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  • Bernie isn’t losing because he’s a socialist. He’s losing because blacks won’t vote for a Jew.
    Showing that blacks are smarter than whites in this regard.

    • Doctor Mayhem

      Aw man, i thought it was because blacks and browns are warming up to neoliberal capitalism.

    • Anon
      • Carlos Navia

        Some blacks are in with the Jews though, for example those in entertainment. It is an uneasy alliance of course, mostly against the pale gentiles.

    • Jeff Dunam

      Lol some real old school racism in this comment. Must be 70+

    • slither16

      Southern & middle states, mostly rural states won’t vote for him. Black or white people there don’t like carpetbaggers. The only exceptions are the hippies that moved in from the west coast.

    • Dave The Impaler

      Not sure blacks in general even know what Jews are.

      The real reason: they’re already given everything by the state so Bernie had no appeal to them.
      “Dat s**t already free n***a!”

      Bernie’s proposed programs would have only helped (hypothetically, anyway) young White people, that’s the demographic he appealed to.

      Everything in this election cycle, from sabotaging the Iowa caucus to pulling out all the stops against Bernie, was perpetrated by the Dems to disenfranchise/expel White voters’ influence from their party.
      They don’t even care about winning this time around, they’re banking on demographic change making it impossible for the Right to ever win a national election or have control of the Houses ever again in this nation, in the very near future.

      As for Biden’s appeal to blacks, it’s really as simple as, “Hey! It’s dat Obama guy!”.

      • TRVTH


        Africans-in-America don’t know or care that someone has to pay for all that free stuff they get, but would be against wypipo getting the same welfare bennies just on general principles if they knew. Bernouts don’t know or care that the government can’t just give everybody everywhere infinite amounts of free stuff forever (“money machine go brrrrrr”). The few who grasp this are supporting him for the Cloward-Piven Strategy, i.e., “let’s bankrupt the government and crater the economy so that AmeriKKKa will leave the poor misunderstood Viet Cong alone. Once we do that, the stupid hicks in Flyover Country will flock to us to be their leaders and we’ll have true scientific Marxist-Leninist socialism!”

        • slither16

          Hello fellow person of color.

        • Carlos Navia

          The problem with free healthcare and college js that those are overbloated. You have to cut several overbloated institutions that have accumulated since the Progressives 100 years ago, merge others. Merge all welfare in one system, just one temporary check for a year, keto food stamps for 2, kids allowed to increase benefits if more than 2 kids and until 4 kids are reached. Merge all healthfare in another system. Everyone under $25k gets some free health services, $25-50k a third of the cost of comparable private plan, $50-100k 2/3 of cost. Let this healthfare system negotiate medicine prices. Stop oxycontin and other narcotics killing whites. As for college, forgive debts for those employed, give (temporary) aid to the underemployed, forgive college loan interest so there are no more loans (not that other interest could be lower in effective terms as well), and schools decide to trim the whole useless liberal arts and other money dumps, only allow degrees with enough percentage of employed to survive without funding/aid.

          And yes, lots of bureaucrats will complain, they will be given new offices mostly and nothing more.
          Perhaps the minorities would be trimmed most, so idk, enroll the bums in unions and get tariffs, pull down free trade (anathema to internationalist socialists, most had to obey the Warsaw Pact, and the supposedly hardcore autarkists like NK or Cuba depend on foreign aid and commodities trade that keeps country afloat but benefits a few party leaders mostly), build cheap housing and cars (and facemasks!), at least they get some gibs that way.
          Many women may find home nicer again, specially if husband’s wage plus more efficient benefits plus unpayable debt forgiveness can cover expenses. Wages can also be raised, but slowly, first min can be taken to $12/hr (and $8 for tips receiving employees, who are too many now), then see what happens in next few months and move up if possible.

          Also, forbid bonuses among the corporates, on gunpoint if needed, cut their biz tax to 15% but cut all other loopholes. Maybe they learn and cut their losses.

      • Carlos Navia

        I think you are right, but blacks also have a history with Jews, they don’t trust them, so that didn’t help Bernie (even if he’s a commie atheist, as a visible portion of Jews are).

      • Fat Boy

        An interesting idea, but this isn’t very true, at least halfway. Blacks tend to hover around about 15%~ of the population, and biden overwhelmingly won those. It was his biggest number alongside the 65+ demo, who gets easily confused by the media and think bernie is the next incarnation of stalin. Biden also had the white vote, but Hispanics were shown to overwhelmingly vote for bernie and THAT population is the only one that is increasing exponentially. They don’t get as much “Gibs” from the government, and they are huge fans of him because they are smart enough to know what’s going on. Overall, this is just the DNC picking a guy and playing their game because bernie is too threatening to those who line the pockets of both the DNC and virtually every branch of government.

    • both are stupid, they need to vote for the dominant peoples, the french. The French Canadian to be exact. clean and old blood.

  • Doctor Mayhem

    Bernie losing
    Alt Right hit hardest

  • Indra Kaw


  • NPC the Clown

    I want to know their reaction when they realize that Bernie is actually a boomer.

    • Dave The Impaler

      He’s part of the “Silent Generation”.

      He actually pre-dates the Boomers. Lmao

      • TRVTH

        Too bad he’s not actually silent.

        • SuperSeal


      • NPC the Clown

        Damn it I was off by 4 years.

      • Jaqen H’ghar

        He is to boomers what Millennials are now to Zoomers

    • SemenGuzzler

      Yes, Bernie Supporters Are Actually Unaware That Bernie Is Old

  • ImaMeatPopsicle

    Biden is the most perfect opponent for Trump. I swear, this senile old bastard is going to show up to a debate naked but wearing a cowboy hat and holding a chicken while telling his campaign manager ‘look, fat’. The f*cking lulz will be out of this world….are we not entertained!!!

    Dog-faced-pony-soldiers hardest hit.

  • Lhassir

    Bernie = Soycialism, not socialism!

  • Anon
  • Rainy Haze
  • Rainy Haze
    • This is a pic of what happened to French women who took up with German soldiers during the occupation.
      If only we did that to mudsharks…

      • Rainy Haze

        Mud sharks?

        • SuperSeal

          Mud shark = muslim i think

        • Chris Redfield

          Can refer to white women who date black men (and produce mulattoe offspring).

  • Rainy Haze
    • Major Matt Mason

      Can’t we just let bygones Zyklon B?

      • Rainy Haze


    • slither16

      “Socialism did that”.

    • TRVTH

      Oh, look, he’s upvoting his own posts. And it’s the only upvote he got.

      • Shay Vicemerski

        if you scream “the world is round” in a flat-earth forum, you will probably get no upvotes as well.

        • TRVTH

          So you’re just a masochist, then. Got it.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Berned again.

  • Alistair Grove

    Socialism: So bad people would rather have a misandric kiddie fiddler in charge.

  • Alistair Grove

    It’s not over yet. Corona-Chan could still save the day!

  • webkilla

    bernie had the youth vote – Biden had the adults. There are more adults than youths who engage in politics. Its not that complicated

  • FunFact_IDontGiveAFuck

    It’s because he lost the black vote.

  • Heine mannerik

    Yea Europe and Canada basically don’t work. And the US on the other hand is working so great right now!

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    “If you vote for…you know the thing, corn pop wins!”

  • Moantoss

    just make sure you ignore all the socialist countries that are doing way better than america in every way

  • Moantoss

    capitalism doesnt work

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