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Thanks for the support, fellas.

We had the Flurks NFT launch on the weekend. All 5,000 pieces sold out in 22 minutes. Woah.

I couldn’t have done it without your support, and my marketing department of several thousand seething Redditors, lmao.

In fact, the fun never stopped. After Flurks transacted over 100 Ethereum in trade volume on secondary markets like Opensea and Rarible (in like 6 hours), our project was de-listed there for unstated reasons. You can probably imagine the rage that your average over-socialized crypto liberal had when seeing a so-called “nazi” pull down two million dollars in less than half an hour. HAHA.

Anyway, if you wanted to still grab a Flurk, there are places to buy them on less censorious markets. Be wary however, lots of people are offering fake Flurks not connected to the official project. These scams are particularly prevalent on Opensea – I guess they were more concerned about the wrong artist making money than their customers getting scammed. We have not yet endorsed any particular secondary market for Flurks.

I also did a write up on twitter here:

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