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whites mix with other races they become not white
asians are smarter than whites
blacks are stronger than whites
brown birth rates are higher than whites
jews are richer than whites
why are whites the superior race?

whites are stronger than negroes at the same weight, but tend to hold less muscle. Likely due to the nergroes higher test and oestrogen(the e is also probably partially responsible for their massive uptake in crime, along with their lower iq).

Certain groups of asians tend to outperform whites as a group, but this group is muddy, including muslims, mutts and latams as “white”. White protestant boys are amongst the top iq group.

jews have ingroup preference.

browns outbreeding is simply to get more white gibs, means little.

We gave the west everything. You’re welcome.

Look at Japan, Korea and find what two things they have in common with white people, that India or Nigeria doesn’t.

why are whites the superior race?

Notice that absolutely NO ONE worries that a nonwhite person, male, female or transgender, has the potentially to become Literally Hitler and try to remake the world in the image of his own overpowering will. And this despite the fact that our elites have to downplay Original Hitler’s accomplishments as an unusually successful immigrant, given all the propaganda in other contexts about how immigrants revitalize ailing nations. We all recognize that only an exceptional white man could have to goods to pull this off.

“Everyone I don’t like is a jew”, pretty sure there is a word for ideologys that have only one word for people they don’t like…

Asians and Jews are still smarter and richer than the darker skinned people.
Asians are “yellow” but still as a light skinned as Whites and Jews are already white themselves, they have more in common with someone from Poland than from Palestine.

There are a few points to consider. The jews are a wandering race of mongrels who mix with the host race of the nation they enter to better fit in. The Ashkenazim jews that mixed with Germans Anglo-saxons have the highest IQ compared to the other groups of jews (Sephardi jews, Kei Feng jews, Arab jews, and African jews) from other parts of the world.

IQ labeling for the whole jewish and asian races (especially chinese) is not that accurate because of bias; the best are tested while the peasants and lower ranked members are not tested with the more intelligent members of the two races. In particular with the Chinese, testing was done in a city where government officials and their families resided in great numbers. This kind of test did not account for the IQ of the Chinese who lived in other areas of the country who tend to have lower IQ than Chinese government officials and their families.

Africans are not stronger than Europeans. African “Americans” were bred as slaves to be stronger to do better manual labour. If you look at actual Africans they are usually either scrawny or bloated. Also being rich is not a racial characteristic you absolute mongoloid.

” you absolute mongoloid.”, great way to get personal

Act like a mongoloid and I will call you a mongoloid, the only personal thing about it was their choice to be a mongoloid.


Learn to pronounce
adjective: Mongoloid; adjective: mongoloid
to the broad division of humankind including the indigenous peoples of
East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Arctic region of North America.

I’ve gone to several countries, overseas, on business trips. Height-wise the men in Vietnam are only a bit shorter than Native Africans… maybe like 5’4″ vs 5’5″… and not out in the middle of no where, tribal peoples, but in the well off capitals. So, outside the West, most people are strikingly similar in height and weight, regardless of race.

> “blacks are stronger than whites”
No, they’re not! But blacks do have lower IQ than whites.

never seen a white boy win against a black. Nazi Germany was humiliated by Joe Louis just to find that out.

Also, blacks rated highest in physical attractiveness from all other men races (SEA rated lowest) while white women rated highest from all other women (black women rated lowest).

And only ones who rival blacks in dick size are French.

If blacks are stronger than whites, how often you do you see a black man win a gold medal at weight lifting during the Olympics? The White race seems to dominate in this area. There is also the times that a small number of White soldiers dominating larger groups of opposing enemy black soldiers.

yes they are, a study was conducted, it found blacks held more muscle, but had lower strength. And modern science hates admitting these things.

Whites are superior because we practiced killing each other until we got so good at it that we accidentally conquered the entire rest of the planet. Conquering is fun and easy. Ruling is boring and hard.

And then the Jews invented Marxism and government education…

so white people are so dumb that they fall for Jews invented Marxism propaganda and that’s why the white suicide rate, alcoholism and drug addiction is so high

Well when you are so nice you allow an invasive species into your society based on their lies, then have this same invasive species boring holes in your society at every turn; feminism, race-mixing, block busting, affirmative action, pornography, mass immigration, stock market crashes, government corruption, multi trillion dollar wars to benefit our greatest allies, it starts to wear on you.

Our ancestors shamed these defectives for a reason. They recognized that judgmentalism makes life better.

Clown Phobia, on the other hand, is quite acceptable.

Yeah, I mean just look at the success of horrible Clownophobic propaganda like It, It: Chapter 2, The Dark Knight, and Joker. Awful portrayals and misrepresentations of clowns. I mean just because John Wayne Gacy “did something” doesn’t mean they’re all like him. Pure bigotry, very problematic.

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