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  • Fantaman

    But but muh illegals won’t be able to vote if we ask for ID and they’ll get scared they’ll get deported like the criminal filth they are…

  • Industrialist Machinist

    LOL at a white TSA agent and a male DMV worker.

    • Mr.Sixes

      I’ve seen both…did I just bearstein bears this shit?

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Why other nations don’t just flood here with voters during the election season?
    China and India can easily decide whatever american candidate they like with this hole.

    • Kaiser92

      > Why other nations don’t just flood here with voters during the election season?
      How? Tourist? Are you suggesting something like a state-sponsored vacation during US election season?

  • Kaiser92

    cause voter fraud is extremely rare and cost to have id card is high? smh

    • Rebuild The Race

      Voter fraud was caught in several different parts of the US election in 2016, as well as in the Idaho election just a month ago. And there is no data that states an ID CARD, is somehow expensive seeing as even most minorities have one.

      • Kaiser92

        In Idaho, program to fight voter fraud may cause more problems than it catches

        Here’s How Much It Costs to Vote in States With Voter ID Laws

        • İbrahim Çetin

          are you telling me that the United Fucking States, the country that replaces nimitz class supercarriers with shiny new ones doesn’t have the money to conduct ID checks during the fucking elections.


          • Kaiser92

            Ya all don’t even have functional education and healthcare system yet lmao. Even need to pay poll taxes hahahahahaha.

          • Lionhearte

            Almost all of India’s adult population (more than 1 billion) have Voter Identification. Maybe you’re just fucking retarded?

          • Kaiser92

            > Almost all of India’s adult population (more than 1 billion) have Voter Identification.
            Everything is cheaper in 3rd world countries.
            Nah mate, just realistic. You soudn triggered, chill out. The devil is in the details. Look at HOW they specifically implemented voter registration.
            I’m not against implementing voter reg FYI, just against how they do it.

          • C.G.Kenway

            Yeah, everything is cheaper in the third world, but countries like India only has a 10th of the per capita income of the USA yet they can afford voter ID for their population which is 4x larger than America’s, the fact that India has voter ID while being in complete wealth destitution over America which is wealthy is saying something, even the poorest bracket in America makes more than the average middle class Indian which is a damning indictment of your point and not the people for voter ID.

            and you’re telling me people can’t pull $60 ought of their arse for a bloody ID? I’m poor, but you’re doing some serious damn stretching if you think $60 is a lot and if $60 dollars keeps people away from voting then those people were never intending to vote in the first place. And your complaints can be solved with a complete restructuring of the federal, state & local systems when it comes to IDs where voter IDs can be implemented and the process streamlined for easy obtaining of said ID. You can afford a DMV drivers license you can afford a voter ID.

            And then the Vox video is total shit focusing on only 1 election of American voter turn out when historically America’s voter turnout has always been around %50.

            All of your critic simply boils down to is that the US voter registration system is so decentralised and unstreamlined that nobody bothers with registering because the process is so complicated. And voter IDs didn’t start this complication, because the goal of voter ID is to strengthen election integrity, people not registering to vote is simply how the American system is structured from the start just like how the electoral college is here.

            And what’s even more hilarious is Sweden the country first mentioned in the Vox video has voter ID laws. So c’mon lad let’s follow Europe and stop putting BS distractions that don’t dispute the validity of voter IDs.

            Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, etcetera all have voter ID laws. Which leads me to believe it isn’t Voter ID laws that deter people from voting in America, it’s how the American system is set up in the first place when it comes to registering that deters people, differences per state, extreme decentralisation, there is no centralisation as seen in Europe.

            America’s voter turnout is due to the lack of centralisation in America’s voting registration process. So cut the voter ID BS lad.

            I mean if $60 is too difficult for you mate, you must be homeless (tho I doubt it cause you’re on the internet).

          • İbrahim Çetin

            despite your stupid remarks here I actually like the German people and I won’t engage with you

      • antifa supersoldier

        So you support a free voter ID card and automatic registration?

    • evilsandmich

      Hahah…Oh you’re serious.
      HA, that’s even funnier! (Especially given when your comment was posted and when mine was).

      • Kaiser92

        Mind explaining your mighty reasoning to this uneducated peon?

    • Chris Redfield

      Voter fraud is becoming more and more apparent in the US.

      • Kaiser92

        May I have a source for that claim?

    • Blarg Blarg

      “extremely rare” is false.
      Expecting adults to be responsible to get I.D. to vote is how it should be.
      Card cost is a non-issue.
      Getting rid of your sides cheating Soros paid-for machines is necessary.
      Your neo-liberal world order is ending, but as with most things of weight, momentum can carry it quite a ways.

  • diogovk

    Can someone explain?
    You don’t need in ID to vote in the US?

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