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  • tragic the gathering

    weren’t the guys with torches those same guys who drove a car into protesters?

    • Blaster

      The guy who “drove a car into protestors” was at a standstill on the road and was swarmed by a mob of leftists. They started beating on his car, so he reversed and slammed on the gas. The path behind him was fairly clear, but as he reversed a lady ran into the path of the car and was hit. From the video I saw it appeared she was going to join in on the smashing.
      A mob surrounding your car and beating it is considered a deadly situation; he was free to slam on the gas to get out of it.

      Since that lady literally ran into the car and got herself killed, the news always mentions the protest as “deadly,” as if people were being lynched or something.

      • Pedro

        Thank you.

      • Lucas Soares

        I saw a history about that saying the guy on the car runned over people because one of the antifas/leftists(a professor, theres a video of him talking about it on a class) was with a rifle and threatened him.

      • Adam

        he literally admitted his intention was to hurt them but do go on peddling known lies
        much like a right-winger peddling his car into an innocent bystander

        • Stiffy Weiner

          He might as well have crushed them if that was his intent. Kind of pathetic when right wingers don’t finish the job like they used to.

        • Gusphase b

          Didn’t a left wing extremist shoot up a baseball game? He just sucked at it. And didn’t a trans kid shoot up a school recently? And haven’t several left wing extremists attacked people with deadly weapons recently?

      • BorisQ

        The guy who drove the car is now getting pounded in prison. So it worked out.

        • Stiffy Weiner


    • xvtc

      yes, and they’re heroes

  • David Sage

    The horseshoe is about methods, not specific policy points. As in both fars tend to be authoritarian and easily offended. You are free to disagree, but it’s not a good look to so grossly misrepresent.

    • Blaster

      Saying it’s about “methods,” and therefore declaring horseshoe arguable point, is disingenuous. The “right” and “left” have far different ideals, and differ how to go about what they think is best. Declaring them both the same because of authoritarianism completely discards the core beliefs of both fascism and communism (extreme right and left), and completely ignores the concept of democracy or any sort of citizen rule.
      A much better generalized approach to politics, in my opinion, is seeing the political spectrum as a triangle, with each point of the triangle being Fascism, Communism, and Democracy (meaning mob rule and maximum individual freedom). Every administration or regime falls somewhere among that triangle depending on their policies.
      Another option is the 2D political compass with left/right making one axis, and freedom/authoritarianism making the other.

      Regardless, the point of the comic is to show the centrist “fence sitter” criticizes both extremes and declares himself the more enlightened one, but when faced with a pressing situation and asked his opinion the centrist always sides with the dominant and popular belief, which nowadays is the leftist belief.

      • Anon

        There are some political spectrum that use 8 values. Not like this triangle that uses only 3. So what do you think America is, fascist, communist or democracy? Because I remember the left calling Trump a dictator cuz Hillary got the most votes, it’s a Republic, no mob rule. It has an Electoral college. So what is America then, fascist, communist?

  • BearGlitch

    They are far from similar goal wise, but they are both faggots

  • Grabadora 304

    No, more like horsesh*t hypothesis.

  • Why do they need to have a gay cake anyway? Can’t they just get a normal fucking cake?

    • Moon and Star

      It was for a wedding for a gay couple, but the guy didn’t agree with gay marriage, only heterossexual marriage.

      • Christopher Ryan

        They could buy any cake (all he had he would sell), but no, they need that one made (one not made yet).

        • Moon and Star

          Because they want to be congratulated for being gay, just being gay is not enough.

  • Mikee Daherr

    ive been in a leftist communist discord server its pretty much the same feel as a right wing extremist discord but with shitty memes

  • Anon

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