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  • Oh, if only…

    • Username

      It’s referencing the already super-high rates of suicide among trannies.

      You got your wish, but it’s an ugly one, sadist.

      • Lex Arnedo

        Did you just use “sadist” as an insult?

        • Tacel the Multi-fandom Trash

          Well I mean it certainly is one outside of BDSM sex dungeons, where it’s a compliment

      • Dr.Weird

        stop kink shaming people you fucking bigot

        • David Long

          Cutting off your own body parts like you’re in a saw film is now a “kink”.

          • Dr.Weird

            I was talking about Username talking shit about sadism, I’m a sadist and proud, cutting parts of your own body off is just gross though.

          • Logshaman

            We don’t care, psychopath…

      • Blarg Blarg

        The sons of bitches cannot even figure out what freaking sex they are. That is the kind of stuff that is suppose to be not miss-able, like 1+1 level stuff.
        And we have to deal with that worthless shit?
        Fuck that, you profoundly weak pieces of shit.

        • Username

          Weak? You’re a serpent. Condemn your fellow humanity to continuous hell if you wish, but mental illness can’t be cured by whining about it like a fucking child. We get it. You’re a well-rounded, epitome of mental perfection and these people are slugs worthy of nothing but boots and stomping. Get a grip, you god-damned boomer.

          The bell tolls for thee, my man. It straight-up tolls for thee.

      • Kenta

        Technically it’s referencing the suicide attempt rates. Which is misleading.

    • Captain Stone

      And people question why this rate is so high?

      • Soviet_ Samuelson


      • Ffo Kcuf


  • Naomi

    haha yes trans people kill themselves how unfunny

    • Russ Lindquist

      *kill xerselves
      be polite to the pronoun, bigot.

      • Captain Stone

        they is all ready a grammatically neutral pronoun, moron

        • Russ Lindquist

          “MORON!?!?” that has an M in it—M for MALE!! check your privilege!! the preferred insult is xoron…you xoron.

          • Soviet_ Samuelson


        • Mr.Sixes


    • Ffo Kcuf

      The Lord laughs at their calamity.

      • Ffo Kcuf

        “I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh.” – Proverbs 1:26

  • Zarvia Khaldera

    There is no difference in suicide rate amoungst post-op or pre-op trans.
    I wonder if maybe the problem is not physical.

  • Ffo Kcuf

    “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” – Deuteronomy 22:5(KJV)

    • Superporkchops

      Thank you for your well rounded argument on this recent topic, using a book from 100s of years ago that has no eveidence on its legitimacy instead of providing an article, study or other actuall scource.

  • Garret

    The actual suicide rate is 0.65-0.8%. The 40% claim comes from one survey where 40% said they had a suicidal thought at one point in their life. Is that really the same as suicide, or even attempts?

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