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  • Indra Kaw

    > lol the authorities would never do anything illegal, why else would they be the authorities? trust in the system friend

  • Major Matt Mason

    Fortunately, I rock the bandana look.

    • ihaveabomb

      Because you’re ugly

  • Come join the American Contrarian party.
    “You ain’t the boss of me!”

    • TRVTH

      No. (Am I doing it right?)

      • John Doe

        Look fat.

  • My hat identifies as a mask.

    • Alberto Soares


    • Tin Foil

      It would be great if you hanged yourself

      • How very Liberal of you.

      • ᠋     ᠋

        Are you upset that he is poking fun at gender identity nonsense? Is that why you showcased your desire for his death? Yikes.

  • Alistair Grove

    Excuse me, it’s pronounced “Coof”.

  • slither16

    Right-wing Antifa

    • SuperSeal


    • Chris Redfield

      I’ve never seen folk wearing “don’t tread on me” t-shirts attacking random people and businesses.

      • slither16

        They always like to call the Democrats “left wing fascists Nazis”, see what I mean.

        • Fascist asshole is as fascist asshole does.

  • Albionic American

    No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

    • TRVTH

      Bane would be bemused to learn that in 2020, no one cares who you are until you take off the mask.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    To be honest, I don’t get it. Why would lolbert wear a an-fasci mask so proudly, and then drop it frustratingly as a rebellious act?

    • TRVTH

      Lolbertarians are a bit childlike in their psychology and trivially manipulated. The loudest voice in their heads is the one shouting “No! I won’t do what you tell me!”

      • Albionic American

        How do libertarians order anything online? When they get to the page where they have to click the “SUBMIT” icon, wouldn’t they have to refuse and rebel or something?

  • Ion forbes

    Businesses mandating masks is fine; their land, their business, their rules. However if the government can force you to wear something on the streets then you don’t have rights, you have permissions…

    • Ion forbes

      That being said, most would still wear them anyway in good faith

    • TRVTH

      Of course, now that we’ve established a precedent that state governments can put an entire state under 24-hour curfew, without calling it that, and martial law, without calling it that, indefinitely, if they justify it by calling it a “public health emergency,” how long do you suppose it’ll be before they do it again?

      This time they did it, they tell us, to prevent the spread of what has turned out to be a very mild respiratory virus that’s not a threat to anyone who doesn’t already have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. What’s going to be the next “public health emergency” that requires us to lock ourselves in our homes and cower in the basement until the Governor decides we’ve been punished enough? “Global warming?” “Racism?” The precedent has been established that this is all A-OK.

      • Dpete

        Do you have a podcast? You should.

    • I’ll put on a mask right after the store manager puts on this ceremonial headdress. He has to, because I insist it’s for public health, safety and morality.

    • Paul Wood

      And god forbid, they might actually start shooting citizens in the streets…wait…

    • Ultra Atari

      Stfu cuck. I don’t pay taxes and work just to follow “rules”

      You wanna play being a vampire where property is somehow magical I’ll be glad to stick a stake through your heart infront of your family. There is law, and only law, or nothing at all. So it’s either everyone gotta wear a mask or noone does and if any “private business” wants to say different I’ll just use the mask to rob them

      • Ion forbes

        Go ahead and rob them. After all, you are a criminal mastermind since you stole that 50p energy drink from the corner shop. Just try to avoid having your soul slapped out of you by the cashier who’s half your size but twice as strong as an obese bowling ball like you.

    • Alexander Turok

      Do you support nudism?

      • Ion forbes


        • Alexander Turok

          It seems like “if the government can force you to wear something on the streets then you don’t have rights,” logically leads to the idea that you should have the right to wear nothing on the streets. But then, you’re probably too stupid to see this.

          • Ion forbes

            I don’t see any reason that the naked human body should be illegal, but wear clothes anyway (like 99.999% of everyone else) because I’m not a degenerate . Similarly I wear a mask because I care about other’s health. My point is that the wearing of either should not be forced.

  • Default Name

    I relate to this one, lol. I went from having Karen behind the counter at my bank screaming at me to take off my sunglasses to being asked to leave the bank for not completely covering my face.. It’s all bullshit and I feel compelled to not comply.

  • QuickshooterMk4
  • Alexander Turok

    Funny how the idiots this comic is supposed to be criticizing mostly think it’s showing support for them.

    “The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god” – Eric Hoffer

  • E W

    Just shut up and wear the mask you stupid nig. I understand the average american is too obese to breathe normally without a mask, so they struggle even more with one, but really is a minor inconvenience so bad you can’t do something to protect your fellow volk?
    What would Hitler do in the pandemic? I’m sure he would encourage his volk to protect and care for eachother, a little mask when you go outside is a price worth paying to ensure your beloved ones don’t die from a preventable disease.
    This whole anti mask thing is just pure contrarianism.

    Hey, remember before the MSM decided to say that coronavirus was real and the right wing/lolbert twitter was going frenetic about stockpiling supplies for the incoming doom? I guess that got cancelled as soon as CNN said the virus is real?

    It’s always opposite day in tard land.

    • Okami Kettei


  • Tin Foil

    hi fashcucks

  • Tin Foil


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