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Hot mic.


Wanna fuck with the elites?
Study finance. Really study the ever-living crap out of it. Learn the insides and out of the economy, and the real value and purpose of a dollar.
Then open a bank, open a business, whatever, and reach as high and far as you can with it.

Money is power. There’s only so much of it out there in circulation, and the more you’re bringing in and distributing to your causes, the less they have for theirs.
Hit them in their wallets. Make them go broke.

To Quixotes, who apparently got banned for fedposting or ran off like a bitch… again:

You’ll never make sufficient money to support your cause. You’re too dumb for that, hence why you (and people like you) support and join Antifa.
Women don’t want you, political nuance is too difficult for you to understand, and you lack the discipline or intelligence to do anything worthwhile. You’ve got nothing to look forward to, except for a death that comes after years of being Bubba’s prison slut. Attacking unarmed civilians, unfortunately for you, is still a crime.

Weak. You honestly think this place is important enough for the government to shill against? I’m here for my own reasons. Also, the idea that the FBI & CIA are collaborating to further left wing causes might actually send my sides into orbit.
>political nuance is too difficult for you to understand
says the mongoloid that unironically equates being opposed to fascism as being for wholesale wealth re-distribution. Especially ironic is that I emphasize the nuances of other political quadrants, a skill which seems to have alluded you completely.

Last paragraph is just your inner lizard brain trying to project as many negative qualities onto the “evul leftist” and hoping one lands. Ever find it strange how I never stoop that low? Sure, I could construct an image of who you are based upon the hentai-addled C student that *I* was when I was an unironic JQ poster, but I don’t know you; maybe you really are some 6’10 pagan aryan ubermench, but that seldom matters here, now does it?

Your three-paragraph attempt at saying “I-I’m not a bitch, YOU are!” is really pathetic.

All the blocks of text in the world won’t undo what you are, nor will it make me guilty of the qualities you’re trying to project. Your pathetic nature is clear for anyone to see, as evident by your past support of Antifa.

“I wasn’t insinuating anything about your particular moral or intellectual character”

Except where you said this:
“Last paragraph is just your inner lizard brain trying to project as many negative qualities onto the “evul leftist” and hoping one lands”

Assuming to know what someone thinks, and how intelligent someone is, is insinuating about someone’s moral/intellectual character.

Everyone has a lizard brain; that’s the metaphorical name for the part of the brain which takes delight in insulting or demeaning. For example: “Stonetoss is an especially lizard brained comic strip”. That statement isn’t even particularly derogatory towards the subject.

You misread it to believe that I was calling you a moron,. An honest mistake, for sure. But I don’t think that. You’re a capable adult, just one who’s severely lost their way. So there, NOW i’ve insinuated something of your moral character.

Effectively, you’re just saying “no u” to my statement.

Regardless, since you’re so convinced that I’ve been brainwashed, redpill me. That’s been the stated goal of me being here in the first place, to see the strongest the far right has in store. Represent your aryan brothers well.

So you acknowledge that the media is controlled by a very specific group of people.
The implications are that they control the media, and the solution is to deprive them of their money by ignoring them completely.

Do you deny any of this?

Jews are over-represented in media, but they don’t have a monolithic agenda. (Fox News is also disproportionately Jewish, off the top of my head, and the MSM is still in vehement conflict with their agendas)

There are many professions that have whites and/or males over-represented, I’d attribute much of that to nepotism in their leadership as well. But if you deny that (as you almost certainly HAVE to) then you’ve revealed a blatant double standard.

The difference is that whites are a majority in the US, and males make up half the population.
Jewish people, on the other hand, are only 2% of the US population, yet have overwhelming presence in the media, and in finance.

As for a monolithic agenda, well… they seem to consistently hate white people when under the public eye.

Here’s a challenge: how many mainstream press images can you find that promote anti-natalism among non-whites? Because there seems to be a definite trend going on.

>Consistently Anti-White
And where would you get that idea? I’ve seen plenty of the “evil j00s” infographics in my time, but they primarily rely on quotes from prominent jews which lack citation or have been proven false.
>Over-represented in finance
From the capitalist POV, how can the even be a bad thing?

Where do I get that idea?
From jews, mainly those on social media.

Don’t try to change the subject, btw.
The point is that a severely disproportionate amount of wealth and influence is in the hands of a very small minority of people, one that has a tendency to openly hate whites.
This is why whites are going on the defensive for the first time in decades, fyi.

Politics, Criminal Justice, School Administration, off the top of my head. And as for less high paying jobs there’s also significant over-representation in Daycare, Culinary work, etc. I was careful in those examples to avoid jobs which have jewish over-representation as well as white over-representation, but there’s quite a bit of overlap (And yes, I was careful to distinguish white from jewish, even if those labels are quite arbitrary). Most of these overly jewish institutions are also overly white, which I judge as being due to nepotism (though there are other factors, of course)

Wait, are you talking about jews again?
Three out of the Supreme Court judges (Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan) are Jewish. A third of our judges are from a population that make up only 2% of the country.
6% of Congress is Jewish:
And 25% of Harvard professors are Jewish too.

The “top of your head” is full of the opinions you’ve been taught to believe.

Ooops…. looks like you fucked up.

Now, I could just argue that EVERY ancient text upon which religion was founded has some… questionable passages (almost as if the vast majority of theists don’t understand their foundation texts, hmmmmm) and that the morality of a religious text hardly reflects on the morality of the modern theist, but I have an ace up my sleeve. Because THAT EXACT Infographic was the one that radicalized me in the first place.

Thing is, unlike you, I have read Talmud. Some chucklenut on /pol/ said that if I wanted to understand how evil the jews truly are, that I should read the Talmud. I did as I was told like a good a Nazi Kinder, then used that infographic in an attempt to find those 20 quotes within the book itself. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. was actually to be found. Sure, a few of the passages referenced DO exist, but they’re completely un-related to the alledged quotes. As a matter of fact, most of the passages (Libre Davis 37, Baba Necia 114 6, Gad Shas 2 2, etc.) don’t even exist in the talmud; and if you search them up, you’ll find a bunch of websites debunking the existence of these passages, then bellow that a bunch of very blatant white supremacist websites unironically quoting the passages as if they exist.

And no, reading the Talmud hasn’t made me especially sympathetic to jewish causes, after all, it is true that it consistently refers to non-jews as “goyim”, which does little more than illict an eye-roll from me, but considering that I’m reading the delusions of elder hebrews from a millennia and a half ago, it’s surprising that they aren’t MORE vindictive and dogmatic.

So, why don’t you take your own advice and read the talmud? Maybe then you’ll realize how much of a ride the keyboard warriors took you on.

Now, with all that said, give me an actual reason that I should be suspicious that modern ethnic jews (most of which are atheists btw) are working to “subvert” white civilization. Both of the images you’ve presented so far I saw LONG before ever posting here. Give me something original

Ha ha I bet you’re one of these Le Rational Skeptic types; probably a (((Christopher Hitchens))) and (((Sam Harris))) fanboy; maybe (((Bill Maher))) as well. No wonder you’re so insufferable; all of your idols are nation-wrecking Jews!

*Tips Fedora*

Not a single one?
Literally the first one was found in the Talmud using a simple Google sweep.
You’re just lying through your teeth at this point.

Though you make me wonder as to why you’re both oh-so-knowledgeable about the Jewish scripture, and yet so willing to lie about it. I suspect you’re a member of the tribe desperately trying your hand (and failing miserably) at damage control.

As for being anti-white? Well, there IS a trend in anti-white behavior in the media (which, as we’ve established, is Jewish-owned) and in social media.

>Literally the first one was found in the Talmud using a simple Google sweep.
I said that SOME of them were real passages in the Talmud, they just didn’t coorelate to the alledged quotes. The Talmud does not say “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal”, find me a bipartisan website which claims this quote exists.

>why are you oh-so-knowledgeable about the Jewish scripture
You were just telling me to “read the Talmud” then you have to backpedal and insist that I must be a jew because I ACTUALLY DID. This has to be the most shameless bluff I’ve ever seen, you literally just rely on your opponents being too lazy to do as you recommend in order to appear me confident.

>Literal nobody jews saying vaguely anti-white things or pretending to both be jewish and white
If I wanted to I could probably hunt twitter for republicans being inbred fucking morons, it wouldn’t count as an argument. I also never claimed that liberal jews don’t play the identity politics game, which is all that that actually proves. To go slightly off topic, I could point out how your Nazi Kin ALSO play the identity politics game when in helps them (LARPing as being Black or Trans or Gay, or deliberately emphasizing their non-white heritage before saying something in-defensible)

You said, and I quote:
“NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. was actually to be found.”
You’re a damn liar, through and through, and following the first link will prove how much of a liar you are.

I just find it bizarrely coincidental that you’ve both already read the Talmud, and you’re willing to lie in defense of it. It’s rather characteristic of those who follow Judaism to lie on behalf of the scripture, a lot like Muslims who insist on you learning to read in Arabic before criticizing the Quran.

Oh really?
Can you find white Republican journalists en masse talking about how Jews/other non-whites should stop breeding, go extinct, or be replaced by foreigners?
Because there’s something of a trend of that in the media, as I’ve already showed you in the link, and in this one below:

Here’s what I actually said, and I quote:
“[I] used that infographic in an attempt to find those 20 quotes within the book itself. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.
Sure, a few of the passages referenced DO exist, but they’re completely un-related to the alledged quotes.
This really shouldn’t be your hill to die on, and even If I did insinuate that Sanhedrin 59a and the like didn’t exist that doesn’t change the fact that your infographic completely fabricated what the passage actually says.

>Can you find white Republican journalists en masse talking about how Jews/other non-whites should stop breeding, go extinct, or be replaced by foreigners?
Holy shit, if that isn’t the single most loaded question I’ve ever seen. I tried to address every single one of the fraudulent claims that one sentence insinuates, but I realized that that’d just be playing right into your hands, chopping off more and more hydra heads. Instead, let me answer in the most concise way possible:

Yes. Well, not “republicans” specifically because once you start talking about how “jews/other non-whites should stop breeding, go extinct, or be replaced by foreigners” the MAGApedes immediately disown you. But amongst everyone on Twitter who is white, there is a vocal minority who is all about “Beating out the mudslimes’ by out birthing them” and “Open borders for Israel” (The latter of which I un-ironically agree with, for different reasons, of course.) Do these people speak to the racial character of whites? Obviously not. So again I ask, why the double standard?

Whatever dude, if you want to say that killing non-Jews who read the Torah is a-okay, that’s your line.
Point being, the Talmud is something vehemently anti-Gentile, and explains a fair number of things wrong with it.

There is no double-standard. Jews will talk shit on white people, as I’ve already demonstrated, and we’re asked to accept it.
Just look at Sarah Jeong. A woman who works for a Jewish-owned publication (as I’ve shown you) can openly and flagrantly say terrible things about white people, and keep her job.
Meanwhile, you can’t do this in the media and you’re white. Can you think of a white journalist who said “let’s kill/kick out non-whites/Jews” while still keeping their job and their reputation intact? Tim Wise makes a career out attacking white people, blaming the ills of the world on whites, and he’s neither banned from Twitter nor unemployed for having done so.
Jordan Peele, who works for (as it’s easily demonstrated) Jewish-owned Hollywood can make anti-white movies like Get Out, and not only keep his job making movies, but get critical acclaim and without fear of his movies being boycotted into poverty.
In today’s Jewish-run media, could you do this with any other racial demographic? Could you release the original filming of Birth of a Nation to modern audiences without committing career suicide? Because Get Out is no less racially charged, in its portrayal of all white people being monsters.

I’d be fine if you could fire both ways, but that’s not the case.

>Whatever dude, if you want to say that killing non-Jews who read the Torah is a-okay, that’s your line.
No, I specifically mentioned that the Talmud still has objectionable passages, which implicitly included Sanhedrin 59a, but the
actual quote is not nearly as bad as the propaganda blatantly stated it was. You seem very willing to glaze over when your allies lie flagrantly whereas I’m burdened by actually considering the lies of “my side” (I use that loosely) on good faith.

>There is no double-standard. Jews will talk shit on white people, as I’ve already demonstrated, and we’re asked to accept it.
No. I never said you had to stand for it, the implication is that two wrongs don’t make a right. I’ve ALWAYS stood for the idea that criticizing racist, zionist jews can still be a noble cause when done correctly. Sure, the zionists LOVE to play the “muh anti-semitism” card, but that’s mainly BECAUSE of people like you, who muddy the waters between criticism of toxic jewish culture and actual, ingrained jew hatred. If that was really all you stood for, we’d probably be on the same page.

Of course, toxic jewish culture and an immoral Israeli administration is very different from a worldwide Anti-White plot organized by every jew who ever lived. If you can prove THAT, I’ll be forced back to your side.

“not nearly as bad as the propaganda blatantly stated it was”
It’s right there, for anyone who’d care to look if up if they’d care to.
If you actually read the passage, you’d know that it requires the death penalty for any non-Jewish person to read the Torah, and then immediately compares the practice to Talmudic rules on slaughtering animals.
As I said, if you want to die on that hill, your choice.

“that’s mainly BECAUSE of people like you”
You’re putting the cart before the horse.
‘People like me’ didn’t really exist ten years ago. I wasn’t critical of the tribe, and neither was anyone else I know who currently is now.
You know what changed my mind on that? Discovering the degree of control they have over law, finance, and education, how such control has been misused throughout time due to the vitriol they tend to have to their host countries (as the video I posted explained), and how even pointing that out makes one an “oh so evil anti-semite”, as your behavior towards me has been clear evidence of.
Hell, I pointed out the degree of control and nepotism going on, and refuted your “white overrepresentation” nonsense, and your only reaction was to change the subject entirely. Says a lot about the degree you’ve been conditioned to.

“If you can prove THAT, I’ll be forced back to your side.”
No one is saying that.
What I AM saying (and what others like me say) is that Jewish people are a very self-involved group who seek their own prosperity, and typically have no qualms about getting it at the cost of the people of their host society. That’s evident in the video I showed you.
For all your complaints about him, the AH is spot on. Your only counterargument so far (which isn’t really even a counter to begin with) is the complaint that he throws out too many facts in such a short degree of time.
You’d think that would be a good thing, having an overabundance of evidence to support one’s beliefs, but in your conditioned state, it’s apparently not.

Then I have some more to contend with, by myself. I’m not exactly conceding per se, but I realized that I haven’t watched many of Alternative Hypothesis’ videos, and I refuse to put the cart before the horse any longer, or be made a fool for the rest of my life by powers larger than me. You succeeded, kind of.
Some exiting points:
1.) How useful is the Talmudic Redpill, when most ethnic jews are atheists or highly unfamilar with their own scripture?
2.) “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal” was, stated by implication, as I now acknowledge. (My copy toned it down, apparently) but several of the passages in it simply do not exist. Can you justify using that I a source?
3.) “People like you” did exist a decade ago, and were a scapegoat in zionist rhetoric then as well. Even disregarding the traditional skinheads and whatnot, the “modernized” internet White Nationalist dates back to 1996 with the Stormfront Website, which was not insignificant by 2009.
4.) Claiming that “no one is saying that” is patently false. Stonetoss himself has made several comics that imply a genocide being committed on whites, the “great replacement” is a common talking point for Richard Spencer (someone you appear to hold in high regard), and basically everyone in this cesspool of a comments section would call you a “kike shill” for backing down on that point. Many White Nationalist ideas depend on a genocide of whites as their crux. I’m having a really hard time pinning down what you actually believe, but if any of it involves the active expulsion of non-whites, you might what to re-evaluate it.

1) Because it stands to explain Jewish culture of the past, namely as to why they were universally hated by their host societies (even non-Abrahamic ones) for most of their history. They’ve had a history of subverting their host societies for their own personal gains.

2) Well, you DID say that the first quote was bullshit, and you conceded on it just now.
As far as I’m concerned, the citations are accurate, and you haven’t put them under a scrutinizing lens yet.

3) No, they didn’t.
The most you had were a few white supremacists hidden away in society and the Klan, which now likely exists more as an FBI honeytrap than anything.
White Nationalists were about as much of a threat a decade ago as flat-earthers are today. Sure, they exist, but they’re hardly big enough to warrant any genuine threat to anybody. It’s good you acknowledge them as a scapegoat, however.

4) Once again, no one is saying that every single Jew on the face of the earth is in conspiracy against white Gentiles.
They DO seem to typically have a strong in-group preference for themselves, and an extreme dislike for anyone outside of it. Culturally, they’ve learned to keep their dislike quiet, hence why they tend to subvert rather than employ open hostility.
You don’t have to be a collective, conspiratorial hivemind for the majority of an ethnic group to see other human beings as chickens and yourself as the Colonel.
That might be a slight exaggeration, but only slightly. It’s no coincidence that they hold the power over finance, government and media that I’ve demonstrated to you.

Ah yes, Alternative Hypothesis. I obviously agree with him on most of the Anti-Israel stuff, but it’s pretty obvious that he only cares about the human rights violations of Israel because they’re jewish. As for most of the first half, it relies HEAVILY on overwhelming the viewer with names and websites and oh-so innocous “factoids” so that the only possible way to debunk him is to slow it down ten or even a hundred fold. There’s no way I could it all in here, but I might be able to put together a long ass essay given that I have several weeks and an unhealthy amount of free-time, so you can get bored after the first paragraph. Again, that writing is mainly for myself, not to convince you, so I might still actually do it. Of course, If any of his points actually land, I’ll have a lot more deliberation to do.

Why does it matter whether or not “ALL” Jews (or even “MOST”) are deceptive and want to destroy European civilization???
Don’t Europeans have a right to SELF-DETERMINATION?
Most Nationalists are ANTI-COLONIALISTS (this is evident in that the Axis Powers, particularly Japan in WWII, helped give independence to many nations from Colonialism, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, India, and Japanese troops even stayed in Vietnam after the war to help fight agains the French).

Britain was WRONG to colonize India (and they caused a lot of the current issues between India and Pakistan).
Britain was WRONG to bring Opium into China (it was actually a JEW, David Sassoon, who did this).

I don’t think the British should rule over India or China any more than Jews should rule in the United States, or Japanese should rule in Peru.

The idea of a ‘Melting Pot’ was JEWISH in origin, coined by Israel Zangwill.
Same thing with the ‘Huddled Masses’, coined by Emma Lazarus.

Emmanuel Celler, another Jew, authored the 1965 Immigration Act.

Coudenhove-Kalergi was Austrian/Japanese, not Jewish (though he idolized Jews and thought they should rule over a mixed-race world) but he obviously did a lot of harm in forming the European Union.
So I am honest about this. Obviously, the Jews couldn’t have gotten where they did without Gentile collaborators.

I can’t wait to see these shut in NEETs try to open a bank lmfao

You never know. Being a NEET grants a lot of time to study and work.
The wealthiest of people don’t have jobs. They have assets.

Racism seems to promote white people’s flourishing, which must put the Steven Pinker types in an awkward spot. That would shed light on why our elites hired intellectuals to construct this artificial and arbitrary ideology to define racism as the most horrible thing in the world: It works as part of their strategy to replace the functional, competent and potentially rebellious white population with a docile, dumber servant population constructed from immigrants from the world’s least competent countries.

>Racism seem to promote white people’s flourishing
No. The rest of your argument depends on that statement being true, and the burden of proof lies on you to show that racism is just “wanting white people to flourish” in today’s so-called “clown world”

You’re sticking your fingers in your ears and acting like a child if you’re going to deny that in-group bias and “xenophobia” protect a group. The reason to sacrifice those behaviours is to make a spectacle out of being “compassionate” – there’s nothing practical about demographic replacement. Offer up some reasons why you think getting rid of white communities is better than keeping them as they are, from the POV of white people.

>Xenophobia protects the group
Yeah, when groups are at war with eachother. You desperately want the immigration of non-white to be some kind of “silent war”, but you always fail to prove it. You have a chance right now to prove it and BTFO me before Stonetoss yeets this account into the abyss.

Modern social science has the tools to test the conjecture empirically. But no one will conduct these studies because our elites know what they would really find.

After all, if a study falsified the conjecture, we’d never hear the end of it in anti-white propaganda.

I credit Alex McNabb for this analogy: In the Star Trek universe, humans seem to dominate the Federation, but they treat the other members as equal participants. But suppose instead that the Federation enacted a policy to make its human population die out and disappear.

White Americans currently live in a similar situation: We still form the bare majority in the country, but our government and our institutions have enacted policies to make the white population disappear.

My advice to you? Emigrate to your homeland instead of trying to fix the dying state of the US. There is no hope for it anymore. I’m assuming you are of Nordic descent, yes?

You’re getting hate, but I agree 100%. Blood makes the nation and not just soil. Most white Americans are Germans. They will always be so.

There’s an argument to be made that the colonies are doomed to fail because of how they’re built on trying to escape their European roots, but then the problem became that the only way they could differentiate themselves from the British or whatever was by saying “because we live in America! We have AMERICAN values and stuff!”

That kind of thinking lends itself well to consumerism and civic-nationalism cuckoldery because the obvious question then becomes “If that’s what makes us American, isn’t anyone else who lives here and has American values just as American as we are?” to which the only answer that wouldn’t make you a hypocrite is “yes”. And, (((with some help))) that’s what happened.

America, Canada, etc. are too rootless to be saved. My unemotional, honest opinion, is that they will become Brazil 2.0 within the next 25 years.

If you are a white living in the colonies, and it is feasible for you to move back to your ancestral homeland, you should try. Europe needs to muster as much of our people as we can, and the fate of the diaspora is looking more dim all the time.

>but our government and our institutions have enacted policies to make the white population disappear.

Honestly, I can’t even think of any specific policies that you people parade as being “white killers”, you people usually just say the anti-white policy of the “elites” are off the books so I can’t easily mock you for it.

Nothing is stopping white people from pumping out as many babies as they want. Fact is, in developed nations there are several mechanisms that reduce birthrate. You see this in North America, Japan, South Korea, Europe. Even China is below replacement, since the mid 90s. That’s not a result of government policies, the Chinese gov’t is even running a campaign for people to have MORE kids, like Japan.

The idea that “our government and our institutions have enacted policies to make the white population disappear.” is a racist, dogwhistle conspiracy. If you want white babies, have them.

Except “incentives are real” as cuckservatives would say.

And what are the incentives?

If you’re white, you get to subsidize the reproduction of blacks and hispanics.

Ah yes, the classic racist graph citing a blogspot for a source. You’ve fallen for the propaganda hook line and sinker. Putin would be proud that you’re spreading racist hatred and discord for him, he really appreciates it.

Loses? Blacks are poor af and live off welfare, it’s not my fault he’s not convinced blacks are a net tax deficit because “your graph’s from a blog, lol”

For a thought experiment, let’s pretend black did pay the same amount in taxes as whites (preposterous, I know, but bear with me). They’d still be costing more to society because 13 do 50, and other instances of what’s casually known as “nigger tax”.

Anyway, if you’ve seen the recent news of an actual federal agent infiltrating 4chan, you will find he, for whatever reason, pushed the “muh Russia” narrative even (especially) if it was in no way related or even tangential to whatever discussion was going on.

Conclusion: anyone pushing the “muh, Russia” narrative is
1. A fed. At least you’re getting payed to perpetuate nonsense.
2. Dumb af.

But speaking of sources… The Russia thing is always a sensitive topic with Trump cucks. Why is that? He’s obviously compromised. Why do you like this New York elitist so much?
Re: disproven “muh Russia” narrative
-Trump obstructed justice 10 times in fear of people exposing his ties to Russia
-Thanks Russian president for his illegitimate election win
-Trump treasury dept missed deadline to hand over documents on russian oligarch
–Trump appointee Rod Rosenstein says “Russians conducted ‘information warfare’ on US election”

I find it hilarious that the pathetic leftists of the world try to coopt the terms used against them and redirect them against their enemies.
You were the ones who promoted cuckoldry and polyamory, hence why we call you cucks. The same thing with the term “snowflake” when you guys introduced the stupid ideas of infinite genders, infinite sexual orientations, otherkin, headmates, and so on.
Simply ignoring the context and shouting “no you!” is really pathetic.

On the issue of Russia though, in case you forgot, there was a three year investigation into the matter, and no evidence came up.
“I don’t need evidence!” you’ve implied. “I have a bunch of media articles that support my confirmation bias!”
Once again, pathetic.

“On the issue of Russia though, in case you forgot, there was a three year investigation into the matter, and no evidence came up.”

10 charges were levied, including against high ranking Trump officials. It boggles my mind that Trumpcucks fight so hard on this point when its so easy to point out. If there was no evidence, why is Paul Manafort sitting behind bars? Specifially for his illegal pro-Russia past? Big yikes

Yes, a “charge” is not evidence.
If someone calls you a pedophile, that doesn’t make you one. If ten people call you a pedophile, once gain, that doesn’t make you one.

“Paul Manafort”
Why are you placing the blame for whatever Manafort might’ve done on Trump?

Russia doesn’t want to get along with the US. The interfered in the elections, this was confirmed by the AG (Trump appointed), confirmed by the CIA director (Trump appointed) and they openly and brazenly annexed part of Ukraine. You’re living in a fantasy world to be a political cuckold for Trump.

Russia wanted to join NATO in the early 2000s but was denied and the US has extended the missile shield in eastern Europe claiming its against Iran when everyone knows its for Russia. Russia was given a promise during the Yeltsin years that the US would not extend NATO eastwards to threaten Russia.
Yes Ukraine the little country with several color revolutions, who got former Georgian ministers in its government who are now on the run for embezzlement and corruption. It’s a bit convenient isnt it that first Georgia and then Ukraine all of a sudden gets these “color revolutions.” Russia should’ve of course compromised its security by abandoning its black sea port and the 1.5 million Russians in Crimea.

Oh I’m not pro Trump at all, so far he has only disappointed. I’m Swedish and my country suffers cause your shit heap of a president Obama bombed Libya thus allowing all of North Africa to cross into Europe. The entire migrant crisis is the US fault.

NATO has every reason to want to protect itself from the plutocracy that is the Russian Federation, but yes the US should stop acting in bad faith, that we agree on. Crimea was Ukrainian soil, end of story on that one.

Yea right like the US did when it aided Kosovo in becoming independent from Serbia, an independence that was deemed official in 2008, it’s recent history that the US redraws the map, but because its Serbia its ok right?

So where do you go to meet women? If you haven’t noticed, it’s “bowling alone” out there thanks to diversity and work breaking down social cohesion. There is ostensibly no place that you can go on a regular basis to meet someone. Bars? Much like Tinder and other disgusting “dating” apps, they’re just ego boosts for women looking to get pumped and dumped and some free food and drinks.

The majority of white women today have been subverted into believing that slaving away 8+ hours a day is more virtuous and “empowering” than raising their own families, “big is beautiful too”, and that they should kill any white baby that should wind up in her womb because giving birth could hinder her “career”. They’ve also been convinced that penises are like ice cream flavours and you need to try them all to find out which one you like the best. Then, as studies continue to prove, when she does find one she really likes, she can’t stick with it because she’s so used to variety. We also know that women will not marry men who are below their financial station, and there is (surprise) a massive push to make women earn as much or preferably more than men. The cherry on top is that every woman down to the genetic freaks are taught that they deserve nothing less than a six foot+ prince with a full head of hair and roid-induced muscles until the day he’s a corpse.

Men, white men, have been encouraged to “go their own way”, bury themselves in video games and porn, taught to hate women, and otherwise have become basement-dwelling bugmen consuming endless piles of Marvel’s shit and the like. They don’t want kids because kids get in the way of Call of Duty marathons. The ones who do? Good luck affording it. Most white people can barely afford to live on their own; a single-income, above-replacement level family is exclusively in the realm of the rich. Consider that my grandfather, but two generations ago, coming from the poorest regions of Eastern Europe, was able to afford a large family on a single income then. His boomer children, growing up westward, were able to afford such a family on ANY job.

In 1974, the minimum wage in the USA and CANADA was 2 dollars an hour. Adjusted for inflation, this was 80k a year. A McDonald’s employee just over 40 years ago had what would today put him in the top ~20 – 10% of Canadians and Americans. How many whites could raise a family of 3 children on a single income from McDonald’s today? None.

But you know who can? Brown people. Brown, black and asian people who have no problems jamming themselves into a house of 12+ people. My insufferable brown neighbors live nearly 20 people in that one little house and pay 4k rent, no utilities, all working wage slave jobs. They drive up housing costs, and drive wages down. Worse, “diveristy incentives” in a lot of tech jobs and the like means tax breaks for companies who hire browns and women.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not up for cramming myself into a house full of tons of people and trying to fall asleep beside someone else working on child #3 just so that I can stand afford to live and have a family of my own. We shouldn’t have to, we never had to before, and our people don’t live like those animals. We should NOT tolerate being expected to live like the invaders in our countries.

Oh and don’t forget, don’t have white children because the climate is totally changing and destroying the world and it’s all your fault! Stop looking at China, India and Africa, you racist!

To say that “nothing is stopping white people from pumping out as many babies as they want” just proves your an ignorant twat about the situation for most white people across the west.

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