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  • Russell Snow


  • Tasty Loaf

    And people wonder why Trump got elected 😉

  • quickshooter

    Communists only support other parasites, the working class IS the middle class
    and Communists hate the middle class more than they hate the (((upper))) class

    • Blarg Blarg

      Sooooo many problems would just start evaporating away if the (((upper))) class would just disappear.

  • Dr. Congo Ebola

    They all expect to be in the elite circles. They don’t want to do any of that icky work.

  • Thomas Nikodem Kaminski

    George Orwell noted that “liberals in America do not like the poor; they simply hate the rich”

    • Heidern

      They don’t hate the rich. See how many of them cry over their favourite hollyweed star dying.

  • I’d get weirded out at first by a left handed shake, too.

    • Mr.Sixes

      As a Lefty it’s always takes me off guard

  • Divosa Uplanovytch

    Many of them are rich spoiled burges as well

  • Mr.Sixes

    THAT SHIT frustrates me!

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