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What does this even mean

He’s saying that men hold up the world, and get no recognition except for a tiny pittance if anything

and generally we’re denied even that, between corporations not taking part (unlike women’s day, breast cancer awareness month and the multitude of other female centric celebrations) and social media organizations like Buzzfeed, and of course feminist groups demanding it be done away with for “celebrating toxic masculinity” it’s hard to argue we get ANYTHING

So, should we include transexual men or transexual women? Are homosexual men included?

Happy men’s day, brahs.

I don’t think we need to be divisive about the one day anything regarded as masculine gets even the tiniest positive feedback. Men’s day is Men’s day, not “biological men’s day” not “transsexual men’s day” not “transman men’s day” it’s Men’s day. drink a beer, grill a burger, play some football, punch someone in the face, whatever, celebrate manhood. simple as.

On the beer, aren’t we supposed to avoid that as it is effectively liquid estrogen?

Somehow the (((marketing))) has gotten it so that the more pro-masculinity wine has become the drink for women and the spiked estrogen smoothie that is beer has become the signature dude drink.

Men are men. Women are women. Homos are disgusting child molesters (who often have other mental problems). Trannies are insane homos (who often have lots of other mental problems).

Please get a brain

You’re so far from sane you can’t see it with a telescope.

88% of Pedophiles are male.
57% of molested children are male.
Assuming all other factors are equal – this infers half of all acts of pedophilia is a homosexual man molesting a boy.

Considering Homosexuals make up only 4% of the US male population.
This means this means of molestations made by men in the USA
The 4% gay population commits 50%
The 45% straight population commit 38%
So sure, not all gays are pedophiles.
Gays are just 72 times more likely to be pedophiles on aggregate.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

That doesn’t prove anything when you realize

-> Men commit most rapes
-> Black people commit a majoirty of crime
-> Children are more likely to be abused by someone they know

Does this mean that, all men rape, all blacks commit crimes, and all people who know a child raped that said child?

If I prepared a rare cut of chicken that had a 3:4 chance of giving you food poisoning, and a well done chicken with a 1:50 chance of giving you food poisoning, which cut would you feel more comfortable with having on your dinner plate?

It’s not an issue with my ideology, it’s me trying to continually dumb down a simple concept through metaphor and simile until you’re capable of understanding what an anomaly is.

Yes, sure, most child abuse is by someone the child knew. But practically every child without exception knows dozens of people as a consequence of simply being alive. Further the predators wanting to groom the child are likely to introduce themselves to gain the child’s trust.

To dismiss the disproportionate fact that any one homosexual man is 820% as likely to molest a child than any one straight man with the non-sequitur of “but the most common factor is the child knowing their aggressor!” is asinine.

You reserve the right to remain incorrect.
Most homosexual people are gay as a coping mechanism to being molested by a same sex adult as a child. If they can convince themselves it was enjoyable rather than traumatic they can feel happier, that happiness will corrupt and they’ll continue the cycle by ‘sharing that happiness’ with another child in turn.
What comes around goes around, vicious cycle and all that stuff.

“Most homosexual people are gay as a coping mechanism to being molested by a same sex adult as a child.”

Its more of an effect, im a paraphile because of my abuse, its not really to help me deal with it, its just, there, I actually feel worse with it

“that happiness will corrupt and they’ll continue the cycle by ‘sharing that happiness’ with another child in turn.” source: ass, the cycle of abuse has nothing to do with homosexuality, it has to do with paraphila

This falls apart when you realize most gay men just…don’t abuse children, majority of pedos are gay, not the other way around

Transgender men and homosexual men are included in mens day

No, they’re not.
Men are men. Women are women.
Crap in one hand, wish in the other. See which one fills up first.

“Men are men. Women are women.”,

Nice to see you have no understanding of basic psychology

is that alt-right propaganda they’re talking about

You make my based latino friends look bad.
Then again latinos in general love Marxism for some strange reason.

Yeah, exactly.
Why assume there is something as ”Us Men” in the first place?
Having the same genitalia does not mean we suddenly become peers, or fellows. This is feminist ”muh oppressed sisters womynkind” retarded sh*t, just in reverse.
Men and women are not equal since men are not equal to other men and women are not equal to other women.
Everyone is in a zero-sum game, there is no ”we”. People should stop pretending otherwise, there would be more dignity in it.

Please can you stop comparing women to Jews. Yes some Jews corrupted women but it not they women felt. It the Jews, just like the snake and eve women feel for it. The women job is to stay home and help they man.

Women by their biological programming are only concerned with resource provisions, and their hypergamy as well as stunted moral development all combined with a gynocentric society like ours produces cold, manipulative, sociopathic monsters, no different than the jew.

Well he faults is that given women the power to (((vote))). It both a man and women job is to start a family. The man work and the woman take care of the kids. The only explanation is if can’t have any kids. But if you can have kids and refuse to get married then your nothing more then a parasite for you country and you are no better then (((them)))

They got the vote in 1919 with the 19th amendment passed by congress. Why’d they pass it? Because of female screeching, violence, and refusal to do their marital duties. It was men that gave women the right to vote. Men who were too whipped to say no. The bloating of the welfare state, mass immigration, and forced integration started immediately after.

You have it ass backwards. It wasn’t jewish influence that allowed for women to vote. It was giving women the vote that allowed jewish influence to infect society and government. Women are overgrown children, and giving them the vote was the beginning of the avalanche that is burying the West.

Ayn Rand was right and it’s only a matter of time.

Ayn Rand was right when she wrote that immigration of moochers would destroy America.

Yet she went on to say that America had no right to restrict the immigration of moochers into the country, that we had a moral obligation to have an open borders policy.

It is such a stark reversal that it had me wondering if perhaps she did not actually write Atlas Shrugged.

She was a woman. Enough said.

She seemed to know the nature of women enough at least to say that she would never vote for a woman president.

“It is not in a woman’s natural interest to rule over man, it puts her in a very unhappy position. I don’t believe that any good woman would want that position.”

But, as with the immigration, she again cucks out and says that she supports women running for Congress and being Congress critters.

This is why all men should have responded to wahmen going “We gots rights!” in the same way that James Madison did when his wife so famously played that game.

I think the word “White” goes before “Men’s.”

Because civilization will collapse quickly if you succeed in getting rid of us. Years ago one of the cable TV networks ran a series title Life After People, but the collapsed cities imagined in that show exist in the here and now in parts of the world where white people used to flourish, then they had to flee. The series should have had the title, Life After White People.

I don’t think Mars colonization will get anywhere when the Wokeviks start meddling in it. But it would look cool for a muscular white Titan to hold the globe of Mars on his shoulders.

I’ve seen Scifi usually portray humans who live on Mars as being weaker than Earthlings due to the weaker gravity of the red planet, especially those born there.

While I don’t know if Matt Damon managed to “Science the Schiff” out of that, unless we could solve the problem of gravity then us going to Mars would turn effectively Whites into East Asians.

Would there be other health issues related to low gravity, similar to how the astronauts who hang out on the ISS for a while get their eyeballs borked by the microgravity?

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