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  • 12judges

    I don’t hate transgenders. I think that they are mentally ill (most don’t make it past 50…) and there’s also a selection among them that change their identity as a ‘power play’ to grab attention, sympathy, and status. It is unspeakably fucked up to think there is such a thing as an identity that allows you to ‘pass’ for what you’d like to call yourself as long as your hormone prescription doesn’t run out.

    But to any trans that are reading this, I WILL NOT LIE BECAUSE YOU ASK ME TOO AND CALL YOU WHAT YOU ARE NOT. I will not change the structure of my language to suit your whim or your illness. I will not adapt my legal codes or the entire structure of my society to suit the .002% of the global population you represent.

    You are a man or a woman. It’s written in your DNA, chromosomes and bone structure and will be self evident when they dig up your body in 2000 years. If you are a gay man that’s putting on a ‘facade’ to attract ‘straights’ – fine – BUT YOU ARE A GAY MAN. You are not a woman. Your being attracted to other dudes is on you…you do you. We are not going to call you a woman because it makes you feel more secure in your minoritized sexuality. If you’re a woman putting on a ‘facade’ as a man. Same. Fucking. Thing.

    You’re mentally ill, probably gay, and definitely confused. You have my sympathy. You won’t get me to lie for you.

    • Adrianna

      Why is it so hard to call someone by the proper pronouns, isn’t that a small inconvenience on your end for the sake of being civil? Why are you so deadset on invalidating trans people? You can say that you don’t hate trans people all you want, it’s pretty clear that you do.

      • Because, you fuckass vaginer, it’s not possible to society to know how each individual, emotionally-retarded trannyfaggot wants to be called.

        “Call this obviously-a-man-tranny a ‘her’.”
        “But THIS tranny, the one who dresses in women’s clothing but has had zero surgery, this tranny prefers to be addressed as ‘xer’.”
        “Over here, we have a bulldyke lesbian with a disgusting, hormone-induced moustache. This one prefers to be addressed as ‘their’.”

        You will be addressed as you are, because it’s not incumbent on the world to know how each individual fucked-up tranny wants to “identify”.

        • Matheus Barcellos

          I have a theory that one of the reasons the intelectual elites encourage people to try really hard to make you feel guilty for not using these pronouns is to make informational costs more expensive.
          Cheap informational costs are very important to build local communities and progress civilization because those communities have a higher empathy for its members and thus tend to have a easier time fighting tyranny and threats to their culture.

          Just look at that mexican town called cheran, they have a very community based local tradition that everyone understands, they made a massive rebellion and got rid of all the politicians and state police and built their own security.

          • One of the tools of cultural Marxism is to deny reality and force people to lie.

          • Jesher

            Fucking. Commies.

        • Taha Ghassemi

          I think that you are more likely to identify someone with their chosen gender than their biological sex on the basis of appearance.

      • TCC

        I have a policy in order when it comes to this sort of thing:

        If you want me to call you by male pronouns, female pronouns, or “they/them”, I do so… if only out of courtesy.
        I refuse to use any of the made up pronouns that Tumblr invented, like zhi/zhir or any of that stupid shit. It’s incredibly narcissistic to ask the whole of society to radically change its behavior and vocabulary just to make someone’s trans balls tickle with delight.

        • Jesher

          Decent compromise, but not indulging them at all is better. Unless we’re talking super rare intersex-esque cases.

      • The proper pronoun for a man is ‘he‘.
        The proper pronoun for an insane man who thinks he is a woman is still ‘he‘.

        You cannot make me partake in your insanity. To attempt to do so is evil.

      • Jackson Peds

        Trans “people” deserve all the hate and ridicule they get.

    • Simon Rose

      >We are not going to call you a woman because it makes you feel more secure in your minoritized sexuality. If you’re a woman putting on a ‘facade’ as a man.


    • Speg.

      Well it’s actually 0.6% trans but buddy, That’s just more money spent by big government for fallacy of true big government hahaha, Yeah but oath brother your ideology’s are on point.

    • morgondag

      What about someone who is, i.e. testosterone-insensitive? They have XY chromosomes, but outwardly (in the most severe cases of the syndrome) they have a completely normal female body from face features to vagina (they have no internal female sexual organs). Before modern medicine such individuals probably went through their whole lives simply thinking they were a barren woman.

      Man or woman?

      • Jesher

        Special case, doesn’t apply at all to most of the rest. In that case I’d call them whatever they prefer, because they’re just unfortunate, not mentally ill.

    • Jesher

      Agreed. I’m going to try really hard not to indulge this shit.

    • Zak Pikslime

      I call people their preferred pronouns, but don’t really believe in it and make sure they know I don’t. It’s just not that much work for me and makes them feel better.

    • Roxanne

      Yes trans people are mentally ill. The illness is called dysphoria. And the resolution is transitioning. You wonder why most trans people don’t make it to 50 is because the trans community has a 70% suicide rate thanks to misinformation, bigots like yourself. And no it’s not a power play. Trans people don’t go screaming that they’re trans and want special attention. They just want to be identified and accepted as the gender they identify as so they can life their live. And fun fack, chromosomes don’t mean anything, chromosomes decide what hormone your body produces, that’s it. And that can be changed and controlled.

  • Albionic American

    So when you meet someone with Cotard delusion, you should agree with him that he’s a walking corpse?

  • Albionic American

    The original Nazis put a stop to this pseudoscience and medical malpractice about “transgenderism” in Germany when they came into power. You just can’t get away from the fact that the Nazis had some legitimate grievances and some defensible proposals for white people’s flourishing, like pollution controls in industry, an anti-smoking campaign, vegetarian diets, cancer screening, controlling the spread of STD’s, an emphasis on exercise and fitness and so forth. Their promotion of a healthy model of sexuality falls into the same general trend in their thinking.

  • there is absolutely nothing wrong with being transgender
    if you think there is, you are a nazi
    do you want to be a nazi you stupid brainless fucks?
    fucking retarded manchildren
    now I have to go clean my basement

    • Insane people are insane.
      If you think they aren’t, then you are also insane.
      You cannot make me participate in your or their insanities. To even try to do so is simply evil.

    • QuickshooterMk2

      there is absolutely nothing wrong with being transgender
      if you think there is, you are a nazi

      Kike logic

    • “if you think there is, you are a nazi”
      Thus proving the truth of this cartoon.

      Thank you for supporting the Trump 2020 campaign.

      • Quixotes

        Hey McChuck, you upvoted the post above by QuickshooterMk2, the one about Nazi pride or whatever. You can stop pretending you aren’t one.

        Btw, your allies won’t appreciate you shilling for Trump 2020.

    • Quixotes

      Stonetoss keeps you around because you’re like the perfect stereotype of the triggered libtard.

      How does it feel for your existence in cyber space being literally harmful to the politics you alledgedly support?

      • Simon Rose

        Dude, he’s a troll.

        • Quixotes

          I figured, how can you know for sure?

          • Simon Rose

            One of his comments literally reads “eat the rich, be antifa, blm, and milkshake the right, acab, pedophilia is okay,” now while a significant portion of the left supports pedophilia, almost none of them are that open about it, preferring to dress it up with honeyed words and play the minority card. The only possibility is that he’s being ironic at least I fucking hope

    • Tristan Wintle

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Cosby Bebop

    I identify as an elite G A M E R

  • QuickshooterMk2
    • Quixotes

      >White Protection League
      Whew look at this snowflake, unironically believing that we’re being genocided by the mere existence of brown and black people.

      • QuickshooterMk2

        “white genocide is a myth goy!”

        • Quixotes

          Funny, I knew you’d say that, and I’m not even mad. In fact, since the prevalent belief amongst fascists (and most of the right aswell) is that all white leftists are blubbering idiots, the implication that instead i’m an evil conniving jew is comparatively flattering

          Regardless, this isn’t an argument. White populations have been steadily growing for centuries, what a shite ass “genocide” you believe I’m running.

          • QuickshooterMk2
          • Quixotes

            You do realize I don’t particularly like jews, right? Israel is a literal ethno-state, a model of what YOU want for the world.

            I highly doubt you did 3 years of “research” when you’re too intellectually insecure to debate in any way beyond copy pasting “lol j00s” over and over and over.

          • QuickshooterMk2
          • Quixotes

            Lol, you “”””argue”””” like a child, thank you for putting the absolute state of the alt-right on display for anyone to see. Even others in your Nazi cabal are dissapointed, you useless degenerate.

          • QuickshooterMk2
          • Quixotes

            If you want to get the last word in, fine. All you’ve been doing is copy pasting merchants over and over and over, and since I can’t coax you out of acting like a 2nd grader, I won’t bother anymore. Good riddance.

          • A Snake With Bread

            Mass immigration and gun control is funded by them. Why would they want mass 3rd world immigration if they didn’t want Europe and America to fall. It’s more than racial replacement. If millions of people that are still 100’s of yrs behind flood Western Civilization, it is not good!

          • Quixotes

            Alright, someone else has put some effort into their argument, good on you. Your argument’s a bit of a non-sequitur from what you’re replying to, but I’ll indulge.

            By “them”, you of course mean (((them))), right? Your assetion is that jews are monolithic in nature and want to destroy the “goyim” because… reasons? Naturally, the burden of proof lies on you but I’ll give it consideration. (inb4 Libbre david 37)

            Futhermore, you VASTLY underestimate the capacity for Muslims to adapt and thrive in the first world. During the dark ages, while Europe was inventing more and more elaborate ways to torture their fellow man, the Islamic world was the intellectual center of the world. (There’s a reason why we still use the arabic numerals 1-9 and not roman numerals; because for hundreds of years most mathematical theorems were written in arabic.) The Ottoman empire was a major world power until after WW1, when it was split into a bunch of nonsensical fragments which suited European interests and crippled Middle-Eastern society. Iran was a prosperous secular nation which took after the United States until an evangelical group decided living in the first world was too “degenerate” and started a coup. Muslims WILL adapt to the conventions of the first world that shitheads back home took from them. This has already been seen in the mass immigration of Irish and Italians to America, humans just naturally want to conform to their society which in this case is an absolute good.

            If I had to come up with a counter-theory, the main reason that elites push for open borders is because cheap labor (physical or otherwise) is the backbone of capitalism and where the amount of indigenous Europeans willingly to work these jobs in small and getting smaller, poor first-generation muslim immigrants are ripe for quasi-exploitation.

          • A Snake With Bread

            My argument did not revolve around the Main middle east ( I fully support Lebanon {under Hezbollah}, Iran and Palestine). It revolves around African and third world countries. Jews have always hated Christian Europe. Why else do you think that they’ve been kicked out of so many countries? The automatic assertion is that Christians hate Jews, but the question is… Why?
            There is the practice of usury, which is destructive and wrecks economies. Christians can’t hold Jews accountable for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, because the current “Jewish” race is a Turkish tribe that converted to Judaism in the 3rd century (Khazar/Ashkenazi). Their intent is control. There is a book called The protocols of the elders of zion (inb4 hurr durr its debunked). Just because it shares a few sentences(probs coincidence) with some random play that no-one heard about doesn’t make it debunked. In fact, most of those predictions came true. One of the reasons I support Fascism rather than Capitalism or Socialism is that those systems are incredibly good for them. Under Socialism, the government controls everything which is definitely what the want. Under communism, unqualified and easily manipulated people are put in charge. Under Capitalism, everyone works for themselves and not for a community
            The top-tiers love the above systems
            But under Fascism,
            No democracy,
            Co-operation between state and companies,
            Only Fascist parties can form to challenge the govt.
            Your above reason is only partly why

          • Quixotes

            I promised to give consideration to any unapolegetic fascist that uses redpill material in good faith. I will read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion through a VERY critical lens. Expect it to take awhile for me to respond back.

          • DatBoi

            Two Jew hating, authoritarian, socialists. You two were meant for each other.

          • Quixotes

            Nah, Jews aren’t a monolith, it’s just that many are zionists and I hate authoritarian rightists of all ethnicities.

            Idk where you got the idea that I’m an authoritarian or a socialist, lol. Also, the idea that Nazis are socialists is patently false PragerU tier bs, Hitler put socialists at the very top of his shit list even over jews, that was actually what concetration camps were built for initially; as PoW camps for socialist revolutionaries.

          • DatBoi

            “I don’t hate Jews, I just hate them having one country out of the entire Middle East even though they aren’t discriminating or hurting those who don’t attack first.” As for going after Socialists, a drug dealer killing another drug dealer doesn’t make that person not a drug dealer.

          • Quixotes

            No proper nation is created with the intention of being “a(n) x’s country/homeland.”, with x being a singular race or ethno-religious group.
            Also, Britan illegitimately claimed the land that palestinians live in and handed it over, Jerusalem and all, to jewish leaders. The first world needs to stop swinging its imperialist dick around, and Israel as it exists now is being used as a militant proxy state, which is an arrangement harmful to Israeli citizens as well.

            The drug dealer example is really bad, sorry dude. A drug dealer attacks another drug dealer out of personal interest, not because they find the act of dealing morally fallable. I find socialism logically fallable and, by proxy, of questionable ethics to implement. Please cite an actual instance that i’ve proped up socialism, you’re better than this.

          • DatBoi

            Didn’t you call yourself an AnCom?

          • Quixotes

            No…? That would firmly place me further left than classical liberal. I’m pro antifa because I believe in the individual’s right to nonlethally counter protest extremism. Isn’t that similar to how “good guy with a gun” is conceptualized by the right?

          • DatBoi

            An individual doesn’t have a right to destroy property, hospitalize civilians, or murder animals. Antifa has done all of these things. Van Spronsen’s local Antifa praised the fact that he attempted to firebomb an ICE facility with people in it. If the police hadn’t acted fast we would see hundreds of deaths but I guess your conscience is okay with that because they’re fighting imaginary NAZIs.

          • DatBoi

            Israel isn’t a singular racial state either. People of any religion or race or welcome. Also, why does Palestine have the right to exist in the first place? You’ve seen how other Islamic countries treat women, children, the LGBT, and other religions. Why in the hell would you want another one?

          • DatBoi

            And if Adolph found Socialism so morally awful, why did he allow his party with to be filled with Socialists? Just look at Strasser.

          • Quixotes

            They were useful idiots, he wanted to steal some of the socialist vote from other parties. Believe it or not, socialism was popular in the german public of the 1920s and 30s (Which hitler of course attributed to jews)

          • DatBoi

            I’m right wing. This idiot doesn’t speak for me or the overwhelming majority of right wingers. Quick is kind of an idiot.

          • Quixotes

            With some of your recent replies I do believe you when you say that you’re a moderate right winger.
            Given that, I can only assume you’re being funnelled down the alt right’s rabit hole. I won’t tell you to click away as if these comics will turn you into a fascist overnight, but if you want truth, be vigilant and consider more than the right and far right perspective.

            Your assumption that quick doesnt represent right wingers is untrue where we are right now.You only need look at the upvotes quick gets to realize that the moderate right IS the minority in this corner of the internet. Beyond
            this small political ecosystem, there are still a lot of bad faith “””conservatives””” that want you to make the leap to the far right. Look to infiltrators of The_Donald who spam black suns and clown world shit with throwaway accounts, Or to the various right wing internet personalities that tread on thin ice (Like when PJW gave Stonetoss a shoutout, or when Red Ice talks about the jewish question on monetized videos with thinly veiled words like “globalist” or “the powers that be”

          • DatBoi

            I’m not exactly a fan of Toss as a person either. I believe in death of the author.

      • AFox


        Whew look at this snowflake, unironically believing that we’rejew being genocided by the mere existence of brown and black peoplegas

        also ‘we’re‘, yeah right kike

        • Quixotes

          Come back with an argument snowflake.

  • Mister Twister

    Actually pretty to the point.

  • Tristan Wintle

    Yo dawg, I heard you like strawmen, so I put a strawman in your strawman so you can strawman while you strawman.

  • Frans Cobben

    please do respect the liberty of free men and women too!

  • Jesher

    Why is Stonetoss a genius?

  • Tristan Wintle

    You do realize no one actually calls conservatives and libertarians Nazis, right?

    • ssgtnelson

      I heard the same thing from Bigfoot.

  • Zak Pikslime

    Y e s
    (They have freedom to be trans but a lot do act like this)

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