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  • First.

  • Blackbeard

    Fuck reddit. Delete your accounts, don’t give them any clicks.

  • Google censored a news report about how Google is censoring anti-Leftist news.
    Google executives are on video and in print talking about how they are planning to subvert the 2020 elections.

    • Samaritan

      You’re against election interference now?

      • Are you still having sex with your dog?

      • Jesher

        HRC was the only candidate responsible for election interference.

        • Samaritan


  • QuickshooterMk2

    we have an influx of these Niggerfaggots at Voat and what’s the first thing they do?
    ask for censorship

    thankfully Voat has a great immune system
    all shills and Kike worshippers leave quite quickly

    and those who stay… stay forever

  • Antisemitism Isavirtue

    Good. I hope they learn that cucking and self censoring and wishy washy non clear extremism (yes, extremism is good. Yes and no are extremes and incredibly useful.) will never lead to anything when faced with the jew.

    If you self censor on any of the media where jews have the authority to delete things, then you will simply go down the drain without having said anything of worth or note.

    Also, Trump is an incredibly kosher pickle. There is no 4d chess.
    I went with the “meme magic” too, but even when it all started, the hype, the prudent people expected betrayal, the moment it finally showed clearly, there was no need, or good reason, to go with him anymore.
    Now he too is a walking corpse that should not be allowed to suckle on your teat.
    Those who deny themselves the status of hero by actually fighting the semite scourge immediately become disqualified of any real and substantial achievement.
    Those who do not fight the jew are doomed to an existance and legacy of irrelevance and water treading, and that is the best case for them.
    The worst case, well, this webcomic series has some good examples of the average philosemitic wretches around.

    Debased, ruined, and only living to spread their deficiency, their illness, their fully exorcised sensibilities.
    They themselves have become secondary jews, since the effect of the jew is to make others something degraded, or worse, themselves, the lowest state of existence.

    This is why the infected toil night and day to make the world more like theirs, dark, twisted, perverted and ruined, because otherwise the sheer pain of their contrasting existence to that standard is too much for them to bear.

    They could be rebuilt, but those who slap away the hand that would pull them up and relieve them from their delusions and failures will just have to keep writhing beneath our feet.

  • the left have been censored by the right for far too long
    this whole fucking sjw thing
    I see posts all the time on twitter and tumblr about how sjws are so draining to be around, the emotional labour and maintenance, the reassurance that they’re right, etc.
    why can’t you all just be normal people and accept that if your son wants to stick his dick in a fat black man or cut it off, that he can, you bigots

    • Antisemitism Isavirtue

      I see my words are getting to you, parasite. Good.
      The reality of your energy vampirism and degrading efforts upon everything that is good and virtuous is seeping through the cracks of your fractured mind.
      You and your kind have been analyzed, identified and fully described long, long ago.
      The eternal subhuman, the eternal jew.
      There are not enough layers of lies and self deceit, aka ‘irony’ you can swaddle and coccoon yourself into, wretch.
      The truth will always seep through and purge you from within. When the computer is off. When the cooling fans don’t spin. When it’s silent. When the monitors flicker off.

      When you are faced with yourself you cannot stand because it truly is the mess it is.

      There is where the antidote works the fastest, the antidote against you, a truly debased and inverted mockery of the human form and human conduct.
      You cannot run from yourself forever, and you will be undone.

      • ok buddy

        Chill out, Andrew Ryan.

    • Speg.

      Have you seen basic SJW contributions in rally’s? (Chuckle*) It’s the pinnacle of fucken childish politics. Your an accidental gene in the human gene pool and I would take pleasure in smashing your knee caps then your skull, for mentioning such a statement of classic just straight plain liberal agenda, and when have the left been censored by the right when we believe the right to free speech, even if it’s not to our advantage. (unlike the left when they silence us when we go against them.) The right don’t silence the left they fucken redpill the left, Getting your dick cut off shouldn’t be a normalized thing. See, you think you can get all angry based off propositions on deposed* right wing behavior but having your dick cut off with a 30% implication rate to go horribly wrong?. Lets think about why they commit suicide, It’s due to the procedure and their mentality and not society. They believe they are not what they want to be after the surgery become depressed and kill themselves. The surgery usually goes wrong and then they kill themselves. I want them to be able to do it safely and efficiently to a positive physical state, but until then we need to explain this to people willing to go to surgery. Get the fuck off this page with your basic form of politics. Your fucken #2357 SJW WREKT COMPLICATION level, like fuck man. Monkey

  • Mister Twister

    Filename is the best part.

  • Arctic Chill

    Isnt that the same reddit that glorified the guy who shot up the NZ mosque?

    • StonetossBannedMeOnce


  • StonetossBannedMeOnce

    Lasted longer than your own dumb subreddit.

    • Blackbeard

      Did you upvote your own comment? You’re really taking “pathetic” to another level…

      • He’s a redditor anyway, what did you expect?

  • Albionic American

    White Americans know on some level that our elites’ childish and damaging utopianism has made their lives unnecessarily worse. If President Trump had kept his promise to turn the knob on the social engineering machine from Diversity to Reversity, and he made it stick in its new position, white Americans’ lives would have started to become noticeably better by now.

  • Cody Jones

    Reddit’s a cesspool anyways, we really should have expected this

  • FuckShitBitch

    lmao if you posted anything slightly liberal or critical of trump you would be removed and banned.
    The right is truly the protectors of free speech.

  • shnazzyone

    playing the victim when told platforms are allowed to moderate hate speech.

  • Matt

    Trump ought to shut up and step down.

  • Dee Jay

    No homo but he’s got some mad DSL going on there.

  • IanA

    Are you forgetting about r/ChapoTrapHouse?

    Quit playing the victim. Both got censored due to encouragement of violence, not pOLItICaL CeNSOrShIp

  • Ben Yoder

    Why did you have to go and give him those thick lips OUUGHH I’M COOOMING

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