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  • MammothFlow

    Oh… I had no idea this was a thing

  • Indra Kaw

    Oh no, I remember that. It took me minutes to recall. Thanks. I hate you.

  • NPC the Clown

    Probably because they need two separate king size beds…. and a daily dose of cheetos.

  • Maxim Sukharev

    Bed of death? Sounds like another evil Nazi genocidal inhumane experiment of Auschwitz, along with masturbation machines and holocoaster of death.

    • TRVTH

      Oy vey! Are you being disrespectful to the Six Gorillion?

  • Jim Crow

    I guess once daddy doesn’t care anymore their libido follows suit.

  • Vipera01

    I don’t get it. Can a captain help me out?

    • ImaMeatPopsicle

      During postgrad, I lived underneath a dyke-throuple for about a year. I overheard the proof-positive that these people project like crazy. You wouldn’t believe the amount of shouting, throwing, domestic violence and battery (the cops were being called all the time, not even by me, by apts next door that was how loud it was) that went on among them. Ever heard the stats about domestic violence and battery among lesbos? No wonder they basically assign domestic antagonism to anyone but themselves.

      It’s hard to have sex or enjoy having sex or seek out sex when you’re pre-occupied 24/7 with fighting with the other estrogen nutcases you’ve decided to shack up with. They don’t have orgasms, they have drama, lots of it and that’s what they get off on.

      “Don’t try and understand women bud. Women understand women, and they hate each other.” – Al Bundy

      • TRVTH

        Note the extremely strong statistical correlation between homosexuality and mental illness, despite homosexuality no longer being considered a mental illness since the DSM-III-R. Note the rates of drug addiction and suicide among them. It is currently fashionable to blame these inconvenient facts on “bullying” and “bigotry.”

        The “gay” are, in the aggregate, the furthest possible thing from the dictionary definition of the word. They are miserable, broken people. It is only logical–once you give up on genetic survival, it’s not such a leap to give up on personal survival either.

        • Alistair Grove

          Unless they’re non-faggoty hard-gay types.

        • Dan Goldman

          so what? lets ban homosexuality? since its so bad and all. Right?

          At the same breath lets kill all the people with depression.

          • TRVTH

            My pronouncement is descriptive, not prescriptive, good sir.

            We treat depression as a mental illness and we help people who suffer from the condition, do we not? Within living memory, we did the same for sexual deviants.

          • Dan Goldman

            Your descriptions point out towards a very clear intention. “Homosexuals are bad to us so lets get rid of them by all means.”

            You are actually in support of “treating” homosexuality.
            Tell me how successful those attempts at fixing gays were, and how grateful they were ones they were cured.

          • TRVTH

            Then further research and experimentation are clearly required.

            And surely you must agree that this is better than allowing them to seduce and rape vulnerable little boys and spread their disease. But the bright spot here is: learned behaviors can be overwritten with new learned behaviors. And we have always known that homosexuality and related disorders, like transsexualism, are in almost all instances learned behaviors. See also, “jailhouse gay.”

            As for gratitude, is someone who isn’t raped or murdered grateful, if that individual doesn’t know that it could have happened? That doesn’t make preventing these crimes pointless or dyscivic.

          • Dan Goldman

            where did you saw gays raping kids?
            Are you referring to gay people showing in public that they are gay? and you call that “rape”? that’s one for taking things way out of proportions.

            but that isn’t the fundamental problem I have with all of this. The problem is that you aspire to prevent people from doing things. Falling to the idea of “crush the few, for the common good”.

          • TRVTH

            Don’t pretend to be stupid. Pederasty and homosexuality are the same thing. Homosexuals reproduce by seducing and raping little boys and teaching them that their warped sexuality is “normal.”

            Also, aren’t you aspiring to prevent me from preventing people from doing things, hypocrite?

          • Dan Goldman

            Pederasty and homosexuality are not the same. Pederasty is when and adult is engaging in sexual activity with a minor. Homosexuality is sexual activity between two people of the same sex.

            And I’m not aspiring to prevent anyone speech. As long as you only preach, and not force others to go in your way.

          • TRVTH

            Distinction without a difference. Also, pederasty is when an adult has sex with a little boy, not “a minor.”

          • dasdas


          • Jerell Amadi-Emina

            If you studied the old testament rabbi you might find a pretty good solution for homosexuality.

      • irandom419

        There’s also the initiation factor. Guys have testosterone banging on our skull 24×7 to seek out women, take that away and you have two people waiting on the other to make the first move.

      • Moving Urbanly

        thats not “Sex” no such thing more word lies its called sodomy

    • Wu Wei

      Women who are attracted to other women lose attraction to their partners as they become more masculine.

    • UncleVladdi

      “How the weak hate weakness, and the strong hate strength!”

      Lesbians pair up just like men and women, with dominant manlike butch dykes and submissive girlie ones. It’s just like how there’s dominant alphas and submissive betas in both predators (like wolf packs) and herd animals (like deer bison moose etc). The lesbians have a (much!) higher rate of domestic violence than straight couples simply because all women are hypocrites, playing the damsel in distress card to take advantage of men’s protective instincts, but while this works 99% of the time on dumbass men, it won’t work on bull-dykes, because they recognize the tactic and resent the insult implied in the attempts LOL. Then the beatings begin!

      The bull-dykes, probably because they so-often genetically resemble men anyway, hate female weakness in them selves and therefore also want to destroy it in other, weaker women. The sort of sex such hypocrites have is mostly “hate-sex” which they pass off as “passion.”

  • It sounds a lot like a normal marriage.

    Ever heard of the penny test? For the first two years after marriage, a young couple puts a penny in a jar every time they have sex. After that, they take a penny out of the jar every time they have sex. They will never empty the jar.

    • Christopher Johns

      If you make it until when your wife hits her late 30s and her body starts to count the remaining eggs? That jar empties fast.

    • Jim Crow

      As someone who has been married more then 12 years I would have gone through a jar every 2 and a half years ever since. The only reason it’s less is because I slowed down, which I don’t mind at all.

  • StonetossIsAWanker


  • Albionic American

    Well, duh. Women might live longer than men on average, but sexually they age a lot faster. That explains why some men have the ability to pair up with young women during their brief fertile years and start families with them, then move on to other young women. Instead of referencing the obvious current example, I’ll point out that the late Carl Sagan lived that way, fathering children with each of his three consecutive wives from his 20’s through his 50’s.

    • shaitanic13

      Nice try, but it’s still cheating)

      And “a lot faster” is not quite correct…

      • Albionic American

        Men in their 50’s and even older can conceive children, but women start to have fertility problems by age 30:

        • HOH

          Men in their 40-50’s are 5 times more likely to conceive an autistic or schizophernic child than those who are younger, hell, men can start to go bald and fat in their mid 20’s because testosterone drops at 25 and even more at 30. Overall, if you want to promote healthy nuclear families, don’t do so with an age difference of an old fart and a college student in mind at all.

          Edit: capital letter

  • Major Matt Mason

    I’m gonna guess it’s sommat to do with real lesbians rarely looking like porn lesbians…

    • FunFact

      No, just les couples losing interest with each other, over time

  • Albionic American

    So you have to wonder if men show more agency and initiative than women because we have testosterone.

    • TRVTH

      Heh. In Woke World, gender is a social construct on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, men–especially White men–are inherently, inescapably, inalterably, irredeemably, ineluctibly congenitally evil and Stronk Womyn require protection from the Evil Sexism Rays that men project from their devil horns. Also, fifty-eight genders are real.

      Also, “obesity is a social construct” vs. “you’re not fat because you were born with good genes and that’s not fair, REEEEEEEEEE.”

  • Albionic American

    Speaking of homosexuals, I can see why Woke Capital has adopted the male homosexual as the model for its New Man. Gay men live as atomized individuals who have broken links to their families, tribes and nations; they show a high time preference, with no connection to the past or the future. This makes them not only highly valued consumers, but also valuable as corporate NPC’s who will go along the the HR ideology and keep dissidents in line by informing on them. They especially see no reason to protect women’s interests when women cause trouble for the corporation, because they have no use for women.

    By contrast, men with functional sexuality, at least white ones, see that they have other interests which can come into conflict with Woke Capital’s agenda; and they might even see the need to protect their own womenfolk, even if they dislike Karens in general. This makes them expendable from Woke Capital’s perspective.


  • William Nelson

    I’m so glad I had to Google this

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