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  • Elias Mohamed

    This is the world we live in boys, pack it up.

  • Fantaman

    Jesus how can you hit it so hard on the nail each time

  • antifa supersoldier

    Damn I hate it when trans people get surgery in the street

  • quickshooter


  • TrueWOPR

    So to make sure I got this… Straight, gay, lesbian, trans, mutilation, pedophilia/rape, straight panic, others rise up?

  • Drew W

    So that’s your hangup with interracial marriage? Penis envy?

    • Francesco

      How did you even manage to miss the point so much?

    • AsshatSir

      Nigga, not everything is about you in this world. Nobody envies
      anything about you because nobody gives a flying fuck about you. That
      panel was about pedophilia, you retarded dumbass.

      • Drew W

        Really? How did you know which one I was talking about?

        • Afs Don

          Because it’s the only panel with the dark shape you dumb faggot.

        • Hell-Nico

          Here, take that wood shape and show me where you shoved it to get that retarded.

          • Drew W

            Alright, you’re gonna have to invite your Mom over first though, I lost her number.

          • Hell-Nico

            OF COURSE a 12 retard like you would pull off a mom joke.

          • Drew W

            Hey, man sorry you had to learn this way. This is a safe space though, cry it out.

      • Markrod420

        i think it was probably about race mixing. it was a big old black cylinder going into a little white hole.

        • Zero

          That would be pedophilia, not race mixing. Probably some kinda joke about mudslimes loving their 9 year old brides

          • ^^^6 the guy above me 4 days ago “Disappointed about a loli? Wtf is your problem >:(“

          • Zero

            Okay? Thank you for stalking me with a new account, I was making a joke about a loli in an anime. Which is legal outside of the US. Especially the jokes part.

        • Ryan Smith

          If your retarded ass is putting so much weight on the color, doesn’t that mean the couple in the first panel is race mixing too?

    • themann235

      besides the fact that the panel you’re referring to is actually depicting pedophilia, there are myriad problems with interracialism. Primarily is the fact that the offspring have a complex heritage identity which is difficult for many to navigate, and often results in violence. Additionally interracial marriages are more likley to end in divorce. And thirdly it reduces the population of both races from what otherwise could be.

      • Drew W

        Often results in violence? So does birth involving a facist parent. Are you saying the government should be involved in that too?

        • Luis Velazquez

          Nice dodge.

      • Kakurenjou

        “reduces the population of both races”… Honestly, who the fuck cares? What kind of racist piece of shit is seriously sitting around counting the population of other races? “That couple is in a loving and healthy relationship but goddamn I just cannot approve because their half-breed of a baby could have added another whitey to the world instead”…. Is that what you’re saying? Because that sounds like what you’re saying.
        Seriously, why the bloody hell does race matter so much to you people??? Most people don’t give a shit about the race or gender of their partner, and so long as they love eachother why should it matter?

        • Jas

          “sitting around counting the population of other races”……Ummm the Jews

          • Kakurenjou

            Are you seriously making a racist comment after all that? Or is there some kind of official Jewish race counter that I’m unaware of?

          • Jas

            The World Almanac and Encyclopedia Judaica. Population stats aren’t racist, Jews count and others count too.

          • Kakurenjou

            Yes, but a non-racist person wouldn’t care about that. They wouldn’t care that two loving people having a child together “reduces the amount of both races” because there’s no reason TO care about that beyond statistics that don’t affect anything.

          • Jas

            I don’t care if two people of opposite races have a kid. That’s even statistically low between any race so it doesn’t matter. Why do you think people of the same skin color having a kid “is” racist?…or is only the white couple racist?

          • Kakurenjou

            My point is that it shouldn’t matter to anyone, even if it was statistically significant to matter. Also, never once did I say that having a kid with a member of your own race is racist, nor did I ever imply that only white couples are racist if they choose to do so. I was only ever saying that the OP’s third point, that it decreases the number of both races, is not a good enough reason to oppose interracialism (although their other points were just as bad tbh).

          • Jas

            ok, but his other point about some mixed race children feeling like they are not part of either group is quite valid. Many face taunting and physical attacks because they are,”The milk man’s son” The other side uses the half monkey insult, kids are quite cruel.

          • Kakurenjou

            Indeed they are.
            Although I would argue that that’s still no reason to be against interracial relationships in general, since it’s based purely on hypotheticals and has more to do with other people’s intolerance than the avtual couple themselves.
            However, I do agree that it’s something people in those relationships should be aware of if they choose to have children.
            Hence why I didn’t comment on that one, only the one I felt was 100% unnecessary for their argument.

          • themann235

            it’s gonna end up mattering to that kid

          • themann235

            The federal courts recognize jews as a distinct race, for purposes of prosecuting hate crimes:

        • Wololo_wizard

          “most people don’t care the race or gender of their partner” buddy check out some statistics on speed date success rate by probability as well as tinder success rate by race.

        • Pedro Andrade

          “Most people don’t give a shit about the race or gender of their partner”

          lol, you dropped the ball so hard there.

    • Markrod420

      or… you know… the severe dysgenic effect that comes with mixing with a race whose AVG IQ rests on the threshold of mental retardation.

    • Assjacket



      • Drew W

        I’ve read his other work, he definitely is racist.

        • Hell-Nico

          And you sire are definitely racist too, and also a racebaiter and probably extremely bigoted.

          • Drew W

            You talk like an autistic.

            You ought to be careful, there are a bunch of Nazis around here… They don’t have the best track record with autistics.

          • Hell-Nico

            HAHA, dude, the only autistic retard I see there is you. Go chock on a dick and protect the human genepool from your retardation.

          • Drew W

            Dude, you used the word “sire” what are you a 17 yo twilight fan?

          • Hell-Nico

            That moment a brainlet use a “what are you 17yo” after using a mom joke.

            You aint really smart, aint ya?

          • Drew W

            Whew, I must have hit a soft spot, you’re replying to past comments.

            Listen, just because your Mom may be a prostitute doesn’t reflect poorly on you ok? It’s still better than being a fascist.

    • Ballzo

      Damn you’re a brainlet.

      It depicts MtF, FtM, and pedophilia.

    • mario drug joke

      i find it funny how obvious you make your insecurity with this comment. it obviously depicts pedophilia with the size differences, but you saw brown and thought it was about race mixing. it’s funny how you guys preach fuck whitey, but proceed to throw yourself at anything white, go where the whites are, do what the whites do all while preaching fuckem. it’s almost as if you have some sort of inferiority complex that forces you to have to prove yourself to a group of people that don’t like you. best part is i know what you’re gonna say next and i know it will be nothing of value, but i’ll hold off on pre-sponding to it in the slim chance that you might say something else.

  • T-I-G-E-R-S
  • Markrod420


  • What is the last panel, everyone trying to make the straights be like them or else? Maybe SJWs and college professors will become more and more like that; most people don’t care how others fuck.

  • FuckShitBitch

    yeah, straight people will fall to the evil of the degenerates because those degenerates VASTLY out number straights, ok. “there’s gays, lesbians, trannies, and pedophiles, but there’s ONLY ONE (1) STRAIGHT! THAT’S 4 TO 1! WE’RE DOOMED!”

  • Berri

    with how this guy portrays black people?? the 6th panel could be interpreted as either mixed relationships /or/ pedophillia. if it’s pedophillia, then yeah that’s gross as shit. if it’s mixed couples, then Wow That’s Racism Dudes.

  • Stiffy Weiner
    • Benny Sørensen

      No free candy in the van after all!

  • jaime

    In order: straight, gay, les, mtf, ftm, pedos. But the pedos could also be interpreted as interracial, or even both.

    If the blue peg and the pink hole want to stop being disgusted, they should just stop going around checking out what other shapes are doing with their bodies and private lives. After all, it’s not as if most such shapes loudly broadcast the peculiarities of their intimacy or identity to the world around them while waving vibrant eyesores of flags around. You might think that’s the case, but actually, it’s not.

    Also, in the last frame, they should stop deluding themselves into believing the other shapes are ganging up on them / out to get them when in fact they are not even anywhere nearby (the image of them there is just blue & pink’s delusion).

    However, assuming the large brown peg and small white hole represent pedophilia, it’s absolutely justifiable for blue and pink (and, for that matter, purple, lavender, green, and yellow) to check in on how the small white hole is doing and what she’s doing with her body and private life. Because the small white hole is a child, and needs people checking in on her periodically to make sure she is okay, as all children do. Whereupon it should immediately become clear to whoever does check in with her that she’s being grievously psychologically wounded by her relationship with the brown peg, who should then be incarcerated for child abuse.

    Literally everyone else in the picture is completely morally justified in living their lives the way they’re living them though.

    You can’t give me shit for trying to silence supposedly radical ideas by posting this — well, I mean, you could, but it would be a hypocritical and self-defeating point to make. After all, I’m contributing to a discussion here, not trying to shut one up. Whereas accusing me of trying to shut up the discussion would by contrast in fact contribute nothing to the discussion.

  • aminated

    This is the next panel:

  • Mister Twister

    >does not realize most lesbians just performe oral sexe

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