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*tips hat*


Which ones the good one..?

You tell us, King.

Leftists, of course, only like democracy when they win. When they lose, they rely on (((activist judges))) in the judicial system to issue forth the diktats they desire from the bench, without all that messy “politics” getting in the way.

When a Leftist speaks disparagingly of “politics,” what he means is “democracy.”

>when auth left isnt a kippah
you have disappointed us, marble expulsion

What if I told you Authoritarian Left, Libertarian Left, and Libertarian Right should all be yamulkes?

Or maybe clown hats, as all three lead to what is recognizably Clown World.

This Pole is a schmuck and very delluded in his views. He would be surprised if he got to known the other jews and would probably advocate for another holocoaster.

There is nothing worse than a country that houses all 3 kinds of jews, because then instead of having a clique of thieves, you have actually a politico-religious supremacy reigning over you like they manage cattle, like they do in Germany, Europe and USA.

I’m not sure how such a small group of people can rule over so many, so easily. They must be the most powerful people on earth.. smart, successful, ect. Or is that a really stupid contradiction you’ve never thought about?

Dishonesty, jealousy and sin are not qualities sir, I must warn you. Intelligence has nothing to do with how much you can fool a naive person.

So we have to think that Indian scammers who fool people over the internet, that they got virus on their computer to steal their money in exchange for computer services that never take place, just because these people know no better is intelligence? These Indians barely speak native english.

Do you think that using your position of power in any industry to coerce women to have sex is some kind of hidden intelligence trait that they have? The women they abuse are equally sinful, still, it does not exempt them of their own free will.

Do you think that printing money to solve a debt problem, that was caused by printing money to solve a debt problem that was caused by printing money to solve a debt problem is intelligent? Shame on the people who know no better what inflation does to their purchasing power over time.

They are not intelligent, they are just evil in nature. There is a lot for you to learn since you are probably a libertarian faggot.

I am now convinced that Steinhurl browses r/PoliticalCompassMemes.

Actually, auth right should’ve been a Stahlhelm or an SS officer hat. Traditional absolutist monarchies don’t really fit onto the political compass.

Sure they do. They’re just way, way, way to the right of National Socialism, which is authoritarian but much more “third position”/”middle way” than rightist in any sense of the word. Centrist middle- and working-class populist movements don’t normally promise to restore the glorious traditions of the past or put the King back on his throne.

There were monarchists in Germany in the 20s and 30s. Most of them ended up getting “vanished” in the middle of the night when the National Socialists took power.

Like Prince Josias who became upper general of the SS. Many affluent
people joined the NatSocs. You’re talking out of your ass, just like the
WWI belgian nonsense about baby on spikes supposedly purported by Germans. Black propaganda from men with
tiny hats. The Weimar saw many affluent leave to Monaco and other rich
places, the Weimar hated the rich, many of those that left were traitors whom had robbed and pillaged Germany. When
the Germans got sick of economic austerity imposed on them by other
nations they voted in the actual Germans who cared about Germany. From
1932 to 1939 even more of all the scum left Germany on their own

>conflating hereditary aristocrats and monarchists
>conflating wealthy Jews and monarchists
>failure to address my central point, which was that the NatSocs were a centrist populist movement, and rightists in Germany between the wars were the ones who wanted to return the Kaiser to power
>accusing anyone else of talking out of his ass

Right. Do you just not understand the definitions of words in the dictionary, or are you deliberately spreading disinformation?

Our fantasy lives tell us what we really want, and despite a quarter millennium of Enlightenment propaganda about the evils of monarchy, we still find stories set in traditional aristocratic societies emotionally engaging. Our minds remain fundamentally adapted more to a monarchical Game of Thrones’ sort of society than the democratic Game of Chairs’ pseudo-society we actually find ourselves in. The pre-Enlightenment social model even works in a science-fiction setting, as we can see from the third film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune.
Not to mention comic books: Wonder Woman comes from some WASP nerd’s fantasy of an all-female society, but a hierarchical, aristocratic one ruled by a queen. WW’s sisters emphasize chastity, keep physically fit and practice martial skills. In other words, WW represents a value system which conflicts with our society’s Woke ideology by rejecting equality, democracy, sexual degeneracy, fat acceptance and pacifism. So why do feminists claim WW as a feminist icon, again? Her values have more in common with the Alternative Right’s than with Antifa’s.
In other words, it wouldn’t take much to restore a traditional, hierarchical society in the United States as the current Enlightenment model collapses – because deep inside we know that we could probably flourish better in that way of life than the one we suffer through now. Over the bigger span of history, the 250-year-old Enlightenment looks like a blink of an eye that could easily get lost in the 250,000 years or so during which modern humans have existed.

every loser would love to be a king by the merits of lucky birth
every fat ass fantasizes about fit body with no effort and unlimited mountain dew

Cliché, and not what he actually said.

Yea, he said ‘blah blah blah downfall of society’ like every stupid fascist that doesn’t realize how Cliche he’s actually being. Why is the pony cliche? I feel like you’re brain actually clicked for a sec there, but your ignorant political alignment redirected the thought at the wrong target.

1) It’s “your”, you’ve got so overwhelmed with hatred towards me at this point what your ability to do basic grammar disappeared as fast as CHAZ did;
2) How about you finish the other 3 conversations before you get an answer from me. Because Jesus Christ your “gotcha!” attempts are sad to look at.

As American society collapses, swearing fealty to a local nobleman and offering your services to him in exchange for his protection, some income and full stomachs for you and your family will look like a much better deal than trying to live as a furry, a feminist, a social justice warrior, a homosexual, a transgender weirdo or other specimen of unsustainable atomized individual.

Yes, feudalism seems to be the way to go once everything around us collapse. Would you rather work and eat the food you’ve grown yourself or eat rat poison because the megacorporation doesn’t want to spend money to dispose off their industrial waste.

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