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  • Elias Mohamed

    This is the world we live in boys, pack it up.

  • Fantaman

    Jesus how can you hit it so hard on the nail each time

  • antifa supersoldier

    Damn I hate it when trans people get surgery in the street

  • quickshooter


  • TrueWOPR

    So to make sure I got this… Straight, gay, lesbian, trans, mutilation, pedophilia/rape, straight panic, others rise up?

  • Drew W

    So that’s your hangup with interracial marriage? Penis envy?

    • Francesco

      How did you even manage to miss the point so much?

    • AsshatSir

      Nigga, not everything is about you in this world. Nobody envies
      anything about you because nobody gives a flying fuck about you. That
      panel was about pedophilia, you retarded dumbass.

      • Drew W

        Really? How did you know which one I was talking about?

        • Afs Don

          Because it’s the only panel with the dark shape you dumb faggot.

    • themann235

      besides the fact that the panel you’re referring to is actually depicting pedophilia, there are myriad problems with interracialism. Primarily is the fact that the offspring have a complex heritage identity which is difficult for many to navigate, and often results in violence. Additionally interracial marriages are more likley to end in divorce. And thirdly it reduces the population of both races from what otherwise could be.

      • Drew W

        Often results in violence? So does birth involving a facist parent. Are you saying the government should be involved in that too?

  • T-I-G-E-R-S

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