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I find it very problematic that “green” energy options are either not viable in my climate or still protested by Greenpeace and the like. Solar energy is hard to harvest when it’s overcast 70-80% of the time, wind farms are noisy and may hurt birds (plus noise harms wildlife anyway), hydroelectric dams are destroying habitats and fish migration routes etc. Plus there is something hypocritical in using SUVs and planes to arrive at a climate conference to urge regular people to cut their individual transportation…

there are other options for wind besides turbines. such as kite power. and the problem with hydro is more that it’s tapped out rather than that it harms habitats. there are no more big hydro sources to use. and geothermal produces more radioactive waste per watt than manmade nuclear anyway. what we need is thorium molten salt reactors.

Wind power is fine, it delivers 40% of the energy here in Denmark, the thing about the birds as well as the noise level is over rated, more are killed by cats or windows separately than by wind turbines. On shore wind has recently become the cheapest energy form in terms of kilowatt beating even coal according to a British statistic, Numbers might differ in other places.

Cause of bird death annual:

214K – 368K : Wind turbines.
6.8 Million : Collision with cellphone and other types of communication masts.
1.4 Billion – 3.7 Billion : Killed by Cats.

As for noise level, I happened to stay near (as in, visible from my window) wind turbines. It was worse noise than when I lived at a heavy-traffic street, so I doubt noise is overrated. And yep, Denmark has a lot more shore than Poland, so it’s also a factor 😉

No not shore as in “shore line” but on shore as opposed to offshore wind turbines, On shore wind turbines just refer to the fact that they are placed on dry land, regardless if it is in the middle of the land or near the coast.. The times i have been near these wind turbines I never had problems with the noise, it could be an older model or different design you experienced. I personally believe in this technology, and it is nice for our countries to get some energy independence as opposed to importing Saudi oil or Russian gas.

Stonetoss is antisemitic. You honestly think you’ll hurt his feelings by insulting Ben Shapiro?

What? That wasn’t my intent, I was going to spam those r/antifastonetoss comics but I got lazy.

Anyways, as a matter of fact, he’ll actually agree with the point of the comic since a lot of the figureheads in the (((Alt-Right))) are Jews that try to keep whites from going to the extremes and feed them very docile/safe ideas to prevent their own welfare and existence from being in danger.

Gaslighting, darling.

You could fry bacon on this take.

You don’t know the alt right. Look at richard Spencer, he said the last implicit of white identity is homosexuality.

Do you think his idiot fanatics will actually follow along hating jews while being gay? Do you forget Milo is one of the biggest idols behind the movement? The guy who BRAGS about taking nigger dick?

Milo Yiannopoulos is alt-right? Sorry buddy, you’ve lost any chance of being taken seriously. Alt-right isn’t just a label you can slap on anyone you disagree with. To be alt-right you have to hate jews, want a white ethno-state, and have contempt for the LGBT.

That isn’t alt right as a whole, if anything, alt right is binary, there are NO concrete set of beliefs, and certainly includes less people with those ideals. You should be correcting yourself, actually.
Everyone has a different take on “Alt-Right”, it can range from those statements you’ve said (then again, those individuals most likely identify as Nazis) to boomers who dislike immigration, to those like Ben Shapiro who “Don’t give a damn about the browning of America.” or once again, milo, who loves black dick and is a complete degenerate.

Go on, go to the the_donald and call for complete extermination of the Jews and homosexuals, you’ll be banned in a heartbeat.

Alt Right is civic nationalism. You’ve probably fallen for the media spook of making those cucks look like they’re hypernazi satan spawn or something. I’ve met a lot of folk who identify with the movement. They are very fucking kosher.

Neither are the people you quoted in a general sense. Once again, go on the_donald and say those things. You’ll get insta-banned so fast your head will spin.
Alt-Right fucks are docile and also boogeymen, granted, I will compromise with you and say SOME people with hardline rightwing beliefs may identify as altright for the sake of trying to recruit political newbies/outsiders, but regardless focus on actual fascists that aren’t closet homos or self defeating.

“Alt-Right” is a very loosely tied identity.

You know windmills, solar panels, methane digesting, all that stuff, does actually work, right? Are you saying it’s too expensive? What analysis are you making, and what factors are you taking into account, and on what timescale?

Oh, no, you haven’t, it’s just a shitty cartoon, short-circuit (electricity, ya see!) the thought process, straight to the yuks, and by the time you’ve finished agreeing with yourself, you’ve forgotten what the issue was. But you’re definitely against / in favour of it, whichever.

Also I’m gonna call minorities names, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me, mom! OW! LET GO MY EAR! OW! OK I’LL APOLOGISE!

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