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The U.S. Constitution is our Community Guidelines.


Now all the kids who didn’t care about tiktok will start using it in order to be edgy and rebellious.

Like ancaps/libertarians and their “HuR DuR sTaTe CaN’t Do ThAt”

If you don’t support the private and unregulated ownership of nuclear arms, then you’re a communist.

That Pakistan is permitted to own nukes suggests to me that the private and unregulated ownership of nuclear arms is not edgy in the least, as it is officially sanctioned by the US government.

…I still don’t know why Saddam having some gas on a gussied-up V2 rocket required boots on the ground, but 0bama’s beloved Pockey-stahn having nukes has gotten the big “meh” from all governments.

Technically, the libertarian order suggest that the horizontal self-organization allows the people in a covenant concluded among proprietor and community tenants for the purpose of protecting their private property, they can ban anything they want or desire, including jews and blackies, let alone homos and corporations aimed for mass degeneration.

Indeed, in American constitutional “law,” if that is the term I want, there is a love of exploring the implications, always, of course, with an idea of speculating something into existence that did not previously exist. They love their “emanations and penumbras,” which gave us abortion as holy sacrament and credit as a civil right, but no one seems interested in the clear implications in the First Amendment of a right of free association. Of course, that would recreate social capital that the kritarchy destroyed during the last century, so it is not to be countenanced nor considered.

Then, too, “the rule of law” is kayfabe for the rubes in the cheap seats. It’s Calvinball, and the most outrageous and audacious demands always win.

Doubt it. Most kids already know about TikTok at this point. If they stopped using it, they did it because the humor is complete humorless garbage.

They’re not gonna restart using it because orange blumpf man wants to ban it. TikTok is the Vine of 2020, it’s death was inevitable to begin with.

I wouldn’t really mind if those k*ke owned sites were shut down.

The exploitation of children definitely violates the N.A.P.

I actually wouldn’t mind if facebook and reddit were banned, probably the 21st century definition of a cesspool are those two sites.

It’s because Trump doesn’t want the Chinese stealing our data but he’s fine with jews doing it.

Only is those Jews are Americans.

Is any Jew an American, in any real sense?

Yeah, pretty sure religion doesn’t change your nationality .

The Jews don’t want media competition from the Chinese, it’s as simple as that. Not because of “Chinese propaganda” or them stealing data from Americans or whatever it’s because the Chinese don’t really care about stuff that could result in white goyim knowing being on their platforms and Tik Tok was getting too popular.

Say all what you want or call me boomer for what I care, but I want TikTok to be permanently banned from the rest of the World. This is absolute new method of Degeneracy that dulls the population of any nation so rapidly that not even alcohol and cigarettes can, and it’s aimed for our youngerkids audience that should be protected first and foremost; thus this instrument of mass degradation should be stopped from it’s roots before it grows even bigger. Note that it comes from pro-competition pro-capitalism person.

I agree that (((facebook))) and especially (((twitter))) are doing the same, especially considering on twitter you’re only allowed to say short limited phases and messages (like someone should care about your opinion on random BS), which greatly handicaps the person’s ability to read, attention span and overall thought process; but TikTok comes in no comparison about how rapidly it brain damages any sensible human being that still is a growing organism. Also, China worship is the worst cancer that any White Nationalist with a bit of self-respect

“Private companies” shouldn’t be a thing

Yeah dude I’m such a Marxist because I have morals and don’t like nonces.

You’re fake indignation makes me sick. what are you going to do about all the starving children in the world? what about all the child sweatshops? bully and the toxic schooling environment? I guess kids only matter when some guy rubs his balls on them. Stop acting like you care and STFU. You have your priorities WAY out of whack.

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