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  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Check out in my 4568907213th video on Anita Sarkeesian

  • Punch Manga

    What it is ? My parents lied to me ?

  • BearGlitch

    Thank you Soygon

  • Chris Redfield
    • morgondag

      The old woman is native australian. So is Samantha Harris, for example:
      Cherry picking examples, perhaps?

      • Chris Redfield

        Both are “native australian” ? You are either wrong or a wilful liar.

        • Rithmy

          Thats a thing that it isnt decided by how she look. Its decided from where she comes from.

          • Zero

            She looks like she’s out of the zoo tbh

        • Blarg Blarg

          There are no leftists who are also not liars. Lying is intrinsic to the leftist’s being.

          • Paul Genovese

            Man you are retarded

        • Moofans

          Yes, “native Australian.” Aboriginals, have you not heard of them? Australia hasn’t just been white land forever you know?

          • Chris Redfield

            Look at the first “Racism” meme, the left is an aboriginal, the other is a White European…

      • Proof that humans and Abos can crossbreed.

      • xvtc

        nope, not cherry picking anything, dumb nigger

      • Anon

        “Her mother is an Indigenous Australian member of the Stolen Generations, originally of the Dunghutti tribe…

        … and her father is of German-English descent”.
        I knew it.

      • Nope

        Hybrids doesn’t count.

    • Tristan Wintle

      Not an argument. Both of these women in their prime fertility could reproduce with any ordinary man of any race on the planet. They are both human, whether you like it or not.

      • Chris Redfield

        Just because two humans from different races can breed and produce offspring does not mean they should. “Human” is too much of a generic term. There is not just a single ethnicity amongst humans.

        • Moofans

          Its quite literally how species work though. The definition involves two individuals that are able to produce fertile offspring and exchange genes, which either of these two could with any male on the planet. Same species whether you like it or not. Sorry mate.

    • OffAndSphere

      A species is something that can endlessly breed on and on and on…there isn’t any real need to flag certain people as bad or not, although if that slight green tinge wasn’t there at birth, then it would probably be a good idea to wash it off when possible.

      • Chris Redfield

        FYI. If you breed different breeds of dogs endlessly, you get offspring with devastating health problems. While crossbreeding is used to maintain health and viability of organisms, irresponsible crossbreeding can also produce organisms of inferior quality or dilute a purebred gene pool to the point of extinction of a given breed of organism.

    • Edriss Scofield


    • Moofans
  • Hason2003

    I mean… Yeah that seems to be a hard concept for you grasp

    • Dr.Weird

      why tho

      • Hason2003

        Idk… YOU answer me.

        • Dr.Weird

          if you dont know and cant answer, why do you think its bad?

          • Hason2003

            I thought you asked me “Why do you think that he can’t understand why racism is bad”
            If You are asking me “Why is racism is bad” : hatred against people because of things they cannot control is obscene.

          • Dr.Weird

            how do we know that, serial killers report that they can’t handle their shit, why is it bad yo hate them and pedophiles. the answer is simple, its actually not

          • Hason2003

            What does race have to do with this? Serial killers could have choose not to kill.
            Pedophiles could have choose not rape.
            People can’t choose to not be black/white/brown/red/ yellow

          • Dr.Weird

            and yet blacks continue to commit 51% of all violent crimes while being 13% of the usa population, so i guess its their choice as a group to be that shitty instead of genetics, wow now I hate them even more

          • Hason2003


          • Vanessa Martinez
          • Blarg Blarg

            No, purposeful denial of reality itself on your part.

            It is at least partly why your side is so ridiculously dangerous to prosperous society.

            Fully understand, your worldview is so destructive to society that you clowns have managed to bring it to near collapse in a mere few decades.

          • ssgtnelson

            What are the actual stats?

          • Assjacket

            >Pedophiles could have choose not rape.
            Most of them don’t rape. A pedophile is just someone with an unhealthy, abnormal attraction to per-pubescent children instead of adults, not a child molester. Even though they can’t help this in the same way a homosexual cannot help their attraction to the same sex, do you agree that it’s normal to be wary around them, particularly when children are involved?

            That’s the same reason why people are wary around blacks, as they are genetically MUCH, MUCH more likely to be violent and commit violent crime compared to any other race. And instead of looking this up, you cover your ears like a child and say “haha that can’t be true, ur just a raycist XD”


          • Wrong idiot. Free will doesn’t exist and pedophile /=/ child molester.

  • Stiffy Weiner
    • Butt E

      holy shit hes fucking right

  • lilolie

    thanks logicalobesity69, very insightful!

  • Patrik Laine’s Awkward Beard

    I swear, that dude is literally Vaush.

    • Yeah this comic can apply to a lot of neckbeard fatasses like Sargon, The Quartering and of course Vaush

  • don quixotes fetid corpse

    Did Sargon eat the Amazing Atheist?

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