name something characteristically right that the majority of right wingers agree on. Let’s see.

  • Degenerate76

    Latest archaeological evidence suggests that if you followed this chain all the way back, there would be a white man standing at the end.

    • Zimriel

      If you’re talking Solutrean Hypothesis, you’re relying on no archaeological evidence at all, since West Eurasian contributions to the New World have been debunked. The “Solutrean Toolkit” is like corn-farming, bronzework, hieroglyphs, and pyramids: independently discovered across the oceans.
      If you’re talking about the Ancient NORTH Eurasian contributions, to west Eurasia and also to eastern Siberia… that rests on firmer ground.

  • morgondag

    This is a valid point to some degree, but not really.

    It just shows that no one can claim to the rightful owner to a piece of land – including the people who live in the US now.

    • Shadowban This Cowards

      You fundamentally misunderstand ownership. The owner is the guy who can kill anyone trying to take it from him.

  • Shadowban This Cowards

    Reminder that Europeans were the first settlers of the Americas (and were slaughtered by the Indioes when they crossed Beringa).

    archive . fo / L8Rgp
    archive . fo / ry2tQ

    • mynameiscat

      Ignoring your spelling errors, I’m going to point out: No.
      That is false. At the time when humans were spreading, genes were so similar that you couldn’t call them Europeans yet. And also, it was actually Uralic tribes like those that settled Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Hungary that colonized the americas first. Did you know that Hungary is genetically speaking not white, despite being in central Europe? And its been like that for over a thousand years! The fact that they’ve done just as well as the other Europeans proves that race isn’t the key factor at play, but rather its the geography of where people live.

      • Shadowban This Cowards


        I made no spelling errors. Learn how to identify different groups.

        >>At the time when humans were spreading

        1. You don’t even know WHEN humans were “spreading”, and you’ll reject the true date even when it’s proven to you.
        2. Ye, they were readily identifiable groups of people. They’re so genetically distinct now that there are five taxonomic species of humanity.

        >>Did you know that

        Yep, this has been known since before DNA was discovered. Can’t upload the source because the post will never show up, though.

        >>race isn’t the key factor, it’s geography

        Okay, Jared Diamond; your lies were disproven many, MANY years ago. Run along now. You have nothing truthful to talk about here.

        • mynameiscat

          What the fuck? Do you understand what you’re saying?
          “I made no spelling errors” Indioes are not a people group. That is false.
          “You don’t even know WHEN humans were “spreading”” 200,000 years ago to around 12,000 years ago, at least the humans I’m referring to, although the dates are blurry so these aren’t perfect numbers. I admit that the dates aren’t perfectly definitive, but the genetic migration is.
          “and you’ll reject the true date even when it’s proven to you” No, why would I do that? I didn’t mention the exact dates because ancient history isn’t very precise for obvious reasons and it isn’t a necessary number. But I do have it, as I have just proven. If you have evidence to the contrary, show me.
          “Okay, Jared Diamond; your lies were disproven many, MANY years ago. Run along now. You have nothing truthful to talk about here.” I actually had to google who Jared Diamond is, I’ve never heard of him. What lies did I say that have been disproven? I gave the evidence of Hungary to explain that geography is the factor at play. You just responded with “You have nothing truthful to talk about here”. Tell me, what did I say that was untruthful? And I don’t mean tell me that each sentence is wrong. Show me evidence that I’m wrong. Find a single wrong fact in my paragraph, and I’ll concede the entire argument. I fucking dare you.

          • mynameiscat

            Addition: I’ve finally realized that by Indioes you meant American Indeginous, the slang term for which is “Indios”

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>That is false


            Get wrecked, dipshit. The americoids are Indioes. They’re not “native Americans” because Europeans made it there first. They’re also not Indians because they don’t live in India.

            >>200,000 years ago

            So why would you lie about your PREVIOUS statement, then? We already know that what you said is false.

            >>Why would I do that

            Because like 90% of the retards on this planet, you would have thought with your dopamine rather than your brain. Thing is, you bucked the trend this time. Good for you.

            >>geography is the factor

            And you’re wrong. Guns, Germs, & Steel is a hoax book. Its pretense is fraudulent. Geography doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with it this time.

          • mynameiscat

            I’ll explain it again: Indios is the correct spelling, not Indioes. Also it’s Beringia, not Beringa, so Get wrecked, dipshit.

            I didn’t lie about my previous statement. I asked you to mention something I said that was false, with evidence. The second part, “Why would I do that”, doesn’t make sense. I’m the one who’s using evidence rather than just calling my opponent an idiot and a fraud. I’m actually gifted. As in, at least 135 IQ. Professionally tested by the school board. So by definition, I am nowhere near retarded.

            As for your one attempt to actually debunk what I’ve said, the last one:
            I understand you’re trying to push the narrative that I’m an idiot like the highly educated and respected Jared Diamond. I have not read his works, rather I’ve looked at evidence and sources to come to the conclusions myself. Calling a book that I haven’t read a hoax as evidence that my point is false doesn’t make sense.

            I’m willing to give you a second try, because you clearly aren’t a complete idiot. But I’d like to clear up your main point first. Evidence has been found of European settlers crossing the Atlantic ocean before the Indios crossed Beringia. It seems reasonably likely, but remains a theory. It doesn’t have an answer to where then did the Europeans go? The two most likely options are 1. They interbred with the Indios to create the Native American culture, distinct from Europeans, that we know of. This is more likely because genetically and culturally Native Americans are close to a mix of early Europeans and Uralic peoples, although the Uralic side is more dominant. Either way, Native Americans are different from both groups. Possibility 2. The Indios slaughtered all the Europeans. This is less likely, because of the reasons mentioned supporting option 1.
            What you’ve done is take the less likely option (2) from what is already just a theory, and stated it as fact. Everything I said was just adding context, something I’ve noticed racists enjoy leaving out.
            Funnily enough, before interbreeding, both the Europeans and Indios were very similar in North America. I’d say that supports the geography over race argument, but I’ll let you respond to it.
            Anyway, have fun! Just make sure to use factual or logical evidence rather than attacks on my character, otherwise you prove my point.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            >>Indioes… Beringia

            The e is how we’d do it in English. Beringia was a typo.

            >>[just more self fellation]

            Why? None of that matters.

            >>highly educated and respected Jared Diamond

            You’re brain damaged if you believe that. You’re repeating his arguments as fact, regardless of if you knew them or not.


            There’s a tiny amount of evidence for this. A couple of artifacts and a few genetic markers in a handful of Indio tribes near the Dakotas and Minnesota, but not much otherwise.


            This sounds about right from their own accounts. There are stories of the “moon-eyed people” on what is now the eastern seaboard which the natives say were killed by their ancestors.

            >>as fact

            The links are literally right there.

          • mynameiscat

            Genetics and culture support the interbreeding theory more than total slaughter, although there were certainly some Euros who were killed even so. Either way, it isn’t definitive. That’s where my criticism of you stems. You stated a plausible theory as definitive fact. If you actually were open minded, you’d have stated it as something like “a theory suggests Europeans migrated to the Americas first, and may have been killed by the Indios.” All you’ve really said is that I’m an idiot and that some evidence suggests I’m wrong. I actually acknowledged most of that evidence before you did. I have read the articles, and had known about the theories already.

            At this point, you’re talking in circles without proving anything but your own ignorance and toxicity. I see no reason to continue this discussion.

          • Shadowban This Cowards

            They were clearly first, as shown by archaeological evidence. They were clearly killed, as shown by genetic evidence. You don’t have an argument. You never did. If you had, you would have posted a refutation of some sort. Run. Along.

  • Highly Erotic
  • SalvadorZombie

    Actually, the vast majority of North American tribes for along peacefully until colonists arrived and instigated conflicts via outright lies and deception.

    • TRVTH

      >Neolithic cannibals who universally practiced human sacrifice, chattel slavery, and headhunting

      • SalvadorZombie

        Man, you are all in on the white supremacist bullshit, huh?

        • TRVTH

          Man, you are all on on historical ignorance, huh?

          Why are you here, NPC? Go back to your safe space on Tumblr.

    • ssgtnelson

      That isn’t true. An alarming number of their skeletons, fromover the course of centuries, show significant signs of violence (arrowheads, axe wounds, etc).


    They would group together because their the same race and realize they can’t hate each other in the new world

  • Frans Cobben

    The Apache and Comanche killed thousands other American Indians!

  • Aquilax

    You could reverse the roles and make natives look like intolerant xenophobic fascists who refused the enrichment of european immigration and diversity.

  • Dave Freeman
  • Steffen

    In the end might is right.

  • Chris Redfield
    • WeWuzKangz

      We wuz solutreans n shiet night.

  • UnforcastedStorm

    Except all those were Natives, while the redneck is completely out of place.

    • TRVTH

      Nonsense. This is our continent now. It belongs to us. Our ancestors bought it, with blood and iron.

      • UnforcastedStorm

        Go back to where you came from, buddy.

        • TRVTH

          Make us.

          • UnforcastedStorm

            Mexicans are replacing you bit by bit, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Karma is coming to get you.

          • TRVTH

            The Wall is being built, and they’re all leaving.

            Like they say at closing time, “ya don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here.”

          • UnforcastedStorm

            There’s no wall. It’s a silly fence. You’re losing the real war, which is invisible. They’re reproducing at a higher rate than you can imagine. Nobody is leaving.

          • TRVTH

            And when the government finishes bankrupting itself and falling, there’ll be no more El Guelfare, so they’ll all either have to go back to their tropical points of origin or freeze to death in the dark. If they were capable of building or sustaining a civilization, after all, they would never have come here in the first place.

          • ssgtnelson

            Oh good, you want crippling poverty just to prove a point! That’s racism kids!

          • UnforcastedStorm

            Your kind is dying and deservedly so.

          • ssgtnelson

            Ok Boomer

    • ssgtnelson

      … the “natives” aren’t native either. They were the second group to arrive in the Americas.

      • UnforcastedStorm

        Muh fringe theories.


        • ssgtnelson

          Evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev seems to disagree with you. But, based on the quality of your other posts, I’m not surprised you’re ignorant.

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