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Quick, name something communists hate more than work. Protip: you can't.


Communists only support other parasites, the working class IS the middle class
and Communists hate the middle class more than they hate the (((upper))) class

Sooooo many problems would just start evaporating away if the (((upper))) class would just disappear.

I agree, and I say this as someone who doesn’t have much problem with rich people outside of the (((upper))) class. I’d rather if more people were rich than if no one was rich. πŸ˜›

Hell I bet we could all have middle class living standards if it weren’t for intentional sabotage. Hegelian Dialectic is a bitch.

This is one of the first and biggest roadblocks Marx ran into trying to apply his ideology. If you listen to a documentary on all the problems he ran into, it’s actually hilarious. Most documentaries neglect to mention the guy was a satanist trying to destroy the world though, lol. Fucking commie sympathizers.

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