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  • quickshooter

    the Nazis were the good guys bro
    there were never for censorship, the only thing the Fash censored is the degenerate Homo-filth the Judes spread from their “institutions”

    • Sam Moret

      noam, you are jewish

    • BigBoyFellaSlugger

      Hmm. Thonkung.

    • An Cat Dubh

      ‘They were never for censorship, except when it came to stuff they disagreed with’

      • quickshooter

        like race mixing? bitch please
        all they did was for the benefit of their community

        • BearGlitch

          For the benefit of the working cla- I mean community…right

          • quickshooter

            the benefit of your OWN people.
            not serving foreign interests or rich (((bankers)))

          • BearGlitch

            And if your OWN people disagree, panel one is very very relevant, until enough bodies stack to where they don’t disagree anymore.

          • quickshooter

            the majority of Germans supported hitler, infact almost if not all
            loved him
            the way he mingled and socialized with the working class Germans showed there was unity around the idea of a “German Nation for German people”

            if you’re serious about this topic
            watch the greatest story never told and wash away all the lies you’ve been told

          • BearGlitch

            No shit Sherlock, the power of a dictator comes from having the will of the people in your grasps, by preying on innocence, fear, and despair.

            Sucks when it turns out you are on a leash and millions of your fellow Germans died because of a war hungry tyrant.

            I’d rather not watch your fart-sniffing gay porno about one testicle mustache man, thank you very much.

          • quickshooter

            that’s a very angered response
            you’re not a jew are you?

          • BearGlitch

            I think most people do not like the idea of sucking up to genocidal monsters, though you know, you have a point, Pablo Escabar for example was loved by his people, he created schools, gave families money, and was even up for election at one point.

            Though I guess my inner “jew” dosen’t like the whole “slaughter and oppression” thing, oy vey goy that’s a no no for me.

          • quickshooter

            you’re comparing communists to Hitler?
            man, the JIDF shill is on fire today

            maybe you ought to ask for a raise

          • BearGlitch

            Yes Israel pays me 10 shkels every time I talk about Hitler’s bull semen diet, I am a very good goy. Though I will say that at least Hitler was not a fucking manlet like Stalin. I wonder if shitting your pants to death is worse than shooting yourself like a pussy, love your people so much you would rather kill yourself than lose I guess.

          • BearGlitch
          • quickshooter

            called what dumbass?

          • BearGlitch

            Whatever you said I don’t understand it, close the pedo-porn tab to write a proper sentence.

          • quickshooter

            nice strawmans you got there kike, do they come in faggot flavor too?

          • BearGlitch

            Hey man I’m not the one complaining that the evil jews are taking away your precious child porn

          • BearGlitch

            And I would rather not have a strawman made out of dead Stormfag copse, might just scare away the crops too

      • TheLulzWarrior

        They also have some free Fentanyl, that you are free to use. -)

        • An Cat Dubh

          They were high the whole time? That explains a lot.

  • kotoroshinoto

    Can someone explain the context?

    • Jacob

      The individualist sees fascists working with him. Then he sees the rich elitist types are working in concert with the socialists.

      • rdococ

        This doesn’t seem to have much bearing on reality, unless the “socialist” is a tankie specifically.

        • mrbang

          You must think thats air you’re breathing. Socialism is a method for concentrating wealth. It has always been a movement of capital. Even today the corporations side with the people that break their storefronts.

        • Svigor

          The globalist oligarch class IS leftist/socialist. That’s where the left get their funding, brain trust, etc.

        • Divosa Uplanovytch

          How the Occupy Wall Street movement died?

    • Digital Homicide

      Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same shekel. Also known as the kosher sandwich.

      • Drew W

        Found the fascist.

    • Copyright101

      The one percent loot the wealth of the nation, the livlihoods of the middle/working classes. But they throw a few crumbs to the poor as well. This throws enough people from the target group of the scent.

      Mass immigration of 3rd worlders is the prime example.

  • Rabbi Bergblattsteinowitz

    >implying alt-sodomite lolbergtarians and Fascists are on the same side

    • He Explains

      libertarianism is a gateway to fascism.

      • Svigor

        Implicitly white politics of liberty take them out of the mainstream, then they get red-pilled and move on to explicitly white politics of group liberty.

      • yaggle

        in what way?

      • Drew W

        Historically socialism is the gateway to fascism.

  • rdococ

    The left half (libertarians in bed with fascists) is accurate. The right half (socialists in bed with what appears to be people from the capitalist class) doesn’t even begin to make sense. Socialists want to get rid of the capitalist class and the privileges of people within it, why would they be allied with them?

    • Svigor

      That’s why it’s funny, dummy. The socialists ARE allied with the monopolists, and it DOESN’T make (ostensible) sense.

    • Ixian Ambassador

      Socialists use anti-capitalist RHETORIC but in practice just support the same policies as most mega corporations and the mainstream media (e.g. mass-immigration, deplatforming of right-wing voices, breaking down national borders, gun control, catering to transgenderism and other sexual perversions, the list goes on). Socialism has also always been directly financed by rich bankers like Jacob Schiff, Olof Aschberg, George Soros and Karl Radek.

      • Svigor

        The left is very much globalist/bankster approved. This is why the left has shifted from class struggle to race skruggle; globalist/banksters prefer it that way. This way they get to make a big show of J-left politics (diversity, tokens, etc.,) and crush the working class.

      • Lipids

        I signed up just so I can say you’ve given me a bit of an identity crisis with this post. I keep coming back to it and thinking about what you’ve said on these four factions and how they all relate to one another. Thank you for giving me a lot to ponder!

    • Ethan Miller

      And how, exactly, does the left side make sense?

    • Divosa Uplanovytch

      Who do you think that feeds the left?

    • SigniferLux

      The main opponent of rich folks are mainly other rich folks vouching for power, and the middle class, who can gather up and support an opposing candidate.

      Socialism and the resulting Communism have one aim. To destroy opposition in the cheapest way possible. They take power slowly, and then try appeasing to poor folks by offering scraps from the table (stolen through taxes from the middle class, thus weakening it) and rousing them to “destroy the rich”. Those “rich” though are in reality the opposing middle class. The poor can never challenge the rich, who can avoid taxes and bail from the country when shit hits the fan.

      So, successful Communism everywhere had one sole purpose. To use the poor and stupid through “Democracy” (see rule of the mob) and manipulation/propaganda to enforce more taxes and Socialism on the middle class to strangle them, while they themselves remain nontaxable through loopholes in the system that they themselves make sure to defend.

      See China for example. The Communist party through Mao killed and suppressed the middle class through “Democratic means”, then proceeded to become a one party government, living up until today. Same thing the Russian Soviets did. At first they issued “””Democracy”””, then roused the masses to support them, only to start a massive killing machine with lots of oppression. They eliminated the middle class, the opposing high class left the country, and they ruled as a single party for decades unchallenged.

    • Drew W

      You misunderstood. Politically Fascist want what libertarians want since society is oppressing them for being objectively horrible and libertarians are against oppression, however deserved. Fat cat Capitalists want what socialists want because socialists want more governmental control and Fat cat capitalists know that they will still be able to control the government when it gets it.

  • SigniferLux

    Maybe the best comic page you ever made, and the one i’ll zealously spread.

  • Albionic American

    Unfortunately for the unexpected alliance between the libertarian and the fascist, the communist and Monopoly Man have millions of POC’s pulling on their end of the rope.

    • John

      Well it’s a good thing on average, whites statistically work thrice as hard as POCs.

      • Drew W

        Found the Fascist.

    • Algures Cara de Mais

      How many persons of crime are worth an ypipu infant?

  • Kaiser92
    • Ixian Ambassador

      Good point. The pact culminated in the Soviet Union and the Third Reich both invading Poland, yet the capitalistic powers of France and Britain declared war only on nationalist Germany while ignoring Bolshevik Russia. This demonstrates once again that the supposed hostility between Communist leadership and the super rich globalists is more rhetoric and communist fantasy than anything else.

      • Degenerate76

        Indeed. And that’s before you even consider the fact that Germany had a pretty legitimate claim to the parts of Poland it invaded. They had majority German populations and had been part of Germany until just 20 years before, when they were stolen at the treaty of Versailles.

        The Soviet Union had no such valid claim to the land they took, yet Britain and France did nothing to stop them, and later allied with them.

  • Rascal

    Well done.

  • BigBoyFellaSlugger

    It’s… it’s almost like… fascism is as intellectually bankrupt as it is morally bankrupt!

    • Albionic American

      The fascists lost the war, but they didn’t necessarily lose the argument. From hindsight they had some legitimate grievances.

    • Drew W

      It’s almost like leftists are as bought and paid for as the people they elect.

      Fascism is morally and intellectually bankrupt, Libertarians are the only ones that aren’t advocating they be beaten or hanged though so a lot of them probably think that means we like them.

  • Michael Froelich
  • whiskeyhammer 90

    Scratch a lolbert, bleed a fascist. What a surprise…

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