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  • Blackops

    They also accuse people of racism and then say that race doesn’t exist

    • Ronnie Swoleman

      They’re not really thinking about what they’re saying.

    • American Apartheid

      you’re actually medically stupid if you think that statement makes any sense at all.

      • Blackops

        Nice flag you got there commie

  • SK9: Strick-9

    I guess “Race is a social construct, therefore we need Racial diversity in our society where race is a social construct.” Is too hard to grasp?

    • James

      That’s not what people mean when they argue for racial diversity though.

      • SK9: Strick-9

        Ok everyone. James has spoken. The case is now closed. LOL!!

    • evilsandmich

      But if it doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter then though, right?
      Doesn’t matter anyway, the only people who think things that stupid are white liberals.

    • Francesco

      If races don’t exist what’s the point of having different races coexist? An all-white society should be identical to a mixed or all-black society, so there’s no meaning in actively trying to make a society racially diverse.

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