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  • 12judges

    For the last time, steel doesn’t have to ‘melt’ for it to lose it’s structural integrity. The loss of 20-30% of the structural members of a building from a 400mph+ collision, plus a massive fire in a giant ‘chimney-like’ structure, will cause extremely hot steel – not molten – to sag, deform, and lose most if not all of its weight-bearing capability.

    If I was intent of pursuing investigation into conspiracy theories, I’d rather spend my time investigating Building 7, not the WTC.

    • Megumin

      sounds like something a steel building would say

    • Stiffy Weiner

      Nice try Mr. Steelstein!

    • Love and Justice

      Tower 7 had a giant fire in it too, we’re usually shown the side that’s not on fire to mislead us into thinking it was fine up until the sudden collapse. Even from the famous angle, you can see smoke billowing out the other side.

      The water pressure was very low, probably due to collasping buildings fucking up the lines. The firefighters and sprinkler system couldn’t do much.

    • Jay Taylor

      Ahem……footage of molten steel………

      • FrJanos


    • Herman the German

      Yeah, when you put explosives in it, that surely does all happen.

    • TrueWOPR

      But don’t you know? We need to prove that muslims were totally innocent and it’s all Bush’s fault, fukkin hu-white males!

    • FrJanos

      This. Fun fact: before modern times smiths could not melt steel. Only soften it. And yet they still could do all kind of craftmenship with that soft – but still solid – steel. That’s how much it loses it’s rigidity with temperature.

      Fun fact II.: Properly treated wood actually resists fire longer than steel. Despite the fact that wood is flammable and steel is not, becouse wood keeps it’s rigidity even while burning, a building made with wooden frames will take longer to collapse when it burns than a building made with steel frames.

    • jigga

      Father worked on building 7 amongst many other buildings including the twin towers. building 7 was built like a POS, he wasn’t surprised it collapsed

  • Mr.Sixes

    Jet fuel can’t melt them but make it super plyable

  • Diraphe

    The combustion temperature of wood is 451 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Steel longswords are a hoax!

  • Love and Justice

    Becaue steel is structurally sound all the way up to temperatures where it literally becomes a liquid.

  • webkilla

    mechanical engineer here – if you heat up ‘normal’ structural steel (which is what I assume the towers were built out of) to just around 4-500 degrees centigrade, which is more than possible in a fire like that, then they lose around 80-90% of their structural integrity.

    they don’t turn into butter – but they sure as hell aren’t fit to hold up a building anymore – and once the top third of the tower came down on the rest of the tower, its structural components couldn’t hold up to that either – no building is designed to hold up against another building falling on it, unless you’re building a bunker

    • It’s the mass. It didn’t melt, it flattered. Science.

    • Hendrik Vanderstijn

      Mossad jewish operative here. It actually was us, and we’ve been trying to tell people, but nobody will believe us.

  • DatBoi

    It wasn’t the heat it was the blast. The explosion knocked out the support chunks that were already structurally unsound due to recent asbestos removal and the weight pushed through the rest of the building.

    • Herman the German

      Yes, the blast from all the explosives that were deployed before.
      And what? The asbestos was removed beforehand?
      Do you have a source for that?
      According to my understanding, the asbestos could’nt be removed properly at all without incinerating the whole building… oh wait?
      The whole building WAS incinerated!

      • DatBoi

        When you ignite a plane full of gasoline, it explodes. Hence the blast. Slight mistake on the removal part. The top floors were simply made without asbestos. The point still stands. Besides, if the blast came from the bottom of the building, the survival rate for those on the bottom floor would be close to zero, yet many of them made it out.

        • Herman the German

          A building isn’t detonated from the bottom, the charges are placed all over the whole building and the least ones at the bottom if any at all.

          • DatBoi

            You expect me to believe explosive charges were put that far up in the building and nobody noticed?

    • Jared Peirce

      You all need to look up the eutectic point of steel

      • DatBoi

        That’s just one angle but yes. That also explains the collapse.

  • John Adams

    Remember, jet fuel wasn’t the only thing in the plane. What about the mind control agents the government puts in the fuel? No one knows what they burn at!

  • QuickshooterMk2

    Mossad memes can’t melt jetsteel

  • Antisemitism lsavirtue

    The sublimation temperature of hydrogen cyanide (zyklon B, among other products) is 26.5C, or about 80F

    Average temperatures around Oświęcim (Auschwitz) has the highest at about 24C in summer and the lowest around -6C.

    That feel when you must run central heating even in Summer to do your casual pellet throw gassings.

  • Maxwell Tanner

    Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

  • it was da joos

  • Jared Peirce

    Alex, I’ll take “what is the eutectic point of steel” for 200

  • Turbo Beholder

    I’m still waiting for a politically Nu-scientifically correct edition of “Three Men in a Boat” with JET FUEL lamp. Jerome K Jerome just doesn’t get the same kind of attention as Mark Twain. =(

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