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It's ok, Special Agent, I won't tell anyone. :)


No more political cartoons?

Aw, what happened man.

You must be really triggered your God-Emperor got his fat ass kicked.

All those years making fun of crazy left & the Democrats and they whooped your ass.

Where ya boys at? Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Mad Dog MAttis, Q. Lmao.

First incymbent president since 1992 to lose re-election.

At least he moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

So much winning.

I guess you could say the SWAMP is being drained on January 20th.


That post was truly awful. It is painfully obvious that you do not belong here. But that is okay! There is a positive solution. Rather than trying to fit in, you should strongly consider going to a site more suitable for posters like you, such as reddit, tumblr, or maybe even Gaia! You have plenty of options. You will be happy, and we will be happy. Best of luck, but don’t come back. Bye :).

You say this isn’t political? I’d say a cartoon about the takeover of /pol/ by fed shills and trolls is political as f. They were doing that for years imho. The whole Q thing was a deep state operation to lead on the gullible magatards by the nose. Don’t forget that the fbi is basically an armed wing of antifa since the obama admin at least.
Yes trump lost , under normal circumstances he would probably have been re-elected, despite the msm and big tech/social media trying everything to prevent that, but this year was far from normal. Still got more votes than any candidate before, just the other candidate got even more than him with the dems pulling the biggest ballot harvesting op in history under the pretext of making mail-in voting easier because covid.

They need to be careful, they do not want another obesity related injury in the workplace.

Why is a civilian agency concerned with its “combat ability” and “military bearing”?

Does that mean that we have cause to send these guys over to Afghanistan, to track down illegal Khyber Pass guns? If so, Mr Orange Man plz deport ATF.

Maybe have them be ground-level observers for a MOAB test?

A state/cartel is built on the Monopoly of Violence. There are really no ”civilian” agencies in the sense that they are backed by force (of the state/cartel) to enforce their policies and maintain themselves. It’s therefore normal for them to militarize.
You can bet these guys are not going in Afghanistan LMAO. Can you imagine the chunk funk there?!

Remember while most feds are soulless kykes there might a few humans among them

remember the greatest twitter $hitpost a couple months back?

Hmm, perhaps we should all seek to get jobs in these “White collar” areas of the FBI and our FBI equivalents?

The NSA operates a department that is tasked with seeking out all child pr0n on the internet. Back when they offered tours, reportedly they even hyped this department. Since this purportedly includes loli content, there are quite a few of our ole based pals from OAG who would be perfect for infiltrating that arm of big government.

As Disney (et al) have taught us, even when organizations only seem to hire Diversity, at some point they realize that they need to keep at least a few Whites on call so that something will actually get done.

Does any federal agency exist to make sure “something will actually get done,” or are they just endless eternal jobs programs for IQ-55 “diverse urban yoots” with felony records? How much “actually gets done” by Shaneequa and Keywanda at your local DMV?

It’s like my grandfather said, “All cops are bastards, but I’ll treat a bastard politely, just in case he’s decent.”

I love how the responses to the link is the FBI is anti-Semitic. I don’t know what it is, but if that’s the response, then it is something worth reading. I’ll remember it.

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