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  • Blackops

    They also accuse people of racism and then say that race doesn’t exist

    • Ronnie Swoleman

      They’re not really thinking about what they’re saying.

    • American Apartheid

      you’re actually medically stupid if you think that statement makes any sense at all.

      • Blackops

        Nice flag you got there commie

  • SK9: Strick-9

    I guess “Race is a social construct, therefore we need Racial diversity in our society where race is a social construct.” Is too hard to grasp?

    • James

      That’s not what people mean when they argue for racial diversity though.

      • SK9: Strick-9

        Ok everyone. James has spoken. The case is now closed. LOL!!

    • evilsandmich

      But if it doesn’t matter, shouldn’t matter then though, right?
      Doesn’t matter anyway, the only people who think things that stupid are white liberals.

    • Francesco

      If races don’t exist what’s the point of having different races coexist? An all-white society should be identical to a mixed or all-black society, so there’s no meaning in actively trying to make a society racially diverse.

      • SK9: Strick-9

        Races do exist *Socially *. They dont exist scientifically in any significant degree.

        We are all homo sapiens.

    • lol

      If race is a social construct, distinguishing between races is not possible to do in the same manner as, say, distinguishing between life and death, which is necessary to enforce murder laws, or really any custom that revolves around an objective distinction. Thus setting any policies or making any sort of moral argument on a strictly social distinction immediately fail, as, by definition, they can’t defeat the question, “Why not change society so that the distinction doesn’t even exist? Why improve the ‘diversity’ of this distinction, rather than simply, as a society, choosing to ignore the distinction, thus causing it to cease to exist, since society chooses what social distinctions are made?”

      However, that question isn’t even needed to defeat the conclusion, since the logic is invalid, as it’s in the form:

      1. All A is (B with respect to C).
      2. Therefore ((D with respect to A) with respect to C) is “good”.

      Where A is “Race”, B is “Social Construct”, C is “Our Society”, and D is “Diversity”. There is no known set of semantics, formal nor otherwise, propositional nor first-order, where statement 2 follows from statement 1.

      Stone’s implication in the comic is that there exists no such semantics, since they couldn’t possibly be consistent.

      • SK9: Strick-9

        Stone is a racist and a anti-semite. That alone is reason for societies (none of which are objectively perfect) to bring as much diversity as possible to the table to do away with racism and antisemitism as much as possible.

        We’re striving for a better world and not a utopia.

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